NewsHub Bombshell Poll – Winners & Losers


Labour – 60.9%

National – 25.1%

Greens – 5.7%

NZ First – 2%

ACT – 3.3%

The Newshub poll is such a bombshell because many feared the rise of Judith Collins would excite a dark side of the NZ psyche and National would be competitive again.

The Newshub Poll killed that fear off. Labour staggeringly is now over 60% while National have slumped to barely 25%.

NZers political loyalty was built when people were genuinely frightened over lockdown and Jacinda made them feel safe, in the face of Judith’s malice, that solidarity is not eroding.

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What the Right in NZ can not comprehend is that solidarity the lockdown generated – they are all selfish individualists, they can’t imagine what feeling bonded for the common good actually fells like, that’s why they are floundering.

The only people voting National now are those who call the PM ‘Cindy’, get irrationally angry anytime Neve is mentioned and who think ‘Crusher’ is a great nickname for a political leader.

There are many winners and losers.


Simon Bridges: We said here on TDB that National could crash out so hard that their supporters looked back on Simon Bridges 29% with fondness. It has come to pass. Simon must be laughing his Yak off.

Jacinda: She is a God damned phenomena in that she is a collection of phenomenon. She just turned 40 and after terrorism, volcanism, a pandemic and juggling motherhood, she has earned a second term. I mean short of curing cancer, I’m not sure what else she would need to do to convince Kiwi’s to give her a second Government. With a majority Government it would force a major rethink.

Anyone on the Labour Party list: A red fencepost from Dargaville on the Labour Party list would get elected on these numbers.

Chloe Swarbrick: Labour are doing so well that Helen White would get in off the list and Chloe could press this point to win Auckland Central.

Māori Party MPs: Every Māori candidate running in the Maori electorates could use the same argument.

Ben Thomas: He’ll be getting extra media slots to explain why the fuck National are sinking so badly and he’ll do his affable Labrador routine that keeps The Spinoff  booking him for their tedious podcast.

Damien Grant: Managed to prove he was more ethical than the entire National Party with this column. 



Judith: We saw what Crusher does under pressure, the casual malice she performed to Iain just to create a pause in the news cycle, she can’t help herself – this is what she is & under this polling pressure be prepared for her to sink us to never before known dirty politics.

National: These cowards dumped Bridges and have now selected a politician as leader whom they can’t control.

Matthew Hooton: Oh Matty Hooton, what have you done? You walked away from credibility at RNZ and the Herald for this hate pus clusterfuck? Your purse Ben Thomas can only say so much to try and gloss over all this. Matty, Matty, Matty. Poor Matty.

Tova O’Brien, Mike Hosking, Barry Soper, Heather du Plessis-Allan, Kate Hawksby, Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson: The rip in their souls, the creases of grief around their eyes, the shiver in their voice – this is what I enjoy most after a poll showing Labour at 60%.

Winston Peters: Looks like the hand break has some woke Pixie dust in it. Bye bye Winnie, your fear mongering and race baiting has been a benchmark of NZ Politics and now we are all going to live to see NZ First buried. Happy days.

ACT: The problem with ACT’s rising success is that more and more of the NZ NRA who have hijacked David’s Party start getting elected, and I get a funny feeling that ACT didn’t really vet those candidates very well at all. Expect all sorts of details to start leaking about 4 weeks out from the election.

NewsHub, ZB, MagicTalk, NZ Herald: With Labour at 60% these media Networks have NO openly left wing broadcasters or writers so they will take another hit in audience numbers.


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    • Agreed. The sentence should read “She is a God damned phenomenon in that she is a collection of phenomena”.

  1. Meanwhile at the National Party castle

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. You cursed brat!
    Look what you’ve done, I’m melting, melting…
    Who would have thought some little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness.

    And with that Judith turned to vapour and all that remained was her black Cape and long pointy hat. (Plagirised from the Wizard of Oz)

    Judith sez…Our polling has up near 40%. Gerry reckoned mid 30’s. Can’t the get their stories straight? Come on guys.

    Expect spite and revenge on an unprecedented scale from the reigning Queen of filthy politics if she does not melt beforehand. .

      • This won’t make a jot of differnce.

