The ugly face of Israeli apartheid and Silver Ferns collaboration


Silver Ferns – please take note:

Israeli brutality, alongside its apartheid policies against Palestinians, continued through 2020 with Israeli human rights group B’Tselem reporting:

  • The demolition of 273 Palestinian homes displacing 1,006 Palestinians – including 509 children.
  • The demolition of “456 structures for non-residential purposes, including vital humanitarian facilities and installations such as water and electricity networks.”
  • Israeli occupation forces killed 27 Palestinians in 2020, including seven children. The human rights group investigated 16 cases of killing Palestinians in the [occupied] West Bank, and it was found that “at least 11 of them were killed without any justification, as none of them posed a threat to the lives of security force members or others, whether at the time of shooting at them or in general.”
  • 248 attacks on indigenous Palestinians by racist Israeli settlers living in illegal settlements on Palestinian land including 80 incidents of destroying trees or other crops (3000 trees destroyed)
  • Israeli occupation forces raided Palestinian villages and cities “at least 3,000 times and stormed no less than 2,480 homes.”
  • During 2020 ” Israeli security forces set up no less than 3,524 sudden checkpoints in addition to fixed ones” in the occupied West Bank.


These statistics reveal the race hatred of Palestinians which is at the core of Israel’s colonisation of Palestinian land and this has been reflected in the views of every Israeli Prime Minster from Ben Gurion to Netanyahu.

It’s important all of us concerned for justice and human rights for Palestinians make 2021 the year the tide begins to turn in earnest in the Middle East. It didn’t happy by itself in apartheid South Africa and it won’t happy by itself in Palestine – international solidarity will be a critical factor and we can all play our part here in New Zealand.

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The Silver Ferns have an important role to play – as a start by getting that immoral PUMA logo off their uniforms.



  1. Totally agree John, good call.

    They also have ANZ logo who launder money for the lowest of the low. Ironic because one of the board members of that bank foamed at the mouth in our parliament arguing about ‘getting some guts” against the lowest of the low. He now nothing more than a money launderer for them.

    • ..and the travel via plane, the most polluting mode of transport. Let’s face it, they should just cancel the Silver Ferns altogether (ops that’s misogynistic)

  2. ‘It didn’t happy by itself in apartheid South Africa and it won’t happy by itself in Palestine’

    Better edit that article. No one is happy about any of this, except the psychopaths.

      • And here is a contrary opinion of a Jewish South African anti-apartheid activist:
        To use your benchmarks, this proves your lies and demonstratively twisted logic. Except, opinions are just that. There is also a reality on the ground. It is a pity that you continue to blight this site with your pathetic defences of the indefensible that is spawned on your proclivity for regurgitating Zionist propaganda.

      • Anti-Miscegenation laws were used in South Africa , in the usa during slavery ( and up until the 1960’s for some particularly racist southern states), in Nazi Germany ,,,, and are presently part of Israels legal system / laws.

        Apart from the obvious racism behind such laws ,,, Israels excuse /reason is that mixed marriages and the children from mixed relationships ,,, is a second holocaust / genocide of the Jewish people.

        Israeli Exports: Anti-miscegenation

        Israel’s education minister says intermarriage among diaspora Jews ‘like second Holocaust

        The All Blacks supported south africa racism during it’s boycott years ,,, the silver ferns are more subtly doing the same with Israel.

        • So the All Blacks must have also supported militant juntas and Communist tyrannies because they played Argentina and Romania in 1981 and 1982 respectively?

          I don’t recall any protests during those tours?

          • I doubt the individual rugby players were very informed about such things ,, but our rugby union board management, world soccer’s Fifa, our National party and others had no problem showing Argentina right wing fascists in a good light and granting them legitimacy ,,,

            “We should not play soccer amid the concentration camps and torture chambers,’ wrote proponents of an international tournament boycott that year.”


            Do you recall our rugby union ruining the Montreal Olympics due to 33 countries pulling out and boycotting the event ??.

            “The All Blacks’ decision to tour South Africa in 1976 – at the height of the racial apartheid era – happened in defiance of a United Nations’ call to halt all sporting competition with the nation until racial equality was reached.”

            “That country’s ( NZ) rugby team was touring South Africa, despite the recent Soweto uprising, which led to the deaths of hundreds of black protesters.”

            “African countries boycott Olympics
            The opening ceremony of the 21st Olympic Games in Montreal has been marred by the withdrawal of 25 African countries.

            They are all protesting at New Zealand’s sporting links with South Africa. ” …..

            …. “Countries protesting at New Zealand’s participation in the Games continued to withdraw throughout the opening days.

            Egypt subsequently withdrew and the final number of absences was 33.

            In the first two days of the Games a million Canadian dollars were lost in event cancellations and seat refunds. ”


            “Montreal Olympics: African boycott of 1976 Games ‘changed the world”

            ‘Apartheid’ appeared on the front page of every newspaper in the world, and people started pressuring their own governments.”


            And seeing BG brought up Argentina ,, we can stay informed how right wing uber-capitalists are still trying to fuck over it’s people

            Funding Misery: Argentinians vs. the IMF

  3. More overt is the disgraceful decision on NZ Chess to engage in a grovelling display of solidarity on-line chess with the Israeli Chess Federation

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