Shaw tries to drag down Chippy- Chippy tells him to bugger off 


James’ desperate defence of his funding of the Jedi Academy during his live streamed struggle session to angry Green activists has come back to bite him in the arse.

He attempts to claim Chippy signed off on this magical Harry Potter Environmental Training College, but CHIPPY AIN’T HAVING NONE OF THAT…

Chris Hipkins accuses James Shaw of ‘mischaracterising’ their conversation over Green School funding

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has accused Associate Finance Minister James Shaw of “mischaracterising” their conversation about funding for the privately-owned Green School in Taranaki. 

A leaked video of last week’s Green Party crisis call published by RNZ on Thursday shows Shaw, co-leader of the Greens, claiming the controversial Green School funding was given “verbal sign-off” by Hipkins. 

“He did, sort of, give at least a verbal sign-off to the project,” Shaw said. “He did say that – assuming everything else being equal – as long as the funding partner is the [Taranaki District] Council, which it is, that he was okay with it.”

It came after Hipkins, a Labour MP, said last week giving $11.7 million to the Green School was not something he would have prioritised as Education Minister. 

“Ultimately, that was something the Green Party advocated quite strongly for and so it was one of their wins, if you like, out of the shovel-ready projects area,” he said. “It’s not necessarily a project that I would’ve prioritised.”

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Hipkins on Thursday responded to Shaw saying he was given “verbal sign-off” by Hipkins for the Green School funding.  

“I think that would mischaracterise the conversation,” Hipkins said. “I think I’ve been very public about the comments and the conversations that I had with James.

“I said quite clearly to him that it was not a priority for us from an education perspective and that if it was being considered through a different process then that was a matter for a different process.”

…now that’s a smack down that would activate DNA.

There isn’t any way in Hell that Chippy will allow James Shaw to desperately tie him to this fucking fiasco.

Chippy is one of the smartest players in the game, do any of you honestly think he didn’t see the glaring problem of backing a project that is ideologically aligned with your own aims?

Come on.

This is getting worse by the day.

The focus must be on getting Chloe into Auckland Central if there is to be any Green representation because I just can’t see them getting over 5% after this.

It was always going to be close because of the pure temple social media alienation conducted by woke activists, but the reeking hypocrisy of this threat to derail the rebuild for a pet project that can be mocked ruthlessly could be the nail in the sub 5% coffin.

The difference between this fiasco and Metiria’s 2017 welfare confession is that the latter had wide Green Party support, Shaw’s elitist Jedi camp doesn’t.

The game changer in 2017 was the supernova of Jacinda and that supernova has paid dividends in a way that eclipses Marama Davidson and James Shaw’s contribution.

If you voted Labour in 2017, you sure as Christ are in 2020! Only the most middle class woke vegan militant cycling mummy blogger Identity Politics ally who has spent the last 3 years alienating everyone else to the wider environmental and social issues with their narcissism of tiny difference will be party voting Green this election and while that is 30% of Wellington, it sure as fuck ain’t 5% of NZ.

Every Green activist worth their salt should be throwing their shoulder behind Chloe’s attempt on Auckland Central, this is survival time now.


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  1. It’s all of the downsides that are unknowable. Whatever happens, Chloe will be installed as Leader of the Greens, that is 100%.

  2. Well I sure aint a ”middle class woke vegan militant cycling mummy blogger Identity Politics ally who has spent the last 3 years alienating everyone else to the wider environmental and social issues with their narcissism of tiny difference”…

    BTW , love the colourful descriptors. In the old days they just called em ‘Greenies’.

    I will be shifting to Hamilton soon hopefully ( hooray ! no more Auckland ! ) and I will electorate vote Labour candidate and PARTY VOTE GREEN !!! It always goes to a minor party for me, – either NZ First or Greens. Two party’s diametrically opposed to one another but two party’s I see some good in.

    Oh ,… and BTW? … one of the first things I’m gonna do when I hit Hamilton is buy a 10 speed for health reasons. Really lookin’ forwards to it cos I used to like running my dog on a leash when riding 🙂 plus it doesn’t get as boring as walking because I can cover more ground and see more things.

    Great way to get around IMO.

    • Good on you WK. All the best with the move. Don’t know much about Hamilton/Kirikiriroa but a safe bet if its part of Aoteoroa then it’s better then most other places on the planet at the moment!

  3. ” Greens were hijacked by big business interests and is now a phony remains of a once great party when Rod Donald and Jeannette Fitzsimmoms lead it in the early 2000’s. sad end to watch ”
    That comment from an earlier post by Cleangreen.
    Yeah there is some truth to that i have never thought Shaw was the real Green deal.
    How many corporate participants have had an epiphany and joined the Green movement, bugger all.
    The Green party membership must take control quickly and remove the current leadership and put Chloe in the driving seat.
    The next Labour led government MUST have the Green party in a coalition partnership with the advancement of its current excellent policy positions.
    NO genuine Green party MP or supporter would have ever championed this idea let alone funded it.
    This is a hatchet job and the kind that neoliberals love.

    • How many Maori kids or Pakeha working class kids could afford to go to this Green Party CULT elitist Charter School?

