This one image shows why we urgently need NZ rent riots now!


Look at that image!

NZ is the worst place in the world for poor renters!

It is a disgrace that Labour have betrayed the poorest members of society on Housing!

Jacinda’s Neokindness means jack shit if people are thrown onto the streets because the unregulated, untaxed property speculation market has erupted AFTER her Government fed the machine AND ruled out a capital gains tax.

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We are all terribly grateful to her for saving us from Covid, but the free market dynamics she is refusing point blank to challenge are threatening to throw a vast chunk of Kiwis onto the streets.

What’s the point of saving us from a virus if you can’t pay the rent?

The rent prices are being rapaciously pushed up by speculators using property to fund lavish lifestyles.

Fuck that!

If you are a renter, you should be incandescent with rage that this Government won’t modify the unregulated property speculation market!

It’s time to take to the streets! They only listen when we roar!

It’s time to actually use our collective voice around an issue that impacts a huge swathe of New Zealand.

It’s time to demand Jacinda’s kindness means something.

The neoliberal NZ experiment has spawned a baby boomer subdivided middle class whose only illusion of wealth is the increasing property valuations generated by unfettered overseas buyers and slum lord property speculators.

Those forced to pay for their own education and their own retirement are finding it near impossible to enter a housing market dominated by those who haven’t.

We require new law cementing in long term tenancies with rent controls alongside mass public housing for renters and the promotion of ‘ethical landlords’, people who refuse to squeeze every last drop of money out of their tenants for needless greed.

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  1. Central government has to have a plan! It’s the only entity that can deal with this.

    There are many hidden dynamics to this and Labour, during their 9 long years in opposition should have got their heads around this. Twyford as Housing spokesman for 6 of those certainly never did, didn’t even try, and ever since his demise, the policy has been insufficient state house construction, (there can never be enough the way we are), then bury their collective heads in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong.

    Councils bear the costs of infrastructure to cope with expanding populations and central government policy and PC there is not enough money in it for them Hence, we in Auckland find both harbours are open sewers. Years of crazy population growth under Nationals sugar high immigration policy along with moronic neo lib local politics and rates freezes equals no investment in infrastructure equalling dysfunction in this area. But also because of this council’s have made things more difficult and far more expensive than needed to slow it all down because they can’t afford it.

    It is very easy to see Jacinda has no plan, just useless Housing ministers and distractions.

    I predict their solution is a laser like focus on Covid from her government’s PR machine, far more than needed, in the hope that housing problems will magically disappear and we’ll forget they ever existed.

  2. While being neither a renter or a home owner I have no idea of what that form of civilized slavery feels like. On the other hand, having been dyslexic all my life, “graphs” have been no more than dust in the wind to my understanding of what they mean even in their most simplified form. Consequently, I have no understanding of their relevance to the conditioning of the human psyche to accept “stress” as a pre-condition to living life in the fast lane. Whatever that is?

  3. I don’t know why you expect anything other than betrayal from politicians, Martyn. That’s what politics has been for decades.

  4. The thing that should really get your panties in a twist is that this was entirely planned. For this reason the Blairite won’t do a damned thing. This is part of the ‘show’ for the rest of the world about the little country that could. Those with a reasonable understanding of economics, finance and not completely brainwashed by the neoliberal dream will see it for it is = an INTENDED consequence of money printing (sorry monetary easing) and pumping this into the banks (who by the way are more nervous than the central government). Taking away economic activity driven by house price inflation would demonstrate an awful economic picture.

    This is going to get worse, much worse.

      • Sorry, FTT. Read the word ‘intended’ as ‘unintended’. Your logic is fine. My close reading skills need some attention.

    • So many older New Zealanders think they are rich or at least well off because their house (their only asset) has tripled in price since 2000.

      It is entirely false sense of being wealthy. But that is the basis of New Zealand’s ‘prosperity’.

  5. A lot of people who can’t afford the high rents are earning the average NZ wage. Combine the high rent with the price of utilities and food, and people are working just to exist. Shouldn’t access to water/heating and electricity just be a human right? How can landlords own 37 properties (or more as the case often is) when there is a housing shortage and kids living in motels? I’m sad to say there won’t be a social uprising because people are scared of homelessness, scared of their landlords, scared of the MSD. The best way to keep the machine ticking over? Keep them poor and powerless.

