New TVNZ Poll: Labour 53% National 25% – Winners & Losers


This isn’t a Honeymoon, it’s a 3 month tour of the most romantic places on earth staying at 5 star hotels with endless data and open bars.

Labour’s extraordinary jump up by 7% cements many things into place like winning 2023, 2026 and almost every generation who isn’t Boomer locked out of homeownership.


This is Neokindness in full effect.


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Labour & Jacinda – They have all the power and no plans whatsoever to use any of it. From a supporters point of view, it’s like waking up on Christmas Day only to be told you are Jewish.

If you ask the average Kiwi who voted Labour this year to name just one Labour Party policy, I would put money down on the vast majority of them answering with, ‘Jacinda saved NZ?’

When your policy platform is seen by the vast majority of people as ‘saving our lives’, you have built an emotional 20 lane multi level motorway of never ending blind loyalty

The psychology of the NZ electorate has fundamentally shifted. All the female voters Labour lost to Key have all come home to Labour for Jacinda.

Jacinda could strangle kittens and supporters will blame the kittens for being too soft.

Labour can get away with tinkering at the fringes and the hungry angry desperate mob will be too polite to contradict them.

Property Speculators – Can’t believe their luck that a Labour Government is practicing trickle down theory by flooding the market with cheap money so property owners can speculate more. The Banks are laughing all the way to themselves. It’s a grotesque obscenity to Egalitarian NZ.

ACT – What’s most interesting is that ACT haven’t dropped. I appreciate I’m the only pundit banging on about this, but ACT’s rise is not just a dissatisfaction with National, it’s an actual bolding of hard right polarisation. ACT will start to gnaw into National rump vote because they will be seen as the Right Wing Values Party. Depressing as it is, the ever expanding Incel Gun Owner electorate is larger than we think.


Judith Collins & National – The National Party campaign was a train-wreck dumpster fire that collided with a school bus that exploded next to a pet store.

Simon Bridges fell foul of the sudden solidarity created by Covid and National were caught flat footed by a crisis that only became worse by more free market deregulation.

No one wanted to hear about the State being cut back when everyone was running to the State for safety.

It highlighted the utter vacancy of National Party ideology, all they kept coming up with was privatisation!

Their ever changing position on the border was farcical and that’s after you had to accept a former President of the Party leaking privileged information to a National MP who then leaked it to the media, another MP sending sext texts, another Party Offical smearing their own candidate, and the Todd Muller coup ignited by cowardice.

National don’t know what they stand for and because of the total lack of talent, Judith is safe for scope more years. They will just slowly bleed out to ACT now.

Renters – Can go fuck themselves, property price speculation is all that matters.

Working class Cannabis Smokers – Can go fuck themselves, but all the middle class kids like Bruschetta and Apple can get their middle class party drugs tested at their expensive summer music festivals this summer so YAY.

Beneficiaries – Can go fuck themsleves because ‘stability’ is only achieved by providing property speculators with $100billion of cheap credit, not lifting benefits.

Climate – Can most certainly go fuck itself because with Labour having that level of support they can pass meaningless Climate Emergencies and do nothing afterwards.


The ultimate proof to this pudding will be the first 100 days policy platform, if nothing meaningful happens legislatively during that period, it won’t happen. You have a window of 100 days to force change before the Wellington neoliberal bureaucratic elites shut transformative change down.

The idea that Labour + Greens could have such enormous support and still do nothing meaningful on welfare increases, the climate, housing, worker rights, public broadcasting, mental health, prisons and poverty could erode faith in the system more than a dozen Donald Trumps ever could.


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  1. everything has got worse since Jacinda became PM and her support is up? Truly we are living in clown world

  2. “The idea that Labour + Greens could have such enormous support and still do nothing meaningful on welfare increases, the climate, housing, worker rights, public broadcasting, mental health, prisons and poverty could erode faith in the system more than a dozen Donald Trumps ever could.”

    Which is why I wouldn’t put money on 2023/26 this early on. A Labour win will only be down to the absence of a better alternative (admittedly that’s a strong possibility).
    Once again (HRC from memory) pointing out that Pasifika as usual being told to hurry up and wait; Labour thoroughly captured by generic managerialist neo-liberal seniors in the civil service and all the rest of it; miniscule benefit increases while corporate welfare grants to the likes of Jeff Bezos ……….
    People are losing faith in the cistern which could cause wild swings as we see elsewhere in the world.
    And in the meantime it’s become obvious Sepuloni intends carrying on exercising her mean streak; Faafoi with his lazy procrastinating rythym, and JA still confusing her stubborn streak with standing on principle.

