National’s extraordinary outburst from President highlights how delusional they’ve become


There are two conclusions to take from Goodfellow’s extraordinarily unhinged outburst…

National Party president Peter Goodfellow accuses Ardern of ‘tyranny’, claims ‘debate became treasonous’

National Party president Peter Goodfellow has led a tirade against the Labour Government, accusing it of tyranny and calling it a “celebrity government”.

He said “reasoned debate became treasonous” during the campaign and it was a race of celebrity.

Goodfellow then went on to “give credit where credit is due” and praised Jacinda Ardern for her clear communication over the COVID-19 crisis.

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In nearly the same breath, he characterised the daily COVID-19 updates as being “televangelistic”.

…oh no you don’t!

The first conclusion you can take from this ridiculously offensive claim of ‘reasoned debate’ is just how delusional National truly are.

I’m not talking ideologically delusional for believing Kiwis wanted less State when they were running towards the State for protection in the middle of a pandemic, I’m talking fully fledged Trump denial of reality level delusion.

What the fuck was reasoned about National’s pandemic debate?

An MP released private Covid Patient details to the media he had taken from the former Party President.

What was reasoned about that?

Brownlee was promoting conspiracy theories in the middle of a pandemic!

What was reasoned about that?

Judith ended up attacking fat people???


The sense of solidarity this universal shared experience generated was there for any politician to pick up and use. The difference between what Jacinda did and what Bridges, Muller and Collins couldn’t, was appreciate what that solidarity meant and could actually do.

The Right are so individual Uber Allas that they had no idea how to appeal to the universal common good whereas Ardern had the emotional IQ to attract this enormous psychological tectonic change in the electorate.

Pretending that this was some sort of tyranny utterly ignores National’s own inability to value anything else beyond political selfishness.

The second conclusion is that this speech barely registered anywhere which shows how irrelevant National have already become.

ACT will eat into National’s voter base as it gets more and more feral.

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  1. National were highly unlikely to win that election even before their Chernobyl scale internal meltdowns, but they had plenty of very topical issues in which to beat Labour about the body with. And in doing so they may have preserved some of their lost vote.

    Housing. Labour have nothing. Vis a vis poverty. Without addressing housing their pontificating on poverty showed just how disingenuous Labour were. Climate change, Labour are very uncomfortable confronting the issue bordering on pointless.

    But they didn’t. National weren’t content with one reactor melting down, they had to have the whole power station shit itself. They briefly skirted with our less than perfect Covid measures and then defaulted to their trade marked dirty politics. Talked about digging more tunnels than Colditz and tar sealing the remainder of New Zealand backed by an uber dry Finance spokesman who was numerically dyslexic.

    National were a freak show Pete, thats why they didnt win. But I’m glad you are still the Prez, it shows you lot learned nothing.

  2. National’s done for. And who cares? It’s no longer needed anyway.
    The deep state freak show who’re really in control of our ( Their ) AO/NZ has a much better mechanism for continuing to retain control of the cash printing machine AKA the AO/NZ farmer.
    It’s called ‘ The Labour Party’. Where better to hide than at the scene of the crime?
    Besides, national were becoming so bold and daring born of their greed and arrogance the deep state needed to change their branding to distance themselves from the fumbling baffoons who are the new natzo’s.

  3. Their unwillingness to confront their core of rotten actors and repudiate their Dirty Politics philosophy will bedevil any of their efforts to regain the trust of the public.
    When even hardened supporters leave your party, it’s time to hit the reset button.
    Even their rural support abandoned them. The statistics from the General Election paint a grim picture but they won’t/can’t change.
    Keeping serial liars like Woodlouse, Brownlie, Smith, all under the stewardship of a backstabbing sociopath and a party president who allegedly said “the Chinese are more important than the farms – they don’t complain and they pay up” indicates they don’t actually care about the people they supposedly represent.
    They will continue to bleed support to Labour and extreme nutters like ACT & the Conservatives.

  4. Denounce this as a “celebrity government” yet have a former leader with his nearly decade long personality cult speak. Noticed some pounds added on, so another example of poor personal choice amongst their ilk.