  6. A renters riot is one way of drawing attention to the housing shortage but why won’t Ardern and her Government eat shit for once and collaborate with National to help with the quicker build of badly needed accommodation. There are big lessons that can be learned from the Christchurch rebuild and although many on this forum will scoff at any input from National you would have to ask why. Regardless of the mistakes, and ongoing trouble with Insurance and the rebuild. the figures tell us that it wasn’t all bad. The figures suggest around an extra 10000 consents were issued on the seven years since to the earthquakes with about 36000 homes being rebuilt in total. when you consider the demolitions infrastructure and relocating that went on maybe National didn’t do that badly. We all know it is hard to decipher any stats and you can make them read any way you want. National must have ideas on what could be done better and faster. JA doesn’t want her Government to look incompetent but it is. lets accept all the help we can get.

    • Lessons to be learned from Chch ? Yeah the Chch rebuild is a case study in what not to do. The rebuild has barely started in much the city. The govt and council have rebuilt half a cbd in ten years and noone wants to go to it because they’ve made it inaccessible. Noone lives in the cbd despite masses of areas designated for affordable housing.

      All those so called affordable housing for low income just ended up being million dollar luxury apartments that sit empty throughout the cbd cos Noone can afford them. A house I rented in 2010 that was 150 was 190 in 2011 240 in 2013 and is currently $360 last I checked on trade me, a one bedroom, rents skyrocketed in Chch during that golden rebuild period like never before and they continue to soar, adding shit loads of stock usually means luxury apartments that bring the neighborhoods rents up for the privilege of being surrounded by empty apartments that the landlords in the area thought would gentrify the area.

      Chch is in so many ways a disaster from the roads to the east to the town plan to the housing. Having lots of stock does not mean anything big noone can afford it

    • I agree new view. Jacinda could and should adopt bipartisan policy making with National on housing. Or does she think National are not part of our team of 5 million also?

    • She won’t cooperate because she is a politician first and foremost, and the kindly saviour a distant second.

      Cooperating means the Nats might have done something right for once.

      • Nact speak with a forked tongue.
        They were a major author of the problem.

        The bankster went from leading the crisis and then returned to the banks Another prolific liar.

  7. What is the Precariat | Guy Standing | TEDxPrague
    The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers thrive and work does not pay
    ” The book argues that there is a lie at the heart of global capitalism. Politicians, financiers and global bureaucrats claim to believe in free competitive markets, but have constructed the most unfree market system ever. It is corrupt because income is channelled to the owners of property – financial, physical and intellectual – at the expense of society. “

  8. Jacinda will look after her new flock and that will be it. 3 more years of sweet fuck all. If house prices
    fall, the new flock will be all twitchy, run back to the Natz. We need a good riot organised that we can all get involved at local level to show some people power.

