National complaining about State Housing is like Trump lecturing on Feminism 


Government housing plan draws criticism

National Housing spokesperson Nicola Willis described the announcement as “cynical.”

“This is a hopelessly inadequate response to New Zealand’s housing shortage. It’s nothing but a re-hash of previously announced proposals and very underwhelming for the thousands of New Zealanders who are increasingly being locked out of the private market,” Willis said, as reported by RNZ.

“The government will never get there through state house building alone. The government simply can’t keep up with the surging demand as people are priced out of the private market.”

How dare they!?!

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How dare National criticise Labour over the lack of State Housing!

National privatised State Housing.

National demonised state tenants for fake meth tests that needlessly cost $120million on contamination clean ups that was never hazardous and threw thousands of State Tenants onto the streets and banned them from gaining a new house.

So for National to have the fucking audacity to dare criticise Labour is just jaw dropping in its arrogance.

Now. Sure. Labour’s State House announcement was pitiful, underwhelming and when set against the backdrop of Labour putting billions into the hands of speculators to skyrocket the house prices, one could argue, class treason of the fucking Labour Party.


National complaining about State Housing is like Trump lecturing on Feminism.


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  1. If you are being fair you can incorporate every single party in parliament into that argument. Stop being tribal. Point is the way the political system in NZ is set up the only political critics HAVE TO BE HYPOCRITES. From a wider perspective is the criticism valid ignoring the source – if it is then let’s judge it on that basis but also on an alternative plan (which I can’t see above). The real issue Labour has had on non-Covid issues for 3.5 years is that they spent 9 years barking at cars with no real alternative vision that was importantly ABLE TO BE IMPLEMENTED. The same fallacies have been exposed in National’s argument which to date 3.5 years in is “vote for us because we are a little less shit than Labour”. They aren’t – that’s the real irony. That’s where the criticism is valid and should be directed at. Neither main political faction wants to torpedo the landed asset markets even ironically that would LONG TERM be the best thing NZ could do (another topic entirely).

    In addition I would also rather have a hypocrite than a lazy, feckless journalist that has no desire to be objective or indeed do some research into an issue such as housing affordability. Have a look at the so called “quality” of journalistic endeavors in little Aotearoa at the moment. When I have the misfortune of witnessing OneWokeNews and Dallow is dribbling along all I can think of is Ceasar Flickerman and the Hunger Games. Journalism in (little) Aotearoa now beyond depressing and entertaining in a self depreciating view.

    • Your last sentence refers to what is known as “infotainment” and if you waste your time tuning into the likes of Dallow you will be depressed and lose braincells too.

  2. National don’t complain they ridicule , lie and manipulate. No political party in this country can see past the neoliberal orthodoxy that has failed and will never deliver solutions to the crisis these policies have created.
    Willis and her colleagues are contemptable and are part of the problem in admitting that the market was always going to fail and that the National party has never believed in state housing and i am sure despises so much that they attempt to privatise it and sell it off to the lowest bidder. They are hardly the stalwarts of state support in any area of the economy.

  3. The fact that National where wrong in their last term of office does not mean the not able to criticise this current government about housing. They are doing what they are meant to do as a oposition and show up the government of the day for their empty promises . Poor quality expensive accomadation is at the root of most of the problems of those at the bottom of the ladder. I understand some are paying up to 60% of their income on rent.

  4. National have no conscience so what do you expect from them. they expect the market to provide but their policies have exacerbated the housing shortage and they still don’t care and they have the audacity to act like they have all the solutions to a problem they ignored and helped create. Now in opposition they all of a sudden care.

  5. National may not have built many but the also didn’t leave a shit load empty for years as Labour certainly have. Within 500m of my place there are 30 odd ghost state houses and they have been that way for 2-3 years. A 5 bed state next door is being renovated…. for 18 month so far.

    Only a idiot or the politically blinded would try to claim one party is better than another on housing.

  6. ‘Left wing, right wing, wings of the same bird.
    I really cant think of a reason to continue voting.’
    Glad to hear it Mark – don’t.
    Persuade the Blue Dragons to give it up to.
    Long live the Dalai Lama

  7. ‘Left wing, right wing, wings of the same bird.
    I really can’t think of a reason to continue voting.’
    Mark just stop at ‘I really can’t think’
    After all Chairman Xi does your thinking for you.( Xi’s the man)

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