        But let’s think about this. Some simpering lawyer/s arguing points of law of legislation used with no time to spare by a government trying to protect it’s citizens from harm and or death or an out of control pandemic sickening and killing New Zealanders on a daily basis and taking the economy with it but conducted under a law to the total satisfaction of EVERY lawyer in this country?

        Hmmm, really tough choice…Not! And even if it was done under a military coup none of us will care less if it is unlawful except for a delusional lawyer or two.

        What are they saying, it was our right to get infected and the government should have allowed it or spent the next year or two drafting and debating a law to use that they could still disagree with? FFS.

        I just shake my head at the legal profession at times, I really do. This, Mr Lawyer, who is clearly wanting to make a name for himself and his ego, is not a battle worth one micro second of effort.

        Actually get a real job, they’re screaming out for bus driver’s in Wellington, a far more honourable occupation.

  2. What’s unfolding for Tova O’Brien, Mike Hosking, Barry Soper, Heather du Plessis-Allan, Kate Hawksby, Duncan Garner, Mark Richardson etc is devastating and cause to extend their 3 year tantrum but what really hurts them is the borders being closed. Not being able to go on a 2 month holiday to Seychelles at election time means they will have to stay here and endure their torture. A narcissist would also feel they can influence an election result with the incessant ramming down your throat of their perspective from the dizzy heights of their enlightened Ivory Tower so their ego’s are now also being decimated by reality. Very sad of course 🙂

    Collins will now became desperate as she is confronted by the knowledge her media funded smiling infomercial has been an epic fail. She knows a drubbing at the polls 100% guarantees Christopher Luxon is gifted the keys a day after election day in September and her one shot at glory falls into oblivion. She will reach for every dirty trick in her enormous dirty politics bag of festering turds. She knows she’s going out so will go out with her bang. She didn’t wait for decades for the top National spot to go out with a whimper.

    Peters will become even more grumpy and more desperate. Not only is he and his party gone but he’s now too old to resurrect it again. His most prized possession and legacy (his party)is on it’s way to the landfill. Peters will now go for the jugular like never before. His cynical undermining of the Government he is deputy PM of straight after the previous polls was VERY telling. Now he knows or thinks he didn’t go far enough. Collins and Peters will implode with a severe lack of life-jackets on their ship to go round.

      • To old is our Mike and give his hatred of the left, his ” neutral ” hosting of the debates will vanish completely. Jack Tame will do the debates as a neutral moderator. Jack is also a decent human being so that counts Hosking out.

  3. None of the minor parties – even if they found themselves in a position to do so – would want to go into coalition with psycho-Judy and her corrupt crew.
    The damage they would sustain from a close liaison with that collection of backstabbing wannabe pornographers and liars, led by a Cluster B antisocial personality disorder, would end many political careers before they even started.
    The moral question over their efforts to undermine our Covid response still hang over them.
    And wtf is Woodlouse doing still in the party??? And how come Todd “mental breakdown” Muller mysteriously fully recovers to make their front bench??
    An utterly contemptible joke of a party.

    • If in doubt- follow the hippies!

      We’ve seen the Collins effect, and Mama was right all along !

      Good bye and good riddance National- off you go now- nobody wants you and your sleaze or your destructive free market B.S ! We’ve got a younger generation coming on and we want whats best for them , – not YOU !!!

      Springfield Revival/ New Seekers. Mama was right all along

  4. Robertson and Sepulooni have to be sent to the loser mat if they continue with this two-tiered benefit system. What a bloody insult. Actually get rid of Sepulooni, she is part of the problem with these bludging lunatics in the public service. Maybe Chippie can pick up Social Development in his massive portfolio suite and then we could call them the Chipper Labour Party

  5. Oh ! But wait !? A lawyer will save the natzo’s.
    “High Court case begins to determine whether level 4 lockdown was lawful”
    Surely, the high court has better things to do like asset stripping then imprisoning pot growers.
    It’s clear that Labour should have applied to the courts for a cease and desist order to serve to the virus to stall its infection of our AO/NZ until a hearing could be convened to consider the viruses case for allowing it to immigrate. Perhaps with regard to possible refugee status because no one wanted to catch the fucking thing.
    It all smells of Blue Desperation if you ask me.

  6. For those of us who lived through the long years of our glorious ex leader Mr Key’s austerity, Bennie bashing, asset selling and union busting, this is a moment to be enjoyed-but not enjoyed too much till post Election.