  9. There’s a joke. Here it is.
    An conservative older fellow went to visit his doctor.
    He complained that his sex life with his beloved wife was on the rocks. He blamed himself for his decreasing interest in the noble arts of sexy times and asked the doctor, himself a conservative and ageing gentleman, what he should do. Was there a pill? Was there a potion?
    The old doctor pondered his patience’s troubles for a moment while looking wistfully out his surgery window. Finally, he said to his anxious patient. ” See out there? Look to nature. Nature has all the answers to such delicate concerns. See those little sparrows on the roof? Look at them. Always having sex. Not a care in the world, not at all bothered by we mere humans and our trials and tribulations. Now, go home to your wife and seek the answers to your questions while pondering nature. ”
    Two weeks later the older fellow returned to his doctor in crutches and nursing a broken arm.
    The doctor said in alarm. ” Oh my God! What happened to you ! ? ” The older fellow said mournfully ” Well, I took your advice about nature and fucking sparrows but me and my wife fell off the fucking roof.”
    Here’s another joke.
    A salesman was traveling through a remote part of Ireland when his car started to stutter and falter.
    As his anxiety grew, his car got slower and slower until finally, just as it got to the top of a hill…. it stopped altogether.
    Not being mechanically minded, he stepped out of the car and looked about for help. No one in sight. Not a house, village or town.
    Then suddenly a voice came from behind a thick Hawthorn hedge ! ” Troi cleanin’ th’ carbrettor…? Go on? Give dat a go? Oi heard ya comin’. From my experience Oi bet dat’s da problim. ”
    The salesman had no choice but to do as was suggested by the mysterious voice. And sure enough! The carburettor was full of dirt ! Once cleaned out and put back in place the salesman anxiously tried the starter.
    Off she went! Started first try! ” My God! What a fellow you are with such good advice ! I must thank you for your help and began to walk to a gate in the hedge some meters away. The voice said ” Aw y’ need’nt bother with that now. Ju’s glad to help an’ that. You be on your way while I tend to my fields. ”
    But no. The salesman was determined to shake the hand of the farmer who was so kind and helpful.
    When the salesman got to the gate however !? There was no one ! Not a soul but for an old black horse walking off with a mouthful of grass! The salesman looked about, here and there, up and down the hedge…!
    ” Oh dear Jesus! I’m losing me mind? Did I dream all that? But I can’t a done? The car’s going better then it’s ever gone!? Oh dear Jesus!? I need a drink.” And with that, off he drove where after a few miles he found a wee pub.
    He stumbled inside and collapsed against the bar. The barman came up and asked ” Hello stranger? You look like you need a drink? What’ll it be then? And while we’re at it, what’s the reason for why you look like you seen a ghost? ”
    The salesman told his story to the curious barman who’d in the meantime came up with a full glass of good Irish whiskey and with no space wasted by fancy, big city ice cubes neither.
    Then the barman asks ” So? Was it a black ‘orse or the big ol’ white one? ”
    The salesman looked perplexed as he answered ” It was a black ‘orse I seen, why you ask…??? ”
    The barman replied ” Oh. Just as well for you then. The ol’ white ‘orse knows nothin’ about cars.”
    Trust me. My jokes are better than what I was about write.
    Of how our politics is owned by business, of how we’re being exploited for laughs and profits. Of how we’re powerless to fight against the heartless tyranny of a few evil corporate bastards, of how our government lies and manipulates us while we pay them huge salaries while they drive about in beautiful ministerial cars and fly them here and there in first class.
    Ask yourselves? Is this me who’s okaying this? Is it my government, acting in my interests that’s doing this to my friends, neighbours and whanau?
    Of course not.
    Then who is it? We’re not okaying this so who is? If we, the people of AO/NZ are not comfortable with the tyranny of greed we’re witnessing then who is?
    Remember? We didn’t vote the bosses of our politics in and we can’t vote them out. Does that worry you at all?
    Back in 1920 Auckland bankers and money lenders merged to form the national party who then captivated our primary industry with lies and Machiavellian local politics.
    Nothing has changed and this is where that got us.
    Fucked without the roof and the kissing.

    • @countryboy I like the humility and humour you use in your thoughtful and insightful comments. You truly sound down to earth bro!

    • I got another joke for ya!
      Desperate for love, an English farmer went to a dating Councillor. The Councillor gave him a few pointers on courting women. The man left feeling over joyed with enthusiasm.
      A week later he was caught in the act of humping the exhaust pipe of his Massey Ferguson. Upon being asked what the heck he was doing f#@king an exhaust pipe, he replied

      ” I was told to do something to attract her”.

    • Exactly Rosielee. Chanting slogans in the street for an afternoon is all very well for building community solidarity. But it is going to take people willing to take real risks to get anything done. It will be really risky though. The police may not care if the walking poor are put in peril, but landlords facing repair bills are going to get some serious backup.

  10. We don’t have a housing crisis what we have is a conscience crisis and an impotent PM who is being supported by incompetence. And that why this is all just a dream and we’re already ghosts.

  11. Timing?!
    Maybe don’t advocate taking to the streets and roaring in protest on the very day when it is revealed that a pair of Covid positive returnees have been festering the midst of North Auckland for the past couple of weeks (possibly even working at a restaurant, though that is unconfirmed at this time). It’s not like this problem is going anywhere, and I am a bit more concerned about what happens to Auckland’s next lockdown kicks in next week (as seeems probable).
    I will be happy to do street protest, for all the good that’ll do, once the gathering rainclouds have cleared. Personally, I think it’d be more effective to occupy empty landbanked residences and force the cops to drag protestors out on camera to shame the Ardern government into action. The occupiers/ squatters would have to be prepared for; prison time, repair bills, and fines though.

    • So by implication you support the riotous insurrection of the US Capitol with the accompanying violence and deaths that ensued and for no reason, which is typical of your toxic comments, and you also want to target the most popular PM in many decades. why is that Gary?

      Gary, you never provide logical or reasoned arguments in you comments. You just lash out without any basis but your suggestion of having a riot outside Parliament is very disturbing. It shows your true colours. Maybe you should rename yourself Proud Boy to align yourself with that dreadful group in the USA that Trump supports.

      You obviously have no idea about the poverty that many renters are living in and the disproportionate amount of rent they have to pay simply to have a roof over their heads.

