The real reason Police quietly stopped cannabis helicopter raids

No more flying pigs

Police slash annual cannabis operation, blind siding frontline staff and officials

Police have quietly shelved their annual cannabis eradication operation in a major change that has blind sided frontline staff and the police minister.

So the NZ Police have discontinued their annual Helicopter Cannabis raid and did it so quietly they didn’t even bother informing the Police Minister.


The real reason of course that the Police have quietly dumped this expensive war on drugs is because it’s bullshit and no State Agency that has acted like such a prick as the police have when it comes to cannabis can acknowledge or admit that the hundreds of thousands of NZers they have arrested, beaten up and damaged in their bullshit pursuit to criminalise stoners has been an enormous failure.

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The State never likes to admit it has failed, not when they have pointlessly spent billions, imprisoned tens of thousands and destroyed countless lives all to stop pot smokers.

Of course the cops were going to end this helicopter bullshit, what’s the point when so many smoke and have no intention of stopping.

Meth is showing Kiwis what a real drug does, that we refused to legalise cannabis should be a never ending source of shame and spite in little Nu Zilind.

What a disgusting waste of resource, time and energy.

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  1. Yes agree Martyn we can’t have state sanctioned pill testing at concerts when almost 50% of NZers voted yes to Cannabis. Cannabis has a downside but in my view it is far less harmful than alcohol in this country, particularly when we look at the violent aspect from drinking. But P is doing the most harm and not enough is being done to curb its entry onto our country.

  2. Ah, but wasting time, money, energy and resources is good for GDP.

    That’s how fucked-up everything is in NZ (and all other western nations).

  3. As a long time resident of Cannabis County i could tell some tales. BUT as a community focused person for me the biggest downside of the toxic bullying by police is the breakdown of trust that leads to a dysfunctional community.My four year old son was interviewed by former commissioner Mike Bush in our home during a raid for cannabis ,that was in 1989. Nothing was found but we had committed the crime of owning a large tract of native forest which we still protect to this day.Therefore we were classified as “other” and suspect. People in small communities talk a lot shit when encouraged to do so by such a poisonous level of Kafkaesque paranoia and idiocy. Mike Bush excelled at this. He of the gun toting shoot the unarmed citizen culture.

  4. The NZ Police can be held accountable for the explosion of methamphtamine considering the extensive raids on cannabis they conducted early last decade. Hopefully an enduring lesson has been learned and a wiser approach going forward.

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