Landlord scum being Landlord scum


If you needed a reminder of how big a scumbag Landlords are, here it is…

Landlords ‘should wait on election result’ before installing heating: lobby

Landlords should wait to see if National wins October’s election before spending money refitting their rentals up to new heating standards, a lobby group for property owners says.

The comments by the NZ Property Investors Foundation have been labelled “deeply disappointing” by the Labour Party and questioned by the Real Estate Institute and the NZ Green Building Council.

The advice comes after National under new leader Judith Collins confirmed to the Heraldit would tear up new Healthy Homes standards recently brought in by the Labour-led Government.

The standards require – from July 1, 2021 – that all rentals be fitted with insulation, heating and ventilation within 90 days of an existing tenant renewing their lease or a new tenant moving in.

…yes, ‘I don’t want a heat pump’ said no rental tenant ever.

The boomers and middle classes of NZ have all become property speculators under John Key and seeing as selling houses to one another is the only ladder illusion to wealth in NZ, the naked greed from those decades of untaxed capital gains and the credit cards they sustain invoke a venal avarice that bleaches into the bones.

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We cauterise this greed bed sore by dealing to the worst amongst the Landlord class.

By massively building state houses and allowing state house tenants rent to own options on their state house we remove the desperation that allows Landlords to exploit tenants. By removing all the demand from the bottom, Landlords would be forced to upgrade their worst slums and we could have a functioning housing market.

The comments from the landlord Lobby above articulate well the values of Landlords, and National is clearly the party for landlords.

Scum Landlords deserve no mercy at the ballot box.

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  1. ‘I don’t want a heat pump’ said no rental tenant ever.
    Well, this tenant is really concerned. My place is warm and dry, insulated to the new standard, and I keep it well-ventilated. I live in a temperate climate and seldom have to use my heater in winter. I do not want a heat pump and I cannot afford anything which may cause the rent to rise.
    Surely this can be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  2. ‘I don’t want a heat pump’ said no rental tenant ever.
    Well, this tenant says so. I live in a warm, dry house, wellinsulated to new specs – and I keep it dry and ventilated. I live in a temperate climate and only have to use my heater a few times during winter. I worry about a rent increase that will follow a heat pump installation – not to mention the gravy train this will encourage.

    • The landlord usually charges whatever the market allows.
      A heat pump is very little extra above insulation and the money is spread over years.

      What is missing is a guideline and limit on what profit can be dredged from tenants. Profit is sacrosanct across the board. That needs to change.

    • Nuthin, – and I live in a shithole in Auckland that has half the wiring not working, ( a fire hazard) , a leaky toilet, ( health hazard) a leaky external water pump which I spent a thousand dollars on and nothing was ever said to the landlord ( gutless head tenant) guttering which I warned about and nothing was ever done about ( again gutless head tenant) a ceiling that is now collapsed in because of backflow of water because of inadequate guttering,… in a strip 2.5 meters long by 400 millimetres wide about to collapse in, and which a piece about 300 x 300 millimetres has already fallen in…and three buckets next to my bed that regularly fill up and need emptying every time we get a strong winter downpour. Been there for about 4- 5 years.

      Black mold on the curtains, on the roof and walls, no light in in my bedroom( because of water damage) that makes it one down from living in a cave and a couple of years of putting up with the wank head tenants tinkering by putting a tarp across the roofing and weighing it down with planks and god knows what else as I listened to the banging and crashing as they smashed back down during high winter winds and putting up with this disgusting filthy excuse for a ‘ fit for human habitation’ dwelling under National and Act while the landlord fucker increased the rent from $250.00 per week to $270.00 per week a few years ago?

      Do you really fucking know how much I give a flying rats shit about your goddamned rent increase because of your bloody heat pump, mate? Maybe you just weren’t brought up in the bush well enough. Or maybe your just a landlord yourself using a pseudonym.

      Thank fuck I’m getting out of Auckland. At least a bloody cave would be rent and mould free and I could dig a damn long drop and get my water from a bloody freshwater stream.

      Welcome to Roger Douglas’s wet dream , people.

      Just don’t forget to bring your rotten tomatoes and eggs when he’s finally put on trial at the supreme court for encouraging treason and national grand theft.