  5. And what was reasoned about jowly John Key seeming to imply that one of the key (no pun intended) reasons for national’s downfall was the leaks from within the party. He said something to the effect of if you can’t quit the leaking then quit the party. It was not only his comment but the resounding applause from the older white self-entitled audience to his comment which proved to me that national is certainly in a toxic shambles.

    Add to all that, Judith Collins said that national has to go back to the people. Sorry Judith, the people have to come back to national and that is not going to happen anytime fast under your regime and as long as your party faithful consist of the types who made up the audience the Key spoke to. You continue to forget about the younger vote, which you didn’t lose because none of the younger people was with you in the first place. The younger vote is put off by everything you, Key and your party stand for.

    And as for Goodfellow – well, enough said. Lauded in the right-wing NZ Herald as one of Auckland’s aristocrats – apart from being puke material, this is an example of everything that is so horribly wrong with National.

    • Apart from the personality politics, what did key actually do.

      He ignored the 67% referendum result and sold off half our energy sector thus guaranteeing higher prices for consumers as money is extracted for off shore investors.

      He oversaw the increase of absent investors buying up our land and housing stock for speculation and raising the house prices which was directly an injection into banks profitability at the expense of families having homes. Key is a part of the bankers cabal.

      He oversaw the dramatic increase of immigration which compounded the housing crisis that he had already created, but denied there was a crisis as you could expect from this serial liar. This increase plays into the hands of Business NZ who gain more consumers at the cost of rising house prices and Kiwis sleeping in cars.

      He oversaw the preference of buying rail rolling stock from China through his mates agencies and left the better quality NZ industry to collapse in tatters resulting in Rail workshop facilities being devalued and sold off to Ozzie developers. A massive skill base was lost to NZ. The Chinese rolling stock was asbestos laden plus all rolling stock had to me modified to a standard acceptable for NZ operation.

      He oversaw the clandestine provision allowing banks to canabilise private bank accounts in the event of another banking crisis which could well be manufactured by banks themselves. Rob the Kiwi public for international investor profit plainly organised with little MSM comment.

      He promise the re-entry of Pike, an investment he had through Bathurst so his lying gave time for his disinvestment. No one had been convicted for the serial crimes involved at Pike. Key has seen to that.

      He spent millions on a flag distraction from the crisis of poverty and housing affecting hundreds of thousands of Kiwi children and their families.
      Key lied about the figures of that now continuing crisis.

      The crisis for families has no signs of getting better as the base causes promulgated under key will continue.

      key’s viscous legacy will live on similarly to duglarse and richardson.

      Labour is right wing enough with their recent gift to banks of $31 billion.
      These banks already show 5+ billion profit and that’s after all profit hiding tax avoidance through off shore havens has been exploited.

  6. One of the biggest problems National have is that we have a National type government in power just under the name Labour.
    Soon they will start wondering what will happen in 2023 and will start to self destruction. National could then fill the void

  7. It is quite simple really. Labour is by no means perfect but they are the lesser of evils.
    What puzzles me is that, if people switched their votes from National to Labour it must be because they expected Labour to do change things for the better. That is they voted Labour because they(voters) wanted to change things.
    So what is with this idea that Labour cannot tax wealth or increase benefits or raise minimum wages because it will alarm voters who switched sides?
    What did voters switch sides for?

  8. This time up the government will have to do something. There are no handbrakes or excuses and there was a lot of holier than thou around their arguments in opposition of such issues as housing, the environment and poverdy (sic). This will be extremely important if the economy flattens once off it’s sugar rush.

    National’s strategy is to sit tight, be coherent and pick holes through the government’s responses to said issues. Irrelevant – maybe for now. Look at the earthquakes and the initial view of National’s response and then compare it to what we now know about their response. The Blairite’s covid response will be no different as issues will be allowed to fester into sores.

    3 years is a long time.

  9. Goodfellow is a clown and a clown that fails to read the electoral ‘room’. He’s been kept on for fundraising ability- he better get a lot from his Chinese mates


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