  12. Compulsory Unionism,why ever thought, Pike River, we know the honesty, of the Pike River, employers lies, and see know the same, new police cameras and their lies.

  13. How cost, your lives wage,done,now who that left to say,our lives wage for our children!s deposit on their homes exploit.

  14. How long the words, lock down the tenants grasp,what,lock down our place of rent exploit,without movement.

    • Sorry Austringer. you may well have a valid point of view, but your written comments are absolutely unintelligible. Maybe you could get someone to help you with your English language skills.

  15. Rentals seemed plentiful before free trade agreements and poor standards of materials/builders/labour, putting another 1 million people into NZ within a decade, Thatcher developer led builds for profits (Kiwibuild), and the woke batting for renters with middle class led gold plated standards and lack of practicality (apart from the state/council housing they are in charge of where healthy homes are not due for another 2 years.)

  16. Go and riot while I will go and buy another rental. There is nothing the government can do about housing. I am surprised that with my 13 rentals I have made over $2 million this year alone but it is the market. After all, I give people homes. Jacinda is my new favourite leader. She always gets my vote from now on.

    • @ Gary, I don’t think you are helping Jacinda’s popularity with your post Gary Lin, because before the 1980’s to now rentals were plentiful and many people rented out their properties if they didn’t need them, (going overseas, family Bach, farm employee tenants) and most people did not own 13+ rentals and boasting about their profits….

      What has not been addressed in these types of posts or thought about in NZ, (because unions have become collaborators against local workers in many cases and on the side of the big business employer) is why wages have stagnated in NZ and working conditions are so much worse than OZ, work is so temporary and getting worse, (subcontractor Chorus models), nobody can get anything done well anymore, and now we have a normal situation where people are paying to work for work visas, people are not paid at all via various ‘legal’ scams like Internships and company manipulation, and it’s now a practise for workers to get the dole and then get paid cash. Meanwhile ACC (taxpayers) pay out for cash overseas workers families and the employer and recruitment agent and those involved get off scot free!

  17. Trouble is that the other parties (except Greens maybe) are even worse – neoliberalism hegemony at it’s best – Douglas, Prebble, Richardson, Key at al will be very pleased!

  18. I don’t think Garry Lin made 2m out of rent; he made most of it on the capital gain from the increased money value of his properties. Many multi home owners don’t bother with the hassles of renting and make do with the capital gain. They are the problem; not the landlords who let their properties to those who need them. the first thing the government should do is to use their recently awakened power to print money , and use it to buy up any and all unoccupied houses and apartments and let them out. This could be done far more quickly and easily than building in the present climate with the RMA to adhere to and the shortage of labour to suddenly start building things that they are not already building.
    The relief of rental pressure so facilitated would reduce the demand for housing and so reduce one of the drivers of price inflation. This will leave only the fact of inflationary expectation to fuel the price rises with nothing to justify those rises. It might finish up being the cheapest way for the government to solve the crisis as well as the quickest.
    D J S

    • People can’t rent out many properties now (aka baches) because they don’t comply with healthy homes. I see what the government was trying to achieve with healthy homes but they went too far because they must have known that when they did the studies something like 90% of houses did not comply and would never apply (like baches). They have taken out too many houses that used to be rented cheaply. They should have had houses that don’t achieve healthy homes standards need to be rented cheaply (aka under 400 p/w) and then as supply came on bought in, healthy homes for all dwellings. Instead they took out the cheaper rentals for all, while not making the state and community homes for the most vulnerable apply first.
      Government regulation should have started with state and community housing for the most vulnerable, not the other way around! Weird how entire generations grew up in so called damp homes without any problems tho, and weirdly it’s the newer houses that are the most dangerous to health aka leaky homes.

    • Two million dollars on thirteen homes represents about $15,300 per home after outgoings. That is possible, even on rent alone.

      • Sorry, I’m wrong. It should have been $153,000, which he is unlikely to have made from rent. But even so, we are all making large capital gains on our houses these days; and there is nothing to show that his houses are unoccupied. I would be more concerned if he was highly leveraged, in which case his large interest payments would mean he was was paying very little tax. Interest should not be tax deductible.


    On policy level, a flexible mix of rent-to-own schemes will probably handle many of the associated problems; using short-, medium-, long-term options with different types of investors.

    Where is the relevant thinking done? Where are the options for public discussion?

    Falling asleep on the steering wheel …

    This is a matter very much related to a potential ‘Green New Deal’, too.

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