The Liberal Agenda – “We are all Palestinians”: Celebrating UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People


The Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa and the Palestine Community of New Zealand are celebrating UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People tomorrow with an event in Auckland featuring entertainer and TV host Moana Maniapoto as MC and a performance by renowned New Zealand musician Tigi Ness from Unity Pacific. (Tigi will be singing “We are all Palestinians” from Unity Pacific’s “Blackbirder Dread” album. This marvellous song can be heard here)

The event will also feature a Dabka – a traditional Palestinian dance – and speakers from Palestine Community of New Zealand as well as short expressions of support for the Palestinian struggle from a wide range of groups.

The event will be calling for New Zealanders to campaign against Israeli apartheid just as we campaigned against South African apartheid through boycotts and protests.

The event will be calling on the New Zealand government to finally recognise Palestine as a state and make New Zealand’s relationship with Israel dependent on Israel following international law and United Nations resolutions.

Israel’s well-documented racism and brutality towards Palestinians must be ended.

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More details of the event along with the livestream link are on the poster below.



  1. I for one won’t be voicing my support for that fake group of so-called ‘Palestinians’….racists, bigots, murderers, warmongers and terrorists, and I know many others won’t either.

  2. Just as South Africa eventually succumbed to the global pressure in support of the victims of apartheid, so will the fascist regime in Israel and supporting lobbies in the USA and UK, see the pressure build and internal change happen. In spite of the mindwashing within Israel the population are not all monsters and appear to be a centre of rising protest at the inhumane genocide foisted on native Palestinian as a first nation under siege.
    BDS has been a slow start but education about Israels atrocious acts of stealing land, murdering families, children, medics, news crews: bombing hospitals and schools. stealing water, wanton destruction of crops and homes; is mobilising more support and outrage daily.

  3. Let’s see now. Who are these ‘Palestinians’ that you deluded lot seem to think are a homogeneous people? First, Fatah: corrupt, tyrannical, fat-cat leaders, all billionaires on handouts from the gullible while their people suffer. No elections for 13 years. Racists who incite hatred and pay their terrorists to murder Jews. Have rejected their own state no fewer than 8 times. Then Hamas: designated terrorist group, proxy of Iran, dedicated to destroying Israel on religious ideological grounds. No hospital beds for their Covid patients but using their millions from Iran to build and fire rockets at Israel and dig terror tunnels. Imprison, torture and murder opponents.Even their fellow Arabs have rejected them all. Your ‘Palestinians’ are a figment of your imagination and proof that you have invented these ‘victims’ to try and justify your hatred of Israel. You don’t fool anyone.

  4. The vile NZ Chess federation doesn’t seem to think so. An on-line tournament with vile Israeli Chess player and giving legitamacy to the Zionist regime under the guise of ‘solidarity’ is their lot. Afterall ethnically cleanisng Palestnians is such a chore when you can play chess with collaborators.

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