Māori Party announces its 25 year Generational Treaty Programme at Waitangi


Māori Party Co-Leader said today’s Te Tiriti Policy release is a 25 year strategy that would bringabout major change for Māori.

“Our policies are designed by Māori for Māori to Māori,” Tamihere said.

“They are not a 3 year lolly scramble. We must build a Māori middle class and we must break out ofa welfare dependency. We must move from poverty to employment. Only we Māori can bring thatchange.”

The Māori Party will

  •   establish a Māori Parliament
  •   register all Māori to the Māori Electoral Roll
  •   implement constitutional change
  •   return land to Iwi
  •   establish a Waitangi Parliamentary Commissioner to provide oversight on all Treaty issues
  •   entrench the Māori electoral seats
  •   Waitangi Tribunal Recommendations to be binding on the Crown
  •   insert relativity clauses into all settlements to ensure all Iwi have parity with Ngai Tahu and


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  •   remove racist provision that allows for local council decisions to establish Māori wards.

    These demands are contained in the Māori Party Te Tiriti policy released in Waitangi.

    “Article 1 of Te Tiriti awarded custodianship to the Crown,” Tamihere said. “We have never gave up ownership.

    “Article 2 gave Māori the right to total control of all their domains, including land and water and Article 3 asserted that Māori would be treated equally with non-Maori.

    “That is certainly not the case in 2020 New Zealand.”

    Released at the Treaty Grounds, where Northern Māori signed the founding document with the Crown, was a fitting place for the Māori Party to release one of its flagship policies.

    “We all want what was contracted for in Treaty to be delivered.”