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  1. This report popped up in one of my news feeds

    “A Health and Disability report has found DHB oversights contributed in the death of a man with pneumonia”

    To get more information I had to go hunting, and thank goodness for scoop.

    My issue, is that it happened in 2017 and it takes the Health and Disability commission this long to publish a report. Isn’t that cruel on the family involved? What about the staff? I get people make mistakes, and we should learn from them, but why is an organization entrusted with bringing clarity to an issue taking so long? What is the point of an organization if it takes so long to help fix problems within the health system.

    Are the staff at the Health and Disability commission that underfunded? Or is it workplace cultural issue?

  2. “Are the staff at the Health and Disability commission that underfunded?”
    Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.
    We’ve got a not-too-bad Children’s Commissioner, and an Ombudsman as well with a huge workload (surprise surprise). I respect them both.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are still quite a few in Labour that are quite “comfortable” with it all. It’s a lot easier than using even the EXISTING mechanisms (even though they need reform) to give things a well-needed kick up the arse.
    And so far, strangely enough it seems only Andrew Little is prepared to push it (Pike River et al). Just that he’s not star quality. Possibly one or two others – Damien O’Connor for example in his unassuming way.

    But Jesus! Kris Faafoi- Justice? AND STILL Broadcasting/Media (presumably on the basis of his once being bought and sold in the imperatives of commercial media as a reporter or whatever the hell he was), and Immigration – IL-G’s understudy – look how well that panned out! The IL-G lookalike with superior morals.
    I suppose that’s progress.

    Talent really is thin on the ground apparently – except it isn’t. There are one or two newbies that’d do a better job, but I suppose the risk-managers have stuck their oars in, and there are processes and procedures to be followed, and learnings to be had.

    Expect the managerialist theory of ‘Kaizen’ concepts to be resurrected soon (in this space, going forward)

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