    Stubbornly adhering to her ’emotional intelligence’ might be fine and dandy, not so much when stubborn TINA and do-nothing/do the bare minimum is applied to the plebs. By 2023/26, expecting the plebs to continue relying on the escapist activities of P Piss and Prozac as they struggle to pay the rent or keep warm on the streets, or even feed themselves on noodles might be wearing a little thin

  3. Housing crisis, so so 2017. We just need to move on.

    Likewise rents climbing on the back of skyrocketing house prices. Again so 2017.

    What poverty?

    We’ve got new friends now, so much less needy than our old core constituency. They are so 2017.

    And stop listening to the sense Collins is making. She is so 2017!

    Anyway, “Be kind”®™!

  4. ACT is a “Libertarian” party – i.e. they forward the notion that people should have the right to choose for themsleves with minimal government interference. They are not “hard right”. What other “hard right” party supports cannabis legalisation, exactly? Talk about disingenuous.
    Now personally I would like ACT to adopt a more social verison of their political philosophy – one in which people are free to choose for themselves, but opposed to capitalism and the private ownership wrt the means of production. A “safety net” would also be a good addition.
    I think ACT is actually more of the latter than the former, but you do you.

  5. When the right for all their whinging seem content with the status quo, then you know this government of the supposed left is ineffective and actually centrist. This government is a continuation of the last National government. A bit of tinkering around the edges, a few slogans when a crises or two hits and not much else. We all know it, about time those amongst us who demand real transformation, woke up to that reality.

  6. Jacinda is riding the crest of the wave of do-nothing-ness that results in everything that matters being made worse.

    She will be able to ride the wave of popular support for a while longer because the average voter is completely clueless….about everything, as required by the system that keeps them uninformed and distracted.

    Climate emergency? Can’t let that interfere with motor racing. Or construction of motorways.

    Growing wealth gap? Cant’s let that interfere with Americas Cup.

    Global financial instability? Great! The collapse of the US dollar will make ours more attractive.

    Environmental collapse? What environmental collapse. It’s only a few ice sheets vanishing a long way away, and a bit more rain and wind interspersed with droughts here. We can still buy factory-farmed shrimps from Thailand.

  7. Less government is right wing. Yes ACT are far right. The only reason they support cannabis legalisation is so it can be taxed and because they believe in choice – so long as their own property or rights are not infringed. What a lot of old cobblers. ACT philosophies are as old as the hills – the real new approaches came in during the 1930’s with the welfare state … before this it was ‘ACT city’ with government only involved in protection of property rights and to ensure choice (for those who could afford it). Social democracy involves elements of the welfare state infused with some civil rights and material redistribution within the economy. ACT are the embodiment of neoliberalism (neolibertarian?) while pre-1930 was simply libertairian … which is a failed political approach because the last 90 years has produced enough evidence to show that social democracy is a much better means of equalising the distribution of income while the market has equally failed to deliver positive outcomes for the many rather than the few.

  8. 86% support for neoliberal, or should I say “NateoLaboural” economics, despite it’s abject failings 🙁

    “You can lead a Kiwi to slaughter, but you can’t make ’em think”.

  9. Labour are popular because the other parties have fucked up more for their core voters than Labour aka Natz, Greens and NZ First, not because people love labour or what they have done.

    Labour have done pretty much nothing and as long as they don’t do a ‘Natz’ and overload NZ with mass immigration or touch property and zoning and put Kiwi’s into massive congestion, they will be the default choice for many voters in NZ whose main security is their house/farm/lifestyle block which earns more than their puny wages and benefits. (local workers were abandoned by governments and unions who failed to notice that they turned employee’s into contractors and the self employed over the last 30 years, now the carnage continues with temp employee’s flooding into NZ, which Covid stopped and Labour got the benefits from).

    There are huge problems in NZ with wages and conditions, but the lefties response seem to be to ignore it or bring more exploiters into NZ to exploit more people while turning a blind eye to the real issues like globalism aka PSA and supermarket monopolies.

    Perfect example of NZ

    Kiwifruit company fined $230,000 for mininum wage failure

    “In October last year, Chellappa was ordered to pay $28,845 for making a former employee of his IT firm Raj Infotech NZ Limited redundant and then offering her a job in his kiwifruit picking business.”