    If that goes well, there is another Mountain to climb-rolling back Rogernomics/Ruthanasia. But hey, in a world of $490 pw second tier middle class Covid beneficiaries, never say never I guess.

  7. The Nats are cribbing, “Its a dodgy poll”.Even Labour taking a 10 to 12% hit at the election, that is a possible outcome the Nats are still in for a kicking reminiscent of the kicking that their last female leader Shiply delivered.

  8. Like Jacinda, I too view polls with skepticism but admit that I enjoy the huge difference between Labour and National.
    Feel a bit sorry for 2% Winston for whom I have a grudging respect , even if its mainly for entertainment value, and thought my party vote might go to NZ1st.
    But NO! Don’t be stupid ! That attitude is just what might allow Judith to sneak in. Wavering between Labour and NZ 1st or any other party is not wise. If Judith does sneak in expect asset sales, including Jim’s Kiwibank, and rampant Thatcherism.

  9. Will Labour stop giving welfare to Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson via Network Bailouts? Or will these increase?

    NewsHub can’t even cut the mustard on YouTube. Do they even have a comment section. Not very independent either.

    Honestly, in Dune .. “the Spice must flow” .. I’m think petitions and complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authorities need to start flowing here in KiwiLand. People have had enough of Duncan’s brainless drivel and misrepresentations.

    Games over bro .. stand down.

  10. Now watch NZ politics get the dirtiest yet courtesy of National, as Collins’ toxic version of the dark arts comes into play. Not going to be nice.

    • Yes. I believe that right wingers would eat each other given the chance. So helmets on here we go. Hahahaha….

  11. A very good effort Bomber. Grammar greatly improved. Looking forward to your next blog.

    Break = broken, kaput.
    Brake = the thing that stops a vehicle moving, as in NZ First is a fucking handbrake.

  12. Its a poll of a very small percentage of this country’s population. It’s little more than interesting unless enough people choose to believe it.

    That said I did not think the public would warm to this new National leadership so at the same time I’m not suprised.

    The real question is will Labour change and move away from their neo liberal philosophy? If they don’t then no matter who wins I can’t see the lot of the average Kiwi like myself getting any better.

  13. What about Nationals internal polling which shows the party at late 30 percentage points?

    • When they say internal polling they probably ask their party members? Seems unlikely but given the last few weeks of their actions nothing would surprise me now.

  14. What a wonderfully fortunate country we are. Evil devours evil and so it has and will.


    Proverbs 29:2 ESV
    When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.

    Proverbs 29:12 ESV
    If a ruler listens to falsehood, all his officials will be wicked.

    Galatians 6:9 ESV
    And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

    Matthew 20:26 ESV
    It shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant


    I think Aderns govt has fulfilled many of the above , hence the upbeat feeling with her performance and this latest poll result. Really , the amount of crises she and this COL govt has led us through is extraordinary in such a small time. Notwithstanding it was enabled by Winston Peters and his party, and that the Greens also had a big part to play.

    Adern, at least, deserves to lead us over the next three years. New Zealanders for the most part, have fallen in behind her, her open smile, her honest leadership, …strikes a chord in so many after years, nay,-decades,- of tight lipped, bombastic, arrogant leaders whose style was to divide us along the lines of the haves and have nots.

    The next big issue as many have stated, is whether neo liberalism will be addressed in the coming economic downturn. If not wholey addressed, then at least softened, and then by increment, the pillars of neo liberalism first neutered, then torn down. It would be a shame to have come so far only to settle like a sunken ship back down into the bottom of the mire of what has gone on before. The free market dogma has imploded with this pandemic and other solutions are needed.

    It is not good enough anymore for the IMF and World Bank to lend with strings attached like they did in the 1960’s to facilitate the advance of neo liberal free markets and programs of austerity if country’s could not pay by the due times set.

    A whole new thinking set is now needed.

    Milton Friedman and his destructive free market Mont Pelerin society is out, – and a revamped Keynesian system is coming in.

    Lets hope we are first in riding that wave.

