Aroha vs Utu – that’s what you are voting for between Judith & Jacinda this election


The Venn diagram of people who believe Judith gained this information by chance and those who believe 5G might spread Covid is a perfect circle.

It seems obvious that taking out Iain was pure collateral damage for National as they strove to divert attention from their dirty politics implosion.

Note how Jacinda passed the Info directly to Judith & left it at that, where as Judith tells the media that she has sent info through after she magically gets asked the question from Garner.

Jacinda showed leadership, Judith played politics.

Aroha vs Utu, that’s what this country is deciding on in September.

A leader who builds or a leader who destroys.

The ruthlessness that Judith has shown alongside the ease with which she executed Iain for purely diversionary tactics should make every Kiwi gasp in shock.

Crusher as Prime Minister would be a terrifying prospect on every front from public education to public health to public welfare to public policing to public housing to public prisons.

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Look at the billions National intend to cut from public spending if they get elected…

National would need to cut tens of billions in public services to meet debt target

National’s draft debt target would require it to slash government borrowing by $80 billion leading to what could be some of the harshest public service cuts seen in New Zealand history.

…the harshest public service cuts seen in NZ History!

How is it that you don’t hear that in the news?

How is it that this feature of what National want to do is screaming from every news headline?

It is deeply egregious to me that we are facing one of the largest economic and social challenges of our lifetime with the post pandemic recovery and we are wasting time over who slept with whom?

We deserve a better democracy, a better media and a better quality of debate this election. These policy decisions that National are quietly passing along while everyone is in a moral panic over the culture of Parliament is an outrageous dereliction of duty by the media and punditry class.

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  1. Ardern plays her cards on the table in an honest transparent manner and always for the greater good.

    Collins plays her cards under the table hidden from view and always with a divisive and selective hidden agenda.

    One is trustworthy. One is not. This is what the September election vote will be about.

    • I’m voting for Bridges 10 Bridges or Key not raising GST or English low wage economy or Key bringing NZ wages in line with Australia.

        • Not really, maybe Herman is voting for Labours 100000 new homes, billion trees, reducing inequality, reducing child poverty and all the other lies they told us. How burning is that? As they say those in glass houses…

          • MickeyBoyle,

            Perhaps you missed it but there’s a deadly pandemic unfolding where priorities change. That aside our country would rather have a Government that acknowledges a crisis but falls short with lofty goals….than a Government that treated young kiwi families with contempt, denied there even was a housing crisis and displayed total indifference toward those disadvantaged.

          • Now Mickey, tell me what was achieved in Nationals 9 years of power. Just one will do. Achieved doesn’t mean creating homelessness, poverty, inequality, low wage economy, selloff of state houses etc. Your ivory tower house doesn’t look to flash pal.

          • Yeah, Herman’s from the school of it’s lies if one lot says it and it’s not achieved and if the other lot say it and it’s not achieved it was ‘aspirational.’

      • Well said Bert. From those election promises only one became a reality … English’s low wage economy.

    • Hermit,

      So you request another dozen shovels from Bing Bong shovel makers. You pay for the order in advance and wait for your order to arrive. You have no control over when your order is delivered. Finally, your shovels arrive. Are you at fault for the delay? is the courier at fault? or is Bing Bong shovel makers at fault? Anyone who blamed you would have serious learning difficulties.

      • I want to be a Hermit living peacefully in my Hermitage but people have this damned incessant need to have to phone me all the time ! Still, … I suppose family’s are exempt.

        Dang it… I’ma go bush.

    • Oh do keep up dear Herman, dear Herman, salary cut started first week of July!
      If you are coming to a gun fight, don’t bring a knife!

  2. We only have one choice;

    To vote Judith Collins National Party out of parliament by any means possible.

    Otherwise if Collins gets to rule NZ Parliament, her Government will offer NZ to China for a ‘peppercorn price’ – and enslave us for all time.

