MEDIA WATCH: What the TVNZ Multi-Party debate should do with Advance NZ participating 


There are times when I don’t agree with what a lot of politicians or political parties say or do.

I don’t agree with most of what ACT or National have to say, I rarely agree with NZ First and there are times the Greens and Labour drive me up the wall with their ability to miss the point, but in every case those politicians and parties are all debating and arguing in a political landscape that accepts 2 + 2 = 4.

That’s not the case for Advance NZ.

Advance NZ is a political scam manipulating peoples fears via a media network designed to brainwash where 2 + 2 = whatever Billy TK and JLR claim it equals.

At their core, Advance NZ insinuates the virus is a bioengineered weapon, spread by 5G technology (the 5G apparently destroys your immune system and this lowered immune system helps spread the virus), all to bring about a secret one world government police state.

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This is so fucking insane that it can not be tolerated in the body politic.

So what should TVNZ do about Advance NZ gerrymandering their way through the inclusion process?


TVNZ should do nothing.

Advance NZ has managed to qualify, they are on the debate stage. TVNZ can’t change the rules to exclude, they can only change the rules to include as the Maori Party managed when they overturned TVNZs initial ruling of them not qualifying.

The issue is beyond TVNZ now, I believe the issue is in the hands of the other Politicians sharing that stage.

We don’t turn this into a freedom of speech issue by banning them, we don’t make them martyrs by deplatforming or cancelling them. That’s for trigger free safe space cowards who require emotional support peacocks.

You fucking destroy Advance NZ with facts and argument.

You want a debate? Give it to them!

Labour, National, NZ First, The Green Party, Act, and the Māori Party are all on that stage. I would argue that those Parties have an obligation to put forward a spokesperson who can not only argue their own corner, but must also destroy Advance NZ.

The representatives should be

Labour – Willie Jackson

National – Simon Bridges

NZ First – Shane jones

Greens – Chloe

ACT – David Seymour

Maori Party – John Tamihere

Each time they make their point, they also turn on Advance NZ and point out the obscenity of their fear mongering conspiracy theories.

Advance NZ must be denounced and their arguments demolished.

They are not a Party of good faith, they are bad political actors attempting to scam the country with fear.

It’s not for TVNZ to stop Advance NZ after they’ve qualified, it is up to the actual Political Parties themselves to denounce this ugly mutation of opportunism.

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  1. I wouldn’t include Shane Jones in the debate he is a tosser Martyn;

    Everyone is Gisborne/HB hates shane Jones except for the road trucking industry as Jones is a con man and useless as tits on a bull.

    Jones is single handedly wrecking NZF.

    Shane Jones has been sent into NZF to destroy NZF all on his own stupid bloody idiot anti-rail prick he is.

    He is the reason why our Gisborne rail freight anfd passenger services is missing out from any “promised” restoration of our rail services after it was destroyed eight years ago by Shane Jones mates in National namely Seven Joyce and Gerry Brownlee while he was part of the national Party.

