Maybe National Voters are just more spiteful and malicious than other NZers?


For me, one of the most interesting insights to National Party voters was the 2013 poll that found 70% of National Party Voters didn’t know anyone unemployed.

That stat alone suggests a political culture that is more gated community than diverse reflection.

Add to that though these new stats that suggest National Party voters are just meaner and more ideologically bigoted…

Asked how good a job medical professions have done in controlling the spread of the disease, responses showed there was a difference depending on party preference.

Amongst Labour supporters, 96 per cent agreed medical professionals have done a good job. But for National supporters, the figure was 69 per cent.

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The difference was even starker when asked if the Government’s overall response was successful.

Almost 98 per cent of Labour supporters said the response was successful, but for National supporters it was only 40 per cent.

…National Party voters are so bigoted that they view the Government’s success at keeping us safe from the pandemic as a negative!

There is actually no difference between National voters hating on Jacinda and Republicans hating on masks, it’s part of the same one eyed polarisation.

Think I’m being too mean on National voters?

Let’s look at their own words shall we?

These are posts by National Party supporters on their Facebook supporters page…

The National Party have responded by distancing themselves…

National Party shuns supporters’ ‘offensive’ online page, asks Facebook to remove its name

National has shunned a Facebook page claiming to be in support of the party, saying it doesn’t condone the racist and sexist comments being posted.

Screenshots from the private New Zealand National Party Voters and Supporters Facebook page – which has more than 3,400 members – show hate speech, racism and sexist comments from the so-called diehard right wing supporters.

…it’s funny that the National Party are shunning this page when there are National MPs following that Facebook page.

What the Right in NZ can not comprehend is the solidarity the lockdown generated – they are all selfish individualists, they can’t imagine what feeling bonded for the common good actually fells like, that’s why they are floundering.

The only people voting National this election are those who call the PM ‘Cindy’, get irrationally angry anytime Neve is mentioned and who think ‘Crusher’ is a great nickname for a political leader.

There is no honour in voting National this election.


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  1. Whoa… I knew it was bad, but did not know it was this bad.
    “Start shooting them.” (The Ihumātao protestors.)

    It is chilling reading, like a script for a low grade horror movie.

  2. We know we have many sick uneducated people like this in our country many of them are cowards that hide behind keyboards, national should be ashamed they have attracted this lot.

  3. Dear Martyn
    I wouldn’t have done that ‘Holier Than Thou’ headline, considering the kind of commentary one gets to read on your blogs. Just watch the ‘Oh now that’s not spiteful at all’ reaction to this post…here it comes!

  4. “Jacinda saved us but are they grateful?…no, they’re spiteful and they’re hateful…”
    -Apols to Randy Newman

  5. You’re not being mean; Nat supporters aren’t the brightest, or they wouldn’t be Nat supporters. Their sick anti-women rantings aren’t necessarily politically or ideologically based – they do it to Ardern, Willis, Gharaman et al – it may be more of an anti-woman thing, and perhaps shouldn’t be pigeonholed; bear in mind that older white males were identified by security as the least co-operative with pandemic queuing and social distancing, they’re generally pretty awful.

    Some of the comments are quite disturbed; Gharaman however, has annoyed people coming here and criticising this country, when she was more than happy to leave her own country behind. It’s bad manners , and possibly a norm within the Marama Davidson white-hating clique – which is just as divisive as Collin’s Ihumatao comments trivialising a sensitive issue trying to impress and inflame dimwits, and as such, disgraceful. Judith’s looking dirty – her call.

    • Applewood, do you have any links to show what you’re referring to, regarding what Golriz is supposed to have done? I’d appreciate it very much if you can show me what’s going on …?

    • Gharaman however, has annoyed people coming here and criticising this country, when she was more than happy to leave her own country behind.

      She’s a NZer and thus allowed to criticise and, in fact, should be encouraged to do so. Everyone should – we’re not perfect after all.
      And you should also note that her and her family came here as political refugees when she was nine.

      • Lots of people were happy to leave their own countries behind, or have had their ancestors do it.

        And then get here and complain that there are greetings in Māori on the news (as above)?

    • Golriz was a kid when she moved here. When was the last time any child had a say in where their parents moved to?

      “Honor the Treaty,” – apparently, that’s considered traitorous, divisive and racist speech in Nu Zilland.

      “Start shooting them,” from white folk is considered ‘Freedom of Speech’.

