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  1. I’m a bit surprised at how cheap Germany’s been on the whole Navalny novichok thing
    Where are the massive decontamination measures, the emergency vehicles , even the PPE and hazmat clothing?
    Why hasn’t the army been called in ?
    How have they dealt with his novichok laden bodily wastes ?
    And why wasn’t he given a tracheotomy? The scar would have been a great little money earner for the tabloids
    Unlike the poor Skripals he was allowed visitors from day one
    And yet this was a “harder” version of nerve agent, that should have taken longer to recover from
    Navalny looks unaltered from his horrific experience, beaming from his hospital bed surrounded by smiling beauties
    And he can hardly wait to get back to Russia
    Even though Putin is bent on assassinating him
    The Germans are too cheap to construct a decent story

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