    • National know they’ve lost the election. Therefore, any leader stands a good chance of being overthrown in the post-election analysis.
      Their strategy here is to simply get rid of Collins, whose sociopathic tendencies have been as damaging to her “friends” as her percieved enemies.
      In the meantime, some very nervous Nat MP’s must endure this reign of terror within their own party.

    • What? Are you telling me that we presently have an independent trade arrangement with China? Really? Please explain.

  3. If judeath doesn’t make it to PM this election she could always audition for acting in a horror show she has the facial and credentials to be very effective.

  4. If judeath doesn’t make it to PM this election she could always audition for acting in a horror show she has the facial and credentials to be very effective.

  5. If judeath doesn’t make it to PM this election she could always audition for acting in a horror show she has the facial and credentials to be very effective.

  6. Since we are facing an economic crisis…I am voting for Labour’s 500K playground outside the Beehive.

    • Herman,

      Doesn’t it make you feel proud of National’s Nick Smith? Ardern and the Government are busy keeping Kiwi’s safe from a pandemic that’s killing millions around the world…. meanwhile Nick Smith was spending all his time investigating a playground trying to play Gotcha against a very popular Government. What a true hero he is. I wonder if ever got around to investigating the farcical Saudi sheep deal that cost kiwis tens of millions.

  7. I’m voting for Hamish Walker so he doesn’t have to return the stolen $60,000 salary he’s getting, at least people are getting something with the playground money!

  8. Labour will poll higher without ILG. The highly politicised heads of ACC, INZ, and WorkSafe had him right where they wanted him. Now he is no longer an impediment to transformation in those agencies. It was a straight forward and absolutely correct decision for Jacinda. Other Ministers and would be Ministers should note this well.

    Unlike last election, Labour can be expected to win this election well. If we don’t have Micky Joe Savage type reforms by this Christmas and massive state interventions then we should all grab some rosary beads – if we haven’t already.

    • Agree Pontus, ILG was similar to Carmel Sepuloni in terms of having been captured by the expert Neo Lib managerialists in their Ministries.

  9. I doubt that Galloway’s behaviour is all that unusual among politicians.
    I think there might be a risk that Jacinda has placed herself in a difficult position by sacking him when the next affair is ferreted out by team Judy. She might finish up having to sack half her front bench because of the precedent.
    D J S

    • Ah, but Mallard has today passed around the Code of Conduct which they’re all now signing so today can be year zero and all behaviour predating year zero of the Code can be voided.

    • David Stone: “She might finish up having to sack half her front bench because of the precedent.”

      Heh! My view as well. And I agree with the rest of your comment.

      It’s a case of humans being humans. He isn’t sheep-shagging, or a paedophile. Which are in fact crimes.

      Christ….I’m sick to death of the humourless indignation. Does his sacking qualify as virtue-signalling? Or is it a manifestation of the cancel culture?

  10. I’m voting for massive promises packaged with super catchy buzzwords. I’m voting for highly raised expectations and huge failures in delivery. Oh shit, I will have to vote Labour!!!!

    • I’ve an idea for you Herman you could always vote for roads,roads, roads, roads, roads, roads or roads. Vote National, they’re promoting cheap texts and photos.

    • Herman,

      You seem intent on voting for negativity.

      Here are a few helpful hints to factor in with your goal.

      1) Chinese are worth more than Indians.
      2) Party seats for sale.
      3) Colleagues that are fucking useless.
      4) Married colleagues shagging other married colleagues.
      5) A party that brought Dirty Politics into the NZ vernacular.
      6) A party that has “retirements” on mass occurring.
      7) Married man sends porn to multiple young women.
      8) Lying is the status quo.
      9) Leaks very private Covid-19 details to the media.
      10) Behaves appallingly and resigns…but only after stealing another 60k from taxpayers.
      11) Three leaders in as many months.
      12) Divisively attempts to undermine all-important public confidence during a deadly pandemic.
      13) Colleagues routinely stabbing each other in the back.
      14) Party who wants to complete the task of gifting our country to China.
      15) Has a leader virtually nobody outside of the party likes or trusts.
      16) Totally untrustworthy.
      17) Viewed with contempt by more Kiwis every week.
      18) Uses mental health to explain reprehensible conduct.

      etc etc etc etc etc

      Hope this helps with your choice.