      Which one is more likely to happen in a post-Muslim massacre world?

  6. “Maybe National Voters are just more spiteful and malicious than other NZers?”
    Well maybe.
    But maybe it’s also time for the McKinnons and Spud Bolgers and others to step up and call them out – and ask themselves whether their gorgeous National Party wants to be hijacked by the unprincipled, just as the Labour Party was 30 years ago, and is still in need of a now relatively minor purge. Or maybe it’s already too late – in which case Don and Spud and others will join me in my grand tour of grave pissing – so long as we outlive some of them. (I’ll supply the Polydent, incontinence nappies and transport)

  7. We don’t need people like this lot in our country and given they are not happy here it would be good if they just buggered of to somewhere where Covid is rampant.

  8. The level of pig ignorance displayed in these comments is prevalent amongst a particular of New Zealander. such a depth of ignorance was/is very common in the deep south where I grew up. All my offspring have spent time working and living in the South Island. The racism and outright ignorance about Taha Maori took them all by surprise but they rose to the challenge. Making a point of pronouncing any Te Reo correctly was was one strategy they used.Jacinda is right about the need to make the teaching of our History compulsory.

  9. I once worked with Jim Bolger’s cousin who was a through and through National Party supporter.

    Whenever I asked him if he ever questioned anything that seemed wrong about National Party/government policies he would resorted to the well beaten(and way past its Used By Date)National Party mantra drum of blaming Labour for EVERYTHING.

    It was like he had a religious fanatical dedication to National. National could never ever do anything wrong in his eyes. If there were problems it was ALWAYS Labour’s fault.

    That behavioural problem is rampant through-out so many devout National Party supporters. I am thinking if the National hierarchy ever requested their followers do a Jim Jones mass suicide they would with unquestioned devotion.

    National and their brain-washed followers will always blame anyone and everyone else but the faces staring back at them in the mirror of their pathetic little and shallow lives. They will never take accountability or responsibility for their actions. It’s always someone else who MUST be blamed.

    Some perfect examples that probably can be added to of those National MPs who blame everyone else than themselves are: Nick Smith – he took journalists to a traffic island that was supposed to be a housing estate but naturally blame an office worker for HIS mistake. Bill English – he blamed NZers and accused them falsely of living beyond their means. Gerry Brownlee – he was running late for a blame. Aaron Gilmore who thought the whole country should know who he is. The list is many but those are just a few that I can bring to mind at the moment.

    • Why Do Trump’s Supporters Stand by Him, No Matter What?

      Compared to most people, studies have shown that authoritarian followers get their beliefs and opinions from the authorities in their lives, and hardly at all by making up their own minds. They memorize rather than reason.

      When your beliefs are memorized copies of other people’s opinions, you don’t really know why they are right. That means you don’t know IF your professed truths really are true.

      The article is about authoritarian followers who are almost always of a conservative bent. Now, if people who’ve memorised the answers that someone else has told you them can’t answer why anything would be wrong about what they’ve been told to believe they will defend both themselves (They don’t want to show themselves as idiots) and what they’ve told by blaming others. Then they’ll go back to their base to have their beliefs suitably reinvigorated and continue believing the wrong things.

      And make no mistake – facts do not shift these people from their beliefs.

      There’s a good warning down the bottom of that article as well:

      They are a minority in the country, by roughly 42% to 52%. But if they all vote, and enough of the majority does not, he will win.

      Same applies here. If those who want change don’t get out and vote then these people’s leaders will be in power causing even more damage.

    • At any time you could take out National and put in Labour and out of the current bunch there are a few not worth the time of day. I usually vote National but it does not mean I am happy with all their decisions or how some of the members view race and those on benefits. I lean towards National as I see it is as a party of those who strive to better themselves by their own hand rather than looking to the government. I could except a Labour government but Labour Green would be a disaster in so many areas

      • I lean towards National as I see it is as a party of those who strive to better themselves by their own hand rather than looking to the government.

        And that would be wrong. National seek to better themselves by stealing from everyone else. That’s why they don’t like laws that hold them accountable for their actions.

  10. Afrikaner Broederbond.
    I have warned about them for years infiltrating NZ.
    The question is, why did we allow them here in the first place.

    • Who lets these people into our country we don’t need them bringing their baggage here. Are these white South Africans SOB? Cause i see many are coming here and are still trying to get into our country.