    • The extraordinary contingency adopted by major governments since 2008 of QE ; arbitrary and vast creation of new money to try to avert or at least disguise the failure of neoliberal capitalism , the dominance of personal wealth creation over the interests of society, has forced people to notice that the money they use and save as if it were the most precious , rare and finite resource on the planet is exactly the opposite. It has no intrinsic value whatever , and far from being scarce is able to be created in unlimited quantities without any cost whatsoever.
      The illusion that money ” doesn’t grow on trees” ( it’s far easier to produce than apples), necessary to allow it to work as a means of exchange that people have confidence in requires that it is managed very responsibly.
      And it has not been managed responsibly for a long time. The temptation to misuse the power to create it has proven too much for the people who have had that responsibility , and now everyone can see that the emperor has no cloths.

  15. Already the National Party and their right wing media pundits are claiming this to be a ‘rogue poll’. Heather Du Plessis-Allan in one of her typical ugly rants that smacks of outrage when there is bad news/polling for her beloved National Party said today that it is a rogue poll and that internal polling for National shows a completely different story. She will probably claim that the Colmar Brunton poll, which is right-wing orientated, is more accurate. In fairness she also said that internal polling for the Labour Party contradicts this latest poll but she did not provide any evidence for this.

    Funnily enough I understand that the internal polling for the National Party is conducted by David Farrar of the very right wing Kiwi Blog site no less, so of course it will contradict this poll and of course Du Plessis-Allan is going to align with him/it.

    Maybe this poll is accurate although I think Colmar Brunton and Farrar’s internal polling for the National Party will either reverse or greatly reduce the figures. Their base-line will probably be something along the lines of – “we cannot tolerate the Labour-led Government being popular for all the good they are doing for the country so we have to change that.” This will appease the outrage the right wing media people are currently expressing which will only increase as the election draws closer.

    • There will be the obligatory rise in National votes coming out of the woodwork at election time, but not enough, – nowhere near enough ,- to save them. That much we know is true. They are sunk. Collins or not. The job for Labour is to keep em sunk.

  16. Judith Collins is an aging politician.

    She is spiteful and vindictive but deems herself as utter perfection in the world.

    I don’t think she has ever behaved like a reasonable adult in much of her life and especially her political lifetime.

    Lets be aware both Brownlee and her will be resorting to their usual temper tantrum antics between now and election day.

    They will be showing themselves up for poor losers who no-one in their right minds would want to vote for. And the mainstream NZ media that is deeply into the NZ National Party pocket will be making all sorts of ridiculous claims from now on.

    What will probably really stand out is that from now on the media will be making claims of all the bad deeds Labour MPs have done but will be conspicuous by their lack of a voice to the indiscretions the National MPs have done eg. a fictitious homeless guy residing in a hotel.

  17. Again , what a wonderful country we live in ! We are so fortunate. And if you think lil ole NZ isnt noticed, think again. Here’s a little something that still gives me a sniffle in the nose, tears to my eyes and a lump in the throat when I hear it. It was the time of the Christchurch Mosque murders,… and here we listen again to PM Adern and a few others speaking… put together by Wes Germer of Sasquatch Chronicles, no less!

    Up to 6.21 minutes. A tribute to our country. And to those who lost their lives. And in effect, to those lives saved because of this govts swift actions during this pandemic.

    SC EP:524 I Thought I Ran Into The Devil

  18. The champagnade of this poll, I feel exactly the same Martyn. So many 84ist pricks. Which is to say, paid off.

    Of course it’s about as solid as National’s 2002 loss.

    Labour must use this temporary support for the climate change fight and for our neediest. Labour is really just ‘Jacinda’ and Robertson. There’s still a David lurking around. I just don’t think those light-livers have necessity in their hearts. These 10 years are the old 1939.

  19. Unless the Labour pricks say something formidable about climate change, first, and the neediest, second, I’ll be voting Green. Just sent off a donation.

  20. The problem is not that Newstalk ZB and the Herald don’t have leftist columnists/talking heads; it’s that they barely have a single objective centrist. This is what makes them so out of touch with rational thought. In a successful democracy you’d expect that their management would insist on a more balanced approach or that their bias could be legally challenged, but it seems we just have to live with the unfairness of it.

  21. Our little Bubble will be voting for our labour candidate, who is already in office and our party vote will be Green. We believe that the ongoing Labour government needs to be pulled some more to the left. Neoliberal economics needs to be shown the door. A combination of Neo-Keynesian philosophies, a UBI and a positive push into cannaboid medicines seems logical in our corner.

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