      • Explain to me how Labour are any different in their treatment of China than National?

        Was it not the Prime Minister that fronted the recent China/NZ business summit? Outside of Peter’s how about the government’s response to HK? Chinese Muslims or land grabs in the South China Sea. One comment from the PM, a smack down from the ambassador and then silence?

        No problem with the majority of the above observations (admittedly there is as long a list on the other side) however I don’t think anyone on the left should lecture on Chinese interests and your side is a hopelessly compromised as us

      • Jacindafan: “11) Three leaders in as many months.”

        Hmm….I remind you of the succession of Labour leaders over a pretty short time, back in the day. And the last change of leadership, just before the 2017 election. Pot: meet kettle…..

        Best not to go down that road.

        “15) Has a leader virtually nobody outside of the party likes or trusts.”

        From what I’ve heard and read, Collins is much more popular among National voters than among caucus members. Very reminiscent of Cunliffe, before the 2014 election, remember?

        I wonder at the defensiveness of Labour voters here, at any critique of the government. Polls suggest it’ll romp home. Surely you can all accept that not everyone agrees with you? There’s no need to go off half-cocked, you know.

        I’m an old lefty, voted Labour pretty much all my voting life (except for the dark years of Rogernomics). I won’t be doing that at the next election. Right now, I have no idea who’ll get my vote. But it won’t be Labour, that’s for sure.

        • I don’t quite follow that D’Esterre, hoe is this labour lineup any worse than the last? There’s some hope of a divergence from Rogernomics at last. No guarantee certainly, but for once they have a leader that want’s to do the right thing for the most people even if she hasn’t yet figured out what has to be done with the financial system to remedy the damage it has caused.
          I have never voted Labour or National but I might vote for Jacinda this time, I think she is the genuine article.
          D J S

          • David Stone: “….hoe is this labour lineup any worse than the last?”

            I was reminding Jacindafan that Labour had frequent leadership changes after the 2008 election, culminating in the change just before the 2017 election. I wasn’t commenting on the quality of its lineup.

            “There’s some hope of a divergence from Rogernomics at last.”

            I don’t think I’d be holding my breath about that. I said to Snow White that Ardern’s been assessed by a family member as being a Blairite. It’s difficult to disagree. The fact that she hasn’t yet rejected neoliberalism provides strong evidence that their assessment of her is correct.

            This government has had an entire term in which it has done nothing to indicate a different path. I doubt that there’ll be any change, if it wins a second term.

            Whatever: I’m done with Labour. I’ve been a Labour voter my entire adult life (except for the Rogernomics years), but no more.

        • D’Esterre,

          Interesting and curious logic.

          We can go back as far as you’d like until finding details you feel correspond with the present situation and suit your argument but that doesn’t equate to being relevant in the eyes of anyone enlightened. Labour did stumble around in the wilderness for some time led by inadequate leaders, Phil Goff, David sorry for being a man Cunliffe and Andrew Little who should have stood down 18 months before he finally did. Only the most devoted Labour supporters were enthusiastic about voting at that time. Accepting you’ve failed to gain traction and then falling on your own sword is light years from being stabbed in the back by colleagues in the dark of night. Anyone who believes Muller for example actually resigned is very naive. He was strongly encouraged to stand down by Collins and others as he’d failed to do what the very thing he was put in place for by desperate colleagues. That being to save the careers of as many National Party MP’s as possible. Nek minute a poll comes out showing National is dead in the water.