      ( looks like it is in actual fact for rich foreigners wanting residency)

      • WILD KATIPO,

        🙂 On point. As Meatloaf said back in 1977…”you took the words right out of my mouth”.

        Very safe to assume that FTT spent a fair bit of time at school being laughed at by the other students while waiting outside the headmasters office for his mum to arrive with a new pair of strides…it established a pattern he would carry through life.

        • LOL – Steady on, not a lot of kindness there.

          Remember team of 5 million – be kind, wash your hands.

          • What Adrian Orr has to do is wade into the bond market creating a so that Jacinda can place all of the beneficiaries and homelessness and single mothers and so on on the $150 billion corona recovery package effectively doubling benefit rate with the stroke of a keyboard while small businesses wait and cheer onshore for the wave to carry the day.

            Adrian Orr has to buy more government debt so we can keep everyone moving in the same direction and not just keep the jobs subsidies but raise benefit rates to those standards.

  4. Shaw the guy who worked for the diabetes causing soft drink company responsible for plastic bottle manufacture and pollution?
    That Shaw?
    He’s real green.
    What of Eugenie Sage also I understand implicated in the DNA activation/crystal worship private school funding allocation.
    Signed off on Chinese water bottling for a pittance, with all the plastic bottles that go with it.
    And shooting and leaving thousands of tahr to rot so elitist vegan wankers don’t have to share national parks- which we all own- with dirty working class meat eating hunters who valued those animals.(zero conservation threat shown)
    The greens are way beyond redemption, a vote for them is a vote for more rich virtue signaling hypocrisy.

  5. Why does it seam like it was imposable for Labour to put the money into the public system ?

    I thought Labour were against private schools in principle as well as the Greens ?

  6. All about pollies and dragging down. But there’s more. Martyn you are right in there feeling so entitled because of your Outrage at Shaw.

  7. James Shaw fuckedup royally.
    Also, one needs to very wary of noise that comes out of Boy Hipkins mouth. He bragged on MSM audio and televisual outlets of the success of getting devices to all of NZs eligible school students during the nationwide lockdown. The truth was far from that. At one secondary school in a predominantly brown working class area of Auckland, 18% of eligible students had received them by time the school reopened. Plus they wouldn’t work until they had been reformatted by the schools overworked computer technicians. That is an 82% fail. That he can lie about something as basic as that means I cannot tell whether he is truthin’ or lyin’. I cannot believe his mates didn’t know he was lying either.

  8. MSM jump at a chance to support NZFirst and National’s hit job on the Greens, they were noticeably less keen on digging into the phantom kauri digger that cut the pipeline three years ago – could they play favourites?

  9. “I will electorate vote Labour candidate and PARTY VOTE GREEN !!!” – Wild Katipo. Yes me too, at this stage anyway. Like Labour, the Greens are underperforming badly but will hopefully get there shit together 2nd term.
    This will help get Labour back in at least. Maybe the Greens together with Labour will chip away the Neo Lib staus quo. I won’t hold my breath.

    “The next Labour led government MUST have the Green party in a coalition partnership with the advancement of its current excellent policy positions.” – mosa. Yup, well said.

  10. Contemplating what happens to the “Green Vote” and the party that -up until this election anyway – represents it.
    If Greens slip out of Parliament post-2020, what happens I wonder? Will the party need to subdivide to better represent the factions?
    Say, an “Identity Party”, and a new “Green Party”?
    And can they really afford to split?

    And don’t smirk Labour. You underperform next term, and watch out for a Workers Party to arise.

  11. This will endear the Greens to the Labour Party ….NOT!

    (blaming Chris Hipkins) when the Greens used strong arm tactics to get tens of thousands to be spent on Greenie CULT Club ELITIST CHARTER SCHOOL private schooling! ….and for overseas students paying nearly $50,000 per year to attend….( immigration scam?)

    …the real environmentalists in New Zealand are humble plain speaking backcountry Kiwis ( alienated from the Green Party in so many ways )….not wanker elitists ( many of them foreigners) that need PRIVATE taxpayer funded CHARTER schooling

    ….the problem with the current NZ Greens is that they are fakes

    • Richard
      I’ll help ya. Shaw gets fuck all done but wears expensive suits. Seymour gets heaps done but wears budget suits.
      Your choice….just like end of life will be soon.

  12. Yawn, worrying about 11k to a green school – makes big news for weeks – while the planet burns and much more money is allocated to stuff that is damaging to society and environment but doesn’t get a mention.

  13. The NZ globalist ageist Green Brigade make too many offensive mistakes… to think they are a solution to global warming is laughable

  14. So Hipkins and Shaw had a conversation. Maybe they had more than one conversation. As often happens during ‘verbals’ one of them said something the other took too much at face value, or misinterpreted the intent of a remark. It happens all the time and we have all been guilty of it from time to time.

    My reckon is: that is what happened in this case and neither party is completely right or completely wrong. Hardly an earth shattering event but carry on folks if you want to play into the ‘Dirty Political’ mind games so beloved of our right wing politicians and their right wing media lackeys.

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