Daily Meme – why you hate socialism



  1. The hate isn’t socialism which in itself the theoretically sound (as is capitalism). The hate is the fucked up version(s) thrown upon the general populace. All political philosophies have the same inherent problem they don’t account for human failure of actions and ethics.

    This is why Animal Farm is a must read for anyone under the age of 25.

    • It’s really interesting that Orwell was a socialist, and Animal Farm was a pro-socialist book written about the pseudo-socialist state capitalism of the Stalinist regime.

      • There are a myriad of ways to interpret Animal Farm however all of them lead back to the fragility of ideology and its unsuitability to human nature.

  2. I keep thinking there is an alternative universe where Karl Marx is repeatedly hitting Stalin over the head with a copy of the Communist Manifesto( You prick! I did not say anything collectivistion or labour camps!) .
    Where Adam Smith is assaulting Milton Friedman with a pick handle( You bastard! I am a philosopher not a capitalist!)
    Where Jesus Christ is using a broomstick on various clerics( this I leave to your imagination)


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