    It’s getting to the point where labour exploitation is at the level where people are expected to work for free, without any contract for employment and it’s not just minimum wage workers who are now expected to work for free in various labour scams all around NZ! Rich labour exploiters are making even more money by driving NZ’s brain drain for their benefits!

    Exploited labour is certainly not driving down the prices of Kiwifruit!

    Countdown – Green Kiwifruit $9 per kilo, Gold Kiwifruit $9.70 per Kilo

    New world, green Kiwifruit, $8.99 per Kilo, Gold Kiwifruit $8.99 per Kilo

    Remember when Kiwifruit was $1 per Kilo, but now we have PSA killing the small farmer that they have so far got zero compensation for aka

    “The Court of Appeal ruled public officials may have been negligent, but they had statutory immunity from liability.”

    NZ is sadly becoming the exploited everything from labour to supermarket monopolies and consumers cling to anything that keeps them afloat which is currently their housing. Labour did not upset the apple cart, benefited from the Covid led stop of globalism “progress”, and thus will continue to be default voter choice.

  10. The left keeps missing the point about ACT and you repeat the mistake once again.

    ACT is broadly a libertarian party not a right wing one. It promotes small government, simple and clean regulation, equality under the law, freedom of speech and personal responsibility. None of these goals are in any way fascist.

  11. With any political party where they come from is much more important than where they are going. The Labour Party comes from Trade Unions and the hard left. A lot of their past is blurred by Feminism, which they have fallen into because it is 50% right and at least two brilliant women have become Labour leaders recently. So we have more emphasis on women getting more money than poor people getting more money. There is more emphasis on women workers doing better than men than all workers doing better. The inherent nature of women makes this far less dangerous than it would be if you replace women with men in these political circumstances, which is where the blurring occurs. But Labour didn’t come from aggressive Capitalist Feminism and if they try to go there they will fail so they won’t try. Not being unintelligent, they will instead create working class feminism, which is so mild it won’t affect anything. At some stage Labour will revert to its pure non feminist trade union roots and slide into a modern version of the first labour government. Like King Dick Seddon they will attack the housing inequalities as a needed fight against bad and cruel property owners, rather than against all property owners. They will make owning property to make money an obvious, antisocial evil. They will move further into a mixed Socialist-Capitalst economy, keeping the capitalists in the edge jobs that need aggressive innovation and dangerous (economic) risk and nationalizing (carefully) the “Mum and Dad” easy structures like renting houses, public transport and energy (that Key gave to his mates). Labour will allow themselves to be “forced” into some transformational changes, altering some of our basic ideas of land ownership, local government and legal processes. They may even be brave enough to strike back against the greatest novel evil of our time: the invention of “intellectual” property as a saleable asset. Defeating this would solve many of the problems of this age.

  12. Some may claim things have got worse since Jacinda and co became government albeit a coalition government in 2017.
    But in the industry I am in the workload and sales have increased incredibly well. We are at our busiest time and have been for the past 9 months even during lockdown. It has become high pressured and often exhausting. But we are doing our best. The company I work in is small compared to other similar organisations here in NZ but they too are having increased sales.
    Quite honestly I am so glad we have a Labour government. Not because I voted Labour at the election but the obvious fact a National government if having to contend with COVID probably would have behaved much the same way as that Insane Little Man in America called Donald Trump i.e “it’s a little flu and will be gone by summer” followed by “America is at the curve(probably at the curve of a downward spiral that is)in COVID recovery…”.
    If we had a National government I am sure the death toll would be in the region of 1300 per month and they(National)would naturally blame everyone else but themselves for such a death toll. Mike Hosking would be sitting in his air-conditioned radio studio blaming a previous Labour government for what is happening in 2020.
    A change of subject. The dis-service Judith Collins did to National was her constant eye-rolling and disparaging comments in the leaders debates. But she will beat the NZ National Party Mantra Drum that has now become tiresome to the point of boredom and dis-interest of blaming everyone else but the faces staring back at them in the mirrors.
    I am a cat lover. If Jacinda strangled a kitten or a cat then I wouldn’t be impressed. Besides Clarke and her used to have a cat called Paddles. I doubt she would be able to strangle kittens.
    Now be assured if and when this government does something I don’t agree with I will be saying so. We humans are not perfect and we will all make mistakes in judgment. Admitting to making mistakes makes us human. But when it comes to the NZ National Party their inability to admit mistakes shows their perfect arrogance. And arrogance is an aura that will pervade around Judith Collins and National for a very long, long time.

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