          National Party voters either vote blue even if it was a toothless dog with rabies leading them or don’t vote at all. They’ve hated watching Ardern the despised enemy become so popular especially at the time they felt National was entitled to be Government. All they had to look forward to was the 2020 election. Unfortunately for them, Bridges barked at every passing car and was viewed with contempt even by many National Party faithful. Muller missed the boat with his opportunity. National Party supporters were in despair. All they had to look forward to was an unprecedented drubbing at the polls in September. Collins arrives on stage in that environment so perspective is extremely relevant. Collins has given them some false hope where they had none. I’m sure they don’t see Collins as PM. They see her as a blue leader that will at least give Ardern a run for her money. They have of course totally underestimated Ardern and grossly exaggerated the ability of Collins. They have also failed to put enough weight on Collins dubious past and the certain fact she will incessantly step in huge holes of her own making until finally putting the hangman’s noose around her own neck. Christopher Luxon will have a very easy and smooth takeover post-election.

          The fact remains, for Collins to become National Party leader, they had to have been totally bereft of any other half-decent candidates, and for them to have even false hope with her as a leader shows just how desperate and hopeless National has become.

          • Jacindafan: I’m not sure how your response relates to my comment.

            I expressed no opinion on how leadership changes occur: that isn’t really the point.

            I say to you as I’ve said to others: accept that not all of us agree with you. That’s politics for you!

            It has been remarked on hereabouts that support for Ardern – and supporters’ indignant reaction to any critique of her – is beginning to look like a cult. Not a good place to go in politics.

            • D’Esterre,

              Viewing supporters as one thing or another is wide open to bias.

              John Key was seen by most National Party supporters as God like. He could do no wrong and was hero-worshiped by the faithful. They considered themselves astute New Zealanders that knew what was best for the country unlike the despised enemy. The reality of the carnage he left in his wake was totally lost on them and still is. I believe a big part of why Key was successful related to the lack of an alternative. Even many Labour supporters were not inspired by David Cunliffe and Andrew Little.

              Along comes Ardern. Those who support her were quickly ridiculed by National Party supporters / trolls as ignorant sycophants blinded by fairy dust and being part of a cult. Blue trolls refuse to acknowledge how well she’s led the country and instead via their own bias and political preference, ridicule her and anyone who has the audacity to support her.

              I happily accept people don’t all agree with each other politically. It’s the nature of the beast but……..

              I sincerely believe Ardern arrived on the stage just in time to stop the devastating and divisive track National had NZ on. Indifference and contempt for anyone doing it hard was the status quo. The Chinese influence and gifting NZ to Beijing was also extremely concerning etc etc etc etc etc.

              We now have a leader who inclusively leads despite all the misrepresenting, contempt, ridiculing and divisive undermining from the blue trolls. People are now being put before $$ and that’s a huge and welcoming change in the eyes of many. Whatever this Government gets wrong, they own it. They don’t reach for deflection, denial and I can’t recall. Most people would prefer a Government that acknowledges a serious problem but their remedy is too ambitious over a Government that refuses to accept there even is a serious problem, displays indifference toward the many people being disadvantaged by it and does zero to put it right. FFS, Bill English only discovered child poverty in NZ 14 days before the 2017 election day.

              I critique Ardern myself. She’s a politician and gets it wrong along the way. The dynamic you speak of regarding critiques of Ardern needs perspective. Not only do the blue trolls despise her like no other, they routinely misrepresent her and refuse to acknowledge the good she’s done. Then you have the way she’s been targeted by many vile individuals in the blue corner. The moment she became a threat to National, the incessant misogynistic abuse got under way. First came the equine references with her teeth that have never stopped. Then her having the audacity to have worked in a takeaway shop as a teenage girl and that being all she’s fit for. Her grandmother died three days before the the 2017 election day so never got to see her granddaughter become PM. Blue trolls said Ardern was such a lowlife, she would use the death to go after sympathy votes. They mocked and ridiculed Ardern all day every day. They went after her partner that most Kiwis consider a good kiwi guy doing the right thing and being a good dad and supportive partner. The Police had to get involved and make an unprecedented public statement in defence of him. It was that bad. They ridiculed Ardern’s marital status and routinely described her daughter as a “bastard”. They laughed and mocked Ardern when her pet cat was run over and killed outside her Auckland home. When challenged about this reprehensible conduct the blue trolls justified it by saying John Key and his family were subjected to abuse despite the fact both of his then teenage offspring courted media attention. The way the anti Ardern brigade have treated her is appalling and not a reflection of the NZ I want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren. If Ardern supporters are indignant toward critiques of the PM, it’s important to see the bigger picture. It should also be pointed out the “critiques” can and are often a euphemism for just more misrepresenting and vile misogynistic abuse.

