Trevor Mallard went woke, will we go broke?


As Raelene Castle reminds us, when you go woke, you go broke…

Trevor Mallard apologises for accusing Parliamentary staffer of rape

Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard has personally apologised for the “distress and humiliation” he caused an individual after he made comments which amounted to an accusation of rape.

In an RNZ interview in May last year, where he was talking about the Debbie Francis report on bullying, Mallard said: “We’re talking about serious sexual assault, well that, for me, that’s rape … that is the impression I get from the report, yes”.

But in a statement from Mallard released this afternoon, he said that some of his comments gave the “impression that allegations made against that individual in the context of the Francis Review amounted to rape”.

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“Trevor Mallard accepts that his understanding of the definition of rape at that time was incorrect and that the alleged conduct did not amount to rape (as that term is defined in the Crimes Act 1961) and that it was incorrect of him to suggest otherwise,” the statement said.

…in the hyper real moment of the now in woke world, all men are rapists, all white people are racists and anyone defending free speech is an actual uniform wearing Nazi.

In such a nuanced post Me Too cultural landscape, ALL women must be BELIEVED, the evidential threshold is anything said on Twitter and due process is a heteronormative white cis male privilege.

You would have thought that after The Spinoff and Feminist journalist hit job at Stuff  insinuating that Jacinda and Labour had covered up a serious sexual assault that Trev would be a tad more sceptical, but jaw droopingly he wasn’t.

Trev went woke and accepted an interesting new definition of ‘rape’…

The man claimed the three allegations were related to hugging a colleague, complimenting another colleague on her hair, and kissing another on her cheek as he said goodbye to her after she visited him and his wife for tea.

However, the first complainant alleged he hugged her from behind, pushing his groin up against her, and that he was staring at the breasts of the woman who’s hair he complimented.

…that’s ‘rape’ now.

Virtue signalling and cancelling everyone who doesn’t agree with you via social media lynch mobs is neato, but when woke starts costing huge sums of money for defamation settlements, shouldn’t we know how much going woke is making us broke?

Unfortunately we will never know how much Trev forced the Government to pay for his settlement because that’s all secret but shouldn’t there be some reflection on this fucking fiasco?

A persons entire career was destroyed, their reputation mangled and we had to pay out a huge settlement cost all because Trev went woke and defined rape as a hug from behind and a glance at breasts?

Can you imagine the fun and games we are going to have when the Hate Speech laws are rammed through?


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  1. Thank you Martyn Bradbury for exposing this for what it is ,utter BS.
    Bit of a mine field out there in Woky Doky land at the moment for those of of a certain gender, certain race and certain age!

  2. How was he allowed to be Speaker again and continue to suck on the public tit after such a terrible abuse of his power does he have any mana left to call out others for not following the rules of the house .He was a bully as a Minister and it seems he has not changed .

  3. Woke is the new disguise for kiwi blokes going through their mid-life crisis and wanting to be ‘down with the kuds’.
    That’s 2 down (I L-G and Mallard). Strewth – how many more to go?
    Easier to just clutch and koochie-coo a baby of two or offer to do the housework. Take it from me …. it works a treat

    • If what you say is correct how on earth do Smith and Brownlee remain employed, remember the Bronwyn Pullar affair?

  4. Was there not some other male member of Parliament who kept pulling a woman’s hair even after she asked him to stop it? ( I can’t remember the bloke’s name but I believe he held an important cabinet position).
    I read that there were police officers present when he did it( personal bodyguard). I mean the police must recognise an assault when they see it – surely?
    I am sure he was severely punished for it – I mean they would not let someone get away with something like that just because he was a senior politician. The speaker of the house would not ignore someone important and just pick on a parliamentary staffer as an easy target.
    This different standard could lead to things like a visiting foreign politician have his bodyguards rough up a member of the New Zealand Parliament actually inside the house – and then have the Prime minister and the Leader of ACT apologise to offence given to the visiting tyrant.
    It could never happen here could it?

    • Yes the leader of ACT was noticeably absent with his attack on the Speaker on that occasion. His political attack on Mallard was nothing more than attention seeking similar to his twerking on Television. Seymour you are the ultimate hypocrite!

      • If she does not fire Mallard your Jacinda could take the hypocrisy card.
        The most honest and open government and let’s be kind to one another are 2 of her pronounced aims.
        I am sure the $330000 could have feed a lot of children

        • Trevor, Trevor Trevor, how the fuck does she sack him? Seriously. He is independent of the P.M. He is elected by the House. Collins, Seymour and all leaders are equally responsible.
          How did Key continue in his role with his assault of the waitress? He gave her a bottle of his wine for fuck’s sake!!!
          How did Smith continue to be an M.P. after the Bronwyn Pullar affair.
          What Mallard did was a gross overreaction and his name will be forever tarnished. Key goes on to make a fantastic income, worshiped by the masses. A waitress’s entire career was destroyed, their reputation mangled.

        • Maybe some of National MP Hamish Walker’s salary that he took him from mid July through to the election could also feed a lot of children or maybe even build more roads Trevor.

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