MEDIAWATCH: Hooton hears a what? The case against Liddell minus all the self-interested pearl clutching

Metrosexual Simon Bridges out on a limb

So Hoots has heard that Liddell is hiring a PR mercenary to reform his reputation in NZ as he desperately attempts to leap from the sinking ship of Trump to run the OECD.

It’s good to see Hooton back match fit after the disaster death plunge he sent the National Party into.

I mean Hooton’s support of Muller wasn’t just professionally embarrassing and the kill stroke of the election, it was historically and for ever staining bad! National scored the second largest loss of vote share in NZ political history!

Take a standing ovation Hoots!

I mean the bewildering self confidence it must take to get up after the Muller meltdown and frame a possible competitor the size of Liddell walking into Hooton’s own PR territory as a threat to NZs standing in the world is breathtaking in its self interest.

Such misplaced self belief could fuel every Prius in Khandallah.

If Hoots kick’s an easy target for liberal hate like Liddell enough times, he might just get back onto Nine to Noon on RNZ.

Delightful as that is, watching ACT u-turn on supporting Liddell is surely the best thing that has happened this year.

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After screaming on Twitter against the haters who wanted to hate NZ by not supporting Liddell, they quietly decided that actually after refusing to denounce the Orange Lives Matter Insurrection, ACT couldn’t support Liddell for the OECD position after all.

If you had as many unhinged white males with guns as ACT does, you would probably want to set boundaries as well.

That leaves Simon Bridges all the way out there all alone in supporting Liddell.

Simon, Simon, Simon.

Is a technocrat who enabled a fascist putsch and refused to resign or publicly denounce that fascist putsch REALLY the ditch you want your credibility to die in?

This is the ‘moral high ground’ that we will adopt when deciding which candidate should represent us on the International stage?

Come on Simon.

Fuck Liddell.

He made his bed, he helped enable this sickness in America, he has to be punished as a lesson to other enablers that there are consequences for enabling this kind of political disease.

Why on earth would we want someone as stained as Liddell representing us in any way shape or form, he’s had his moment to show us his courage, and he’s failed miserably.

What message does he send to the world?

A technocratic coward who refused to stand up to the worst angels of his bosses nature is no CV we want promoted under our flag!

He is beneath the mana of us as a people, and that’s why he should be disgraced and given no support for his latest vanity project.

Simon should acknowledge he’s got this wrong and that supporting someone on meritocracy and not just cause he’s one of us is more important than craven influence.

UPDATE: Simon folded.

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  1. Liddell’s one and only very minor saving grace is unlike the other culpable rats who are abandoning Trump at the last minute, Twitter et al, he’s going down with the rotten ship he enabled. It doesn’t help of course that far more loathsome characters got out of it far quicker years ago in the realisation of just how rotten this administration was, whilst he bet the house that Trump would be reelected and he could quietly exit stage left sometime 2021.

    But being as radioactive as he is, he may as well change his name, move to deepest darkest Alaska and just retire.

  2. The Coloured Revolution finally arrives in America!

    Amidst this great moment in the evolution of democracy a minnow from the Antipodes seeks redemption.

  3. Hooton is deathly in his criticisms of Liddell , no love lost between them now . also admits somewhat , failings for his masterminding in the National party downfall lol

    this opinion piece gives a perspective with what’s going on in America right now

    ” …a warning for media as well . A reminder to put the wider cause and the institutions , their rules and norms , ahead of oneself . ‘

    ^^ i wonder if Bridges relates that to wanting a more compliant political media , especially to the ones with the excellent journalistic coverage of his coup d’état . .

    the fear of ‘ cancel culture spooks Simon :-O

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