NewsHub Multi-Party Leaders Debate – John Tamihere wins


What a fascinating Multi-Party Leaders Debate!

Marama Davidson vs David Seymour vs John Tamihere vs Winston Peters.

David Seymour was funny and you can see why he’s tearing strips off National’s taken for granted rump. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of suddenly becoming popular is that there is zero attention of the crazy far right policy they still have.

Marama was crisp but looked uncomfortable on those stupid chairs. She is sounding more polished and professional in her presentation, is doing a solid enough job of not chasing away voters.

Winston reminded us how much we will miss his roguish charm, but John Tamihere’s performance put him head and shoulders above the others in a surprise win.

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His dominance and ability to punch back while arguing for a ‘hands off, not hand out’ Māori centric approach to social services was bloody effective and showed a genuine alternative.

Best lines by Tamihere:

“From here to eternity, we’re not going anywhere, the tangata whenua. From here to eternity we will seek justice and our right to break out of the bottom end in the land of our ancestors,”

“David is a recipient of the house burning down – that’s the National Party’s house. It’s Judith’s job to save the furniture. What she doesn’t understand is David’s out the back taking a lot of it out,”

“They are not squatters they are mana whenua, they are not squatters they are tangata whenua, If someone steals something from you, you hand it back.”

Tamihere’s forceful and winning performance demands recognition.

If there is a surprise on election night, it will be the Māori Party winning an electorate no one is expecting.

How good would a Labour-Green-Māori Party Government be?

We need MORE debates, not less and we actually heard very different directions and ideas for NZ that we have been robbed of by Labour’s caution and National’s tax cut fecklessness.

Well done Newshub, this has been their second Election show that has been head and shoulders above everyone else.


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  1. I enjoyed this far more than the Leaders Debate. There was a lightness and humour there, while they made serious points. There was no malice. Each was able to speak, to say what they thought and felt and to clarify essential points. Simon Shepherd was there and steering without being intrusive or disrespectful.

    A very worthwhile time spent. Got me thinking about some things. Clarified my party vote.

  2. Davidson played it safe, did not say anything that was going to turn off potential Green voters, their problem is to actually get people to the polling boothes to actually cast a vote for them. But I would not be surprised if they were around 7% on election night

  3. Just vote in Kerikeri. Noticed Matt Kings voting and his ‘political car’, with the usual National party propaganda on it, on the road, in front of voting location (Baptist Church).
    Is there any ruling about parking such at an election station?
    Or is that just on election day?
    Or do ‘political cars’ not count as advertising?

    Just wondering.

    • Political cars count as advertising yes, but the rules about hoardings, notices, etc. are less stringent on other than official election day.
      On the EC website it says that no advertising can be closer than 10 metres from the entrance to a polling booth.
      If Matt King’s car is parked there for a long time and/or on repeated occasions then this is possibly a violation of the rules, or certainly it is making a mockery of them even if it is legal. After all you can only vote once so going back there again and again certainly looks suspicious.
      Contact the EC and complain, please. Even if it is technically legal the negative publicity it generates won’t help Matt King.
      To me it seems a bit daft to have strenuous rules about election day while people can vote beforehand with party billboards beaming out at everyone only metres away.
      If advance voting is going to be the rule rather than the exception the EC needs to update the rules regarding advertising.

  4. A Maori Party and Labour would be best.
    Gween need to spend timeout cleaning the Wharepaku and getting closer with nature as well as to learn more about Green Wash’n Capitalism.

  5. The Maori Party will win Tamaki Makarau, Waiariki and the Northern Maori Electorate, Greens and NZF will both get around 6-7% so we could see a Coalition of Labour + NZF + Greens + Maori Party.

  6. The Maori Party will win Tamaki Makarau, Waiariki and the Northern Maori Electorate, Greens and NZF will both get around 6-7% so we could see a Coalition of Labour + NZF + Greens + Maori Party.


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