  3. But Andrew King, bless his greedy little heart, of the NZ Property Investors Foundation says its about “choice”. Freezing cold and pay eye wateringly phenomenal rent or with a heat pump and pay eye wateringly phenomenal rent.

    Okay, apparently you’ll get cheaper rent if “cheap” and “rent” can be used in the same sentence/tense/millennia. But I get the feeling these parasites charge the absolute maximum no matter if there is a heat pump or not. They ain’t Investors for nothing!

  4. It really makes you despair of Socialism when you realise, not only haven’t we ended Capitalism yet, but we’re still fighting a losing battle against Feudalism.

  5. ” By massively building state houses and allowing state house tenants rent to own options on their state house we remove the desperation that allows Landlords to exploit tenants. By removing all the demand from the bottom, Landlords would be forced to upgrade their worst slums and we could have a functioning housing market”…


    Yes and I was in conversation with my 93 year old mother 2 days ago about how they afforded their first home. Apparently there was a policy that used the child allowance to raise the deposit,… I mentioned the State Insurance crowd that gave a deposit balanced against state assets, which apparently was how it was often done , again, – using the power of state assets to guarantee a loan and / or deposit.

    I was hard explaining to my son how his generation and future ones have been ripped off. That they don’t understand why, because they weren’t even born back then, ( pre 1984 ) but they know something is just not right,- slaving away on minimum wages and only keeping their heads above water from week to week , – often in shitty, moldy dives that you wouldn’t consider kenneling a dog in, … let alone imagine human beings having to live in. My son doesn’t want to have children because of all the shit . Much is because of the ‘ future’ , because of such a long ‘way to go’, its all about ‘money’, … the despondency and sense of hopelessness is palpable.

    As Ian Grant once said at a town hall meeting for the youth when I was young,… ‘ Who did this to our kids?”… ”who did this?”, ”who told them they are worthless and they had no hope?”…

    Well,- Bill English did when he said ”our young people are too drugged out and lazy to work, so we need to import foreign ( read cheap ) labour”. I’ll bet you bloody well did , Bill, because that decade long cheap foreign labour immigration setting curried favor with your vision of a peasant society aiding and abetting your Business Roundtable mates to get richer, eh , Bill,… who now call themselves the NZ Initiative. And your buddy John Key just snickered and laughed and agreed with you as well too, eh Bill? And made a tax haven that the IMF warned about while pulling a few small girls ponytails along the way, eh Bill? Panama ring a bell, mate?

    You call yourself a catholic do you Bill?, – Well I call myself a working class christian who calls all you neo liberals a pack of odious cunts, ( Thanks Marama ) and if that’s too much? , – Just remember what Jesus did to the money lenders in the Temple, Bill. He flogged them , he overturned their disgusting tables in the Holy Temple that were symbols and parasites of secular and pagan Roman global governance, – and of a tiered first and second class society that endorsed slavery. He despised them. The Son of God himself. Despised them. That’s what he did , Bill.

    That’s a pretty heavy judgement. You crucified Meteria Turei mercilessly because of the widows mite. You found loopholes in the LETTER of the law instead of the SPIRIT of the law. No wonder JIM BOLGER is now coming out and saying ‘ he made a mistake’ as he reaches the latter years of his life. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing! And so did his Mont Pelerin Minister of Finance RUTH RICHARDSON !


    New International Version

    ‘But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?”…

    When you see poor/ working class white European, Polynesian and Maori women beaming wide smiles of confidence for the future, seeing their children prosper, housed, warm, clothed, fed and educated and respecting/seeing their husbands contributions of hard work and realistic economic equity, – THAT,- is the day that you can say we have come back to economic EQUITY and EGALITARIANISM in New Zealand once more as we did pre 1984. It is the homemakers that are the litmus test. Men, take heed. It is the majority nurturers and child rearer’s,… the women,… that need to be heard. Men ,support them because in doing so you will help yourself. It is time to take back what has been stolen from the commons.

    Until then ? – we are subject to,- and victim of, – the handsomely paid elected fat arsed two faced neo liberal so called ‘representatives’ we vote to represent us in OUR parliament who have been lying to us, pissing in the wind and playing pantomimes for over three decades.

    Lets mean business with these neo liberal con artists and thieves and give them the take down.

    New Right Fight – New Zealand. Against the political New Right.

