Greens Call For Students To Be Lifted Out Of Poverty With Guaranteed Minimum Income

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting

The Green Party is calling for a Guaranteed Minimum Income to be implemented after the election to help students not captured by the wage subsidy scheme.

Green Tertiary Education spokesperson Chlöe Swarbrick said today:

“COVID-19 has not created poverty and inequality, but simply exposed it. The lid has been lifted on just how many young people are doing it tough in this country.

“We support the wage subsidy scheme being rolled out by Government to support New Zealanders, but we know students aren’t benefitting from that support.

“That’s because many students are experiencing the increased casualisation of work, which creates ongoing instability and shows how our social support doesn’t capture everyone like it should.

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“The Government should investigate how these students can be better supported in the immediate term. In the medium to long term, we must implement a Guaranteed Minimum Income, which would ensure students receive $325 per week, no matter what.

“COVID-19 has served immense struggle across our communities, revealing just how much students are hovering at the breadline.

“It shouldn’t be a rite of passage to live in poverty during higher education. Let’s fix it.”