National Party reshuffle like death warmed up


Honestly, who cares how Judith reshuffles the infected bio-mass that is what remains of the National Party?

She has punished anyone with any talent and placed around her loyalists who will protect her back during the next assassination season.

Reti has been advanced because he was the only one who looked barely competent inside National during the election, no one knows Andrew Bayly, Michael Woodhouse should have been punished for his Covid lies and no one likes Louise Upston.

That’s less a front bench and more a back seat in a locked car that’s on fire.

Judith’s casual malice can’t find and won’t find any fertile voting ground in the middle, but her recent congratulations of Biden that were attacked online by angry National voters is a reminder that the rump of the National vote are simply too vicious and nasty to accept anyone less malicious.

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This is the ultimate problem for National and the NZ Right.

Judith is too malicious for middle New Zealand, but not malicious enough for the more feral voting base of the National Party.

What I think is likely to happen over the next 3 years is that National won’t be able to find a leader who can win back National 45+ women from Jacinda and the lack of culture war spite will see more male voters drift from National towards ACT.

ACT will polarise and cannibalise National vote because it will be seen as the Right Wing Values Party while National’s empty ideology won’t sate that polarisation.

The fear of a National + Far Right ACT Party Government will keep all those new voters supporting Jacinda in 2023, but 2026 could be an enormous ideological clash.

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  1. You really don’t like Rimmer do you?
    “Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit it hard and hit it fast with a major – and I mean major – leaflet campaign.”

  2. Some days you are just on.

    Some observations re the reshuffle:

    1. Bayley better be a encyclopaedia of finance because when when I heard him talk he sounded like the MC at a Greymouth funeral.
    2. Simon’s lack of political awareness strike again – at the time of requiring unity for the party’s sake he takes his teddy and sulks in the corner.
    3. The merc without a mouth – friendless and unloved. Better hope Uncle Fester likes Andy McNabb novels and German Shepherds.
    4. Goldsmith vs Hipkins is a mismatch. Squealer will have a field day

    Thank fuck for American politics…..

    • We don’t always agree Frankie,but you had me in stitches with this…!!

      “Bayley better be a encyclopaedia of finance because when when I heard him talk he sounded like the MC at a Greymouth funeral.”

      • Mr. Woodlouse as Finance spokesperson????
        Mr “Have we got enough body bags??”.
        Mr “I’ve seen a homeless man….”??
        Mr “I’m aware of 2 potentially infectious people traveling the Nth Island but I’ll keep it under wraps to score a political hit”???

        Geez – not only is the talent barrel empty, they’re digging up what’s festering underneath to try and scrape a “team”together.

        Reading this cringe laden crap-fest of an explanation from Collins was a great laugh ( Thanks for that Judeath.
        You could *almost* feel sorry for them, but yeah nah. They blatantly lied, smeared opponents and attempted to sabotage our Covid effort – & that’s just their 2020 efforts.

          • Actually could be the surprise. In the era of “shovel ready” projects taking longer to build than the great pyramid of Giza I suspect the new minister, Wood will be in for a beating. There’s only so long every construction project in NZ can be delayed by covid when there is no covid in NZ.

            Anyone here honestly think they can build an underwater rail tunnel from the CBD to Takapuna for under 3 Billion and another 5B up to Albany. Darryl Kerrigan’s on the phone – he wants to buy a couple of samurai swords

  3. Only if Act play their hand very well.

    Act have one electoral seat, therefore they collectively have plenty of time on their hands.

    Year 1:
    – Train up their new MP’s in the dark arts of parliament
    – Pick who focuses on Finance, Welfare and Education and collectively work on health policy
    – Develop a respectable veneer

    Year 2:
    – Build on year 2
    – Focus on presenting solutions and policy to the public
    – Work on policy talking points
    – Have Act MPs field more interviews

    Year 3:
    – Announce new Act electoral candidates
    – Largely finalize policies
    – Make the case for competency at every turn
    – Don’t be over critical [use the truth]
    – Find some humility

  4. Their denial of just how damaged their brand is, take ownership of their 3 year spiral death dive, and eliminate the idiots with shattered reputations from their ranks, guarantees the party will continue to dwindle. With the Judipath clutching the reins, they are locked into a political dead end.

    Not that it matters. With a current govt and Reserve Bank determined to maintain BAU, who needs National? (

  5. ‘Nobody is better to lead the National Party’ Why?
    As it is destined to be sent to the scrap in the year ahead.

  6. If something is rotten (the national party leader) it is rotten, no good cutting of the rotten better to throw it in the rubbish bin and get a new one.

    • I have No sympathy for Tories. Watching the rot is a petty enjoyment, one which I ask forgiveness from God on a regular basis. I wonder if She offers forgiveness if I confess this sin online?

  7. ANSWERPHONE: Welcome, this is the answer system for central counseling services. Please leave a message.

    JUDITH: Oh hello, it’s Judith here. I just wanted to tell my analyst that I’ve started getting those nightmares again. The ones where I’m being trampled by a stampede of my little ponies, and then waking up in a cold sweat.
    And another thing, this may sound silly, but I’ve started getting paranoid about being the victim of an unprovoked incident. Maybe even stabbed from behind by a work colleague, would you believe.

    Just recently I spotted Mr Mitchell looking at me funny, as if he were searching for a soft spot to shank me. And then I noticed Mr Bridges sharpening some fishing knives, before realising he doesn’t even go fishing. And then I overheard the new guy Mr Luxon, asking directions to the nearest cutlery store.

    Maybe I’m just over reacting, so I decided to confide all this with my Dr Shane, and he suggested I try a russian herbal relaxant called novichok plus. And that with one swig, my troubles would disappear, but it sounded dodgy. Let me know if I should come in for a session. Bye.

  8. I believe Luxon has received a portfolio due to the National Party reshuffle.

    Which strikes me as rather puzzling because he hasn’t been an MP for almost 3 weeks and already has a portfolio!!!!?????

    It reeks badly of the awful smell of John Key still having some control and influence in National. I would have thought that party would have moved on by now and distanced itself from a person like Key. But apparently not. National wants to hold onto the poor legacy of John Key. Haven’t they learnt something by now???!!!

    All this ensures is National sure as Hell will not have anyone voting for it in 2023.

    The party to ever hold any integrity or legacy needs to discard the old guard and move forward with younger people in the leadership roles. But that doesn’t mean it must hold onto the sycophantic lot of which there are alot of in amongst the National party MPs.

    Still Judith needs her pets even ones like say Simeon Browne.

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