    • You are wild, Katipo. Must be frustrating lying awake at night dreaming of your socialist paradise. Perhaps you should try visiting say Venezuela or Cuba to see how well the state mollycoddles their citizens. And while you are getting a reality check ask why our “dear leader” did not use her considerable political capital to initiate the Capital Gains Tax? Agree that neo liberalism sucks but a little perspective would help.

  6. To be honest, there are some new regulations that are completely idiotic, e. g. having to install an extractor fan in a kitchen, where there are already special multi panel flap windows that have been installed in many homes right above stoves or cook tops in many flats.

    What is the point of installing a separate fan, when you can easily open such a window when cooking, and closing it again after?

    Some more sensible exemptions should have come with the new law and requirements, it is stupidity by bureaucrats that goes up some landlords’ noses.

    There are bad landlords, but they are the minority, do not whip them all with your angry lash.

  7. We just finished paying off the landlords run down dump and to thank us has given us a 90 day notice. They admitted they are selling the place because they dont want to do the upgrades to make it warmer or dryer. I suggested a rent to buy situation but got told that would cost them money so its a no.
    So many wrong people in this market, selfish aresholes the lot of them.

    • Yeah mate- welcome to the brave new world of free market wankerism and tosh. Where scumbags are hero’s and honest people are suckers. Don’t worry,… when the economic collapse hits,- all the wankers, tosh merchants and parasitic inside dealers will get theirs,…

      Its called Keynesian economics and its going to have a massive rebirth. Minus the shitcakes like Bernie Madoff and his ilk. We can no longer afford the freeloaders and the self entitled. They are dragging us all down as deadwieght and tapeworms. A good dose of Keynesian based tariffs, big government and bringing the Reserve Bank in line with govt policy will soon see to that.

  8. The irony of this is that the recent moves by the Reserve bank Governor and the move towards negative interest rates will only make housing affordability worse. Moreover lukewarm and halfhearted moves towards improving the RMA will only exacerbate the issue. Coupled with a significant number of local building firms failing due to the covid19 and a inability to source foreign (Chinese) labour we could be hurtling towards a very bad scenario.

    I agree the long term solution is a rapid and deep state housing build followed by a rent-to-buy scheme. Sadly this type of solution is beyond the current government as Grant has blown all the cash and Jacinda is only worried in vote-winning lightweight policies like adding another holiday. And of course Phil would be in charge of it so it would never happen anyway….

  9. The cost of supplying and installing a heat pump will be passed on to the renter as increased rent until the cost is recovered and then the rent will be reduced to pre heat pump level said no landlord ever.

  10. Installing a heat pump generally lowers power bills for tenants by at least 1/2 for the same amount of power compared to a plug in heater. Heatpumps are great because they also ventilate.

    Was surprised to see some renovated state houses are not installing heat pumps but panel heaters which are expensive to run for the tenants and don’t work well in many cases.

    Not all heating systems are the same.

    Heat pumps also can’t be used everywhere in NZ, aka in Rotorua the sulphur in the air can affect heat pumps and so need replacement frequently.

  11. Talking about having extractor fans when you can open a window. Who is going to do that and let a lot of freezing air in. And it is a quick way of clearing the smell of burnt toast or burnt food on the stove. It hangs around otherwise, also smells of fat.
    And as for opening windows and airing the house every day, many tenants never do this. Houses and people need fresh air. If you can fit a safety catch to one window in each room and have it open a bit for most of the day when it is fine, you will be healthier and the house will not smell.

    • I have had flatmates and boarders who never bothered to open a window, who even hung their damp towels into the built in wardrobe, believe it or not, rather than leave them in the bathroom to dry. They did the latter, because they were worried about someone else touching their oh so private towels. Never mind moldiness and worse developing in the room.

      Yes, there is some real stupidity within some tenants and flatmates, they grow up in urban environments and hate having to open windows, as fresh air may just smell a bit of whatsoever. They rather have air-conditioning or heat pumps running all day, never mind the electricity costs.

      Modern day lifestyles are not necessarily all that sensible and environmentally friendly. But tell that a dedicated high rise apartment city dweller, who rather lives Hong Kong style than traditional Kiwi style.

  12. If you let landlords and bankers inflate costs of shelter, landlords and bankers will own your country and you — says this Californian reader of Henry George. Stop them before they do. Stop them cold. It’s great to see there’s still a free press in New Zealand. Go Kiwis!

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