  2. Ah…?
    “At their core, Advance NZ insinuates the virus is a bioengineered weapon,”
    While I’m certainly no cheer leader for advance nz …
    I can also suggest c-19 may have been bio-engineered. Can you prove that it wasn’t to counter my suspicions? Because I wish someone would.
    Here’s a fellow who nearly lost his life to Novichok
    Is the construction and the distribution of Novichok now a conspiracy?
    What about sugar in virtually every single packaged food item in supermarkets?
    Nerve Gas anyone?
    If I wanted to cull, say, 90% of the human population for the good of the non human inhabitants of our biosphere and to ensure the survival of the remaining few humans, how would I do that?
    Would I drop bombs? No. That’d kill everything and pollute the earth.
    A general poison, never mind the logistics of distribution? That’d kill all living things, poison the earth and prompt swift retaliation, one would think.
    Or? I could construct a virus. A virus that largely, but not exclusively at this pointy, infects and kills humans.
    Indeed is the current version of c-19 the first stage of a multiple-stage infection strategy?
    I’ve noticed that people who get c-19 can stay sick for months so is that an important factor in c-19’s distribution? To exploit people already vulnerable to phase #2 of a more deadly mutation of c-19? C-19.02 ?
    (I know. That’s in direct contradiction to the way the immune system builds up resistance to future infections)
    Are those who may have designed and distributed c-19 now know by pandemic experiment, just how quickly and just how effective we are at protecting ourselves against what I could argue was a moderately dangerous and relatively easy to manage c-19 virus in its current form?
    What if it was manufactured and what if it was distributed to test our resolve to manage it and to observe just how quickly c-19 could spread?
    The reason I can write that and not cringe in embarrassment and shame under the bed to avoid the steely gaze of some of the brilliant and erudite minds that can be found here is based on what I already know about global politics and what I know about in-human beings.
    Our biosphere is prematurely expiring. It’s expiring because of the toxic effects of developed-economies greed. Those of us who are just plain lucky enough to be able to live in a first world economy are coerced into consuming far, far more than we need and when we tire of that which we bought, or fails in some way because of built-in obsolescence, we chuck it in the tip. ( Thus tip shops! Irony ? I loooooove tip shops. )
    Human beings will slaughter each other in the greatest numbers that war tech will allow to maintain tech/economy dominance. Those in the business of developing war tech will go to any lengths to use what ever resource they can to develop their war tech. Israel uses Palestine, russia and the ‘mericans using Syria etc
    and lets not forget that we consumers are already being cynically used to develop war tech when we use goggle earth, cell phones, digital cameras, cellular tower infrastructure, consumer drones, AI self drive tech, EV vehicles, a global CCTV infrastructure etc etc. We funny old humans cue up before dawn to be the first to buy the latest i-gadget to take away and play with, and to be cynically exploited by the military industrial complex while we’re at it.
    And could that be a clue as to our rather grim future as lab-rat experiments? Are we becoming redundant? Few will argue against the looming end to the petrochemical industry. The rise and rise of EV and soon to be Hydrogen EV vehicles ? What then of petrol? A toxic chemical soon to be banned ? Are the giants of the petrochemical industries going to lie down and go quietly? Or have they been planning ahead for years for this eventuality, of their dominance being rendered as obsolete as a 7 Litre V8 Cadillac?
    Then, if consumers are no longer needed to consume? Why do the petrochemical pimps need 8 billion people on a slowly dying biosphere?
    When shit gets real and tomorrow’s competition won’t be around a board room table but for a pot of spuds and a pound of butter?
    Jesus ! I’ve just scared myself !
    Stealthily designing a virus to be human-specific while leaving vital infrastructure intact seems like a much easier plan of survival that feeding billions of soon to be starving urban populations engaging in tribal warfare over vegetable allotments.
    Ignore jamie and billy. Don’t let their presence derail two way debate.
    And on that note: How do we know that 5G isn’t some form of electronic parasite?
    Listen to this if you dare…
    Ed Yong: Suicidal wasps, zombie roaches and other parasite tales
    I know nothing about 5G other than what I’m told by the corporations who want to develop a 5G infrastructure.
    Why do we need a 5G infrastructure? Serious question. No, really.
    I thought this was funny. And I gave all my LP’s to my stepson. Dang !
    Tables turned as vinyl sales overtake digital sales for first time in UK
    A word or two on how to be sure we’re not being groomed to attend a quite big funeral where you and I are the main event.
    Stop human space flights. No siree. No more o’ that there.
    Secondly. Stop sending satellites into orbit. You do know, right, that satellites can be found about 100km above your house and not just hurtling around the earth. No. They can be placed in a geo-stationary orbit. That means that they will be stationary relative to the rotation of our biosphere. And I went to see NASA’s exhibition at MOTAT. Satellites are now the size of a shoe box.
    So, at 100k up ( Or out if you prefer) , the size of a shoe box and in a geostationary orbit so they’re all but invisible.
    THAT, is a fact. Not a 5G or c-19, or a conspiracy.
    So, you know what my next question might be?
    Why? Why is there so much interest in space?
    Are there people who don’t want to be around when the shit hits the fan?
    Or is it a misty eyed human passion for going to where no ‘man’ has gone before?
    “To explore strange new worlds and new civilisations, to go to where no ‘man’s’ gone before…”
    Mr Sulu? Warp factor five and set a course for Planet Bullshit. Scotty? Engines full ahead.
    Now, feel free to hum Star Trek’s theme song.

  3. Fact check CLEANGREEN, you are getting carried away there.
    Shane Jones has not been part of the National Govt. Labour yes he also supports rail [in the North]
    I would like the rail to be restored on the East coast as I grew up in Gisborne so enjoyed railcar trips
    but I also know that providing rail or roads is difficult and expensive in that part of the country.
    Gisborne has always been handicapped by high cost roading going both North and South.

    • ‘Shane Jones says he’s not a ‘sellout’ for leaving the Labour party to take up a position created by the National-led Government.’ That’s the Herald from 23 Apr 2014.

  4. Do you think perhaps just in a little bit….just a tidy bit….treating us like 2 years olds has contributed to this. I mean simply couldn’t we report a dribble of cases as a report rather than a media stand up with politics and St Ash.

    Im beginning to think this is our OneNation moment. This sort of reaction happens when you stifle free speech

    • We are in a worldwide pandemic. While we may have a “dribble of cases” here in AO/NZ, thanks to all our leaders have done so far, that is NOT the case elsewhere. If we are to prevent an explosion of cases, including deaths, as is happening just about everywhere else, then people need to be reminded constantly of the seriousness that this threat presents.

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