    • @ herman.
      If it’s a war of wits that you plan to engage in then you’d best not come here unarmed.
      They’d a had you over at Whaleoil but they’re a bit fucked and that was because they backed a loser; The national party. Just look at them now? Half their front bench are gone and the rest are gone before they went.
      Again… just look at them? The national party who are left are simply howler monkeys in suits and frocks. I mean…? Just look at them? ( No disrespect to actual Howler Monkeys.)
      “Parliamentary privilege gets an outing in harsh general debate”
      Now. Take heart from this Labour fans?
      The Guardian
      “New Zealand beat Covid-19 by trusting leaders and following advice – study.
      Exclusive: Research finds citizens had high level of knowledge about coronavirus and how it spread”
      Let me see now…?
      A gubbimint that makes sure your money goes off-shore as $6 billion dollars in net profits to foreign banksters yearly or a Government that takes urgent and decisive measures to keep us safe and in relative comfort during a deadly pandemic to which their’s no cure for as yet.
      I think you’re correct @ herman. You should vote Labour.

      • Countryboy and Anker you hit the nail on the head, Herman and BG can vote because the governments intervention kept them alive. The only mistake Labour made was promising to fix 9 years of pain in a 3 year timeframe. The damage National did will take years to remedy.

        • The govt kept me alive? Do you really believe that? I kept myself alive and I’ve fought off far worse ailments than Covid

          The govt has also cost 1000s of nzers their jobs, livelihoods and Businesses.

          • 9 years of National did exactly the same. I suggest if your not happy other countries will take you if you think our country is poorly managed and no, the government kept you alive Your ideas of keeping everyone employed, the borders open, saving every failing business etc would have killed us.

  11. Herman you think National will win because Labour built a playground (I am assuming your comments that you are voting labour because of the playground is sarc. Wholely hell yeah voters walking around in covid free economy open NZ while the rest of the world burns is really going to March in the street over a playground ffs

  12. Well lucky just one very one sided opinion. We are Not all fooled so easily. Forget sweet smiles and let’s get on with what serves all nz long term.

  13. Whatever about ‘utu’ as a guiding motivation – what it comes down to, in terms of practicality, is that Judith just hasn’t given evidence of the skills necessary for government and management.

    • Nor has Adern. Your point?
      In fact I can’t think of a single o e of those muppets in any of the parties that has.

      • You’re wrong Jays. Ardern is so overqualified to manage the country and grow the economy. The last three years are proof of that.

        • When she’s the boss down there over the next three years you can take time out from playing in the playground to check her out. I’ve seen a number of idiots over the past couple of years saying all she can do is talk to little kids.

          If that’s so that’s an achievement I suppose. Some other idiots had her and colleagues lost down some Joyless great hole.

          • Those same idiots and yes they are idiots, forget other leaders around the world are glowing in their admiration of our P.M.
            Nurses, teachers and those now on the minimum wage are also glowing in their admiration. It is probably why billionaires around the world see N.Z. as a safe haven, given the P.M.’s handling of Covid-19, despite what Neville Nobody Hosking thinks.
            I suggest it is you Herman that is so woefully underqualified to opine on the P.M.

      • Isn’t there 600,000 deaths from covid to date? Should we be like the USA or