  11. You of all people shouldnt be this suprised or shocked. It is expected of the National Party.

    The only thing we should all be suprised about if that Golriz hasnt been burned as a witch yet.

    • I’ve just now ordered a copy of Goriz’ book, “Know Your Place”. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  12. Unbelievable to read this stuff, maybe they are broken by the Covid 19 struggling their freedom to rule?

  13. Ha ha!

    ..get rid of the Treaty of Waitangi and Waitangi Day all together and replace it with New Zealand Day…

    These ‘born to rule’ idiots can’t even use the English language properly! No wonder they cannot govern.

  14. I feel safer due to the National Nasty Party.
    At least you know who and where the worst people in NZ are

  15. I think it comes down to one thing: arrogance.
    Arrogance is very much a major weakness of the political right, and the National Party are full of it.
    Arrogance that you are the natural leaders of society and the default party of government.
    Supreme regard for your own status, that you represent the “norm” of society and that everyone else who does not share your views are your inferiors.
    The National Party would counter that they are not arrogant, but simply that they believe in their own worth and destiny, and what is wrong with that?
    But there is only a short step between excessive self belief and just plain arrogance.
    When National supporters use abusive and racist language in describing their opponents they betray the ingrain arrogance of a party built on its own concept of privilege and lack of humility.

  16. Just maybe Martyn?

    National have an entitled born to rule mindset. Always have. It’s in their DNA. National are adamant that they are the best equipped party to manage the economy despite there not being a shred of evidence to support that. It’s farcical and they sell it like it’s accepted fact. Collins especially is waging a brain washing campaign on Kiwis so they will just accept that narrative despite it being complete BS. I don’t say Labour are necessarily better or worse at managing an economy but they are not arrogant about it. Labour’s policies are generally inclusive and they put people before $$ and profits, the exact opposite of National. You’ve at least got a fighting chance of getting the truth with Labour. No hope with National. Hidden agendas. Dirty politics. Divert attention away. I can’t recall…etc etc, anything but the much needed truth.

    I personally view Labour supporters as being people who want a fair go for everyone. Success is embraced but there is good priority put on those doing it hard. Their policies are inclusive and unselfish. I view National supporters as invariably being selfish, arrogant and entitled. They are absolutely adamant they know best. Looking after themselves is all the matters and their response to dog whistling is always immediate. They are extremely divisive and happily create a them and us dynamic. They view Labour and their supporters as the despised feral enemy akin to cockroaches.

    I’ve only ever taken a passing interest in politics over the years but that changed during the time of the previous National Government under Key. New Zealand was very quickly being turned into a country I didn’t want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren etc. Treating so many good people with complete indifference while feathering the nest of the wealthy is a short sighted and unhealthy dynamic for our country. I witnessed evidence of it everywhere. Adding insult to injury was describing that carnage as a “rock star economy”.

    What really peaked my interest was the treatment of Ardern. I’ve completed several post graduate diplomas. I find them challenging while running a business and a family. I compare what Ardern took on during the 2017 election campaign as remarkable and akin to doing a dozen post graduate diplomas at the same time as being employed full time and traveling up and down the country all day every day. Very few could do it. Ardern stamped herself as an extremely intelligent person. If she could do that successfully, she could do anything. While this was unfolding, National Party supporters routinely described her as an “Airhead” who was only fit to work in the takeaway shop she had the audacity to work in as a young teenage girl. I couldn’t believe so many people could be so ignorant.

    Much of the abuse directed at Ardern was misogynistic. As a father of three daughters, that made my blood boil. Ardern’s appearance and teeth were incessantly mocked. The status quo was to refer to her in equine terms. I’ve never heard any politician anywhere in the world have their name butchered as much. Even my grandson came home from primary school repeating some of the names he’d heard. Unreal.

    Ardern was ridiculed when her grandmother died three days prior to the election and was described as the sort of vile lowlife who would play the sympathy card for votes. No sign of any decency or empathy. That’s not a NZ I recognize.

    Ardern’s marital status was ridiculed and her partner targeted. So much so the Police had to make the unprecedented move and clear up the allegations made against him had zero substance.

    Ardern’s baby daughter was routinely referred to as a “bastard”. No words on that.

    Her pet cat was run over and killed outside her Auckland home. Many of us have experienced this same distressing situation yet Ardern was laughed at, mocked and ridiculed over it. What sort of human being would behave in such a way? A National Party supporter.

