Why are we opening travel bubbles at the most dangerous part of the pandemic?


I’m deeply skeptical of opening travel bubbles with anyone.

Why are we doing this at the most dangerous time of the pandemic?

The virus is out of control globally, the vaccine roll out is far from even beginning and the simple naked reality is that until 75% of the global population is vaccinated the plague isn’t over.

Surely the smart money would be on waiting until the damned vaccine is fully rolled out, why risk everything now?

We have all sacrificed for this damned plague, why put all our amazing work at risk to rush travel bubbles when the plague is gaining in traction?

Our drive to ‘go back to normal’ misinterprets how utterly difficult vaccinating everyone will be.

We are putting the cart way ahead of the horse and if the damned virus does get into the country, all Labour’s political capital will implode.


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  1. Let’s hope JA and her officials are engaging in listenings with the likes of Siouxsie Wiles, Mike Baker and one or two others, in this space going forward. It took a while for them to acknowledge the benefits of face masks in various circumstances.
    I think it was Siouxsie Wiles that pointed out earlier that there are people trying to come back from the world’s hotspots by transiting Stray Ya.
    “Ultimately” it could turn out to be yet another issue that ends up burying this least worst option of a government in the fullness of time – especially since better options seem to be emerging

  2. Would it be such a bad thing, hypothetically i mean, without your favourite granny actually dying, I mean… or worse. Would it?

    What we have now is a government exposed for what they are. No one is going to do anything about it, but Mother Nature has potentially turned everyone into a involuntary biological hazard. Labour, since April, should have spent some time smelling the coffee, instead of just golloping down breakfast. Things really do need to change entirely. Yes yes, they said. Yes, yes entirely, yes. Then once they realised they couldn’t go on holiday to Australia every second weekend, and that Queenstown was so 2005, they started to think, hey, you know, maybe things don’t need to change. Maybe how things were is comfortable. And then they got all defensive about it. You’re ungrateful! They said. Do you know how Hard it is being a Parent… I mean PM? You’re lucky I didn’t let you people die!

    Hmmm. Well one more level four lockdown and there won’t be a choice for Labour. If they forgo level four in effort to believe it aint so bad, and just let it spread, with pop-up sickness slums appearing everywhere, there still won’t be a choice. They can go “full retard” and start beating dissidents and starving undesirables, maybe ask Ross Meurant for a master class, but after the dust settles there still won’t be holidays and investment homes, or much tax to collect, or much of a country to govern. Woke tweets against smug celebrities will be replaced with depresssing reports of a death in the family, or that moment they realise the street is their new home. “Petal Lively has updated her status: She’s feeling…. homeless.” A mental health app isn’t going to cut it. Jacinda and friends are holding their breath for a vaccine in March. It’s very poor risk mangement from who are, at best, highly paid middle managers. Even the worst managers I’ve known figured out if there aren’t any workers they are out of a job. What kind of bubble are these people living in?

    Even if that doesn’t spin your wheels, when you get an Australian Premier saying, hang on, this is really dangerous, you can bet it’s far worse than dangerous. When you get Boris Johnson saying, We should plan for a rough few months coming up, then you know it’ll be worse than rough. And when you already have the experience, not a few months old, of idiots breaking transtasman bubble rules within a few hours, in the most obvious ways, and not caring, then you’d be an idiot let them do it again. The breathing space we have, or had, gives us time to plan. How painful to watch Labour waste that advantage.

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