    Now, National has a new leader. That new leader takes up an entire chapter of the book “Dirty Politics”. Blue trolls embrace her as if she was mothers milk and is exactly why Collins is popular with raw meat eating National Party supporters. She’s going after their despised enemy. Just yesterday, Collins described Ardern as “arrogant”. You have to be far king kidding me. The most arrogant and untrustworthy politician in NZ calling the most popular and trusted politician “arrogant”.

    So are National Party more spiteful and malicious? You tell me.

    • Jacindafan, This post of yours is an absolute keeper. I’ve cut/ pasted it to keep and refer to. Many thanks!

    • The charitable side of me hopes that the people who do and say these things are the lunatic fringe – people that feel very small and insignificant inside and harbour a deep anger and resentment because they feel that way. That anger and resentment is released by being nasty to other people.
      The National Party, by virtue of its underlying philosophy of money=power and “doing things your own way”, unintentionally (I hope) encourages such behaviour because it attributes most of our society’s ills and ailments to socialism – and of course the Labour Party (to them) represents socialism and Jacinda by virtue of being relatively young, female and a Labour PM cops the worst of it.
      When a National supporter doesn’t make it – he or she blames Labour.
      I think that is why some (not all) National supporters indulge in such hatreds, they think they are “telling it as it is”.
      It is amazing how often “telling it as it is” comes up for an excuse for right-wing hatred diatribe.
      Not all National Party supporters are like this.
      I know some firm National supporters who are nice people and would never countenance such hate material and would be very embarrassed if they knew what was being said under the guise of Facebook Nationals.
      Many have quite a lot of admiration for Jacinda’s sterling leadership, if not exactly agreeing with her methods.

    • Well put indeed, have had the same thoughts, and that list of Nat “filth speech” really puts it in perspective.

    • You want a real perspective on Ardern, ask the rest of the world, not true blue hard right National supporters.
      Not even Key was afforded the global status Ardern has.

    • Well written Jacindafan you made some excellent points.
      Key and his time in government changed the way i look at politics and has made me a lot more cynical about how it has changed our country for the worse.
      I despised Key and the entire National party and the MSM that promotes only them and treats all other participants as not worthy to be told the real truth and facts that we are entitled to.
      They represent all that is wrong with society , the cruelty , maligning the names of the brave who uncover their dirty deeds , the arrogance , selfishness and greed to mention a few.

  17. The one I thought was funniest was did you build the dams, did you build the tunnels , did you slog your guts out? aimed at our Maori comrades.

    Well I haven’t worked on damns but I have worked in tunnels and slogged my guts out on the land and I can tell you the blokes and a few women doing it along side me were often Maori. One would have to suspect that the person making that silly post hasn’t been on a building site, a shearing shed or in a tunnel.

  18. Judeath is desperate Jacinda Fan. This is judeaths last stand and her only and best chance to be our PM, so she will do and say literally anything to win. Jude will throw everything she has at Jacinda. And the more frustrated she becomes the nastier and more divisive she will get. She resents the fact a young women like Jacinda stands in her way, she thinks she should be there as she deserves it more. And it is her arrogance that will actually be her own downfall. In the meantime judeaths lust for power will divide our country and we are seeing it now with the rubbish written above. She is giving these people, many probably not even true blue kiwis as mentioned above, plenty of ammunition. However Covid has changed the political landscape and many NZers have come to realise this. And in order to beat Covid we must work together for the greater good. It is not about I or me it is about us and we.

    • Just watched parliament and Judith Collins making a speech composed almost entirely of snide comments about members of the coalition. Typical example- she mentioned something which is 160 years old and made a hilarious joke about that being even older than Winston Peters. Some twerp sitting behind her couldn’t contain his mirth. Judith smirked at each of her own “jokes”. Gerry beside her looked more and more uncomfortable and embarrassed as she continued her rather feeble and unfunny character assassination attempts. Perhaps he was thinking, ‘oh Christ if she keeps this up I might have to become the leader after the election. And then I’d have to do some real work instead of making up pointless points of order.’
      The coalition members quietly gave Judith more rope.
      No Judith is not a leader, something even the Nats knew for 18 years.

  19. Do you have screen shots showing offensive comments made by Matt King and Chris Bishop on the NatSupporters Facebook page? Other media outlets make reference to these, but don’t quote them. If they did in fact make them, regardless of whether the site has been pulled down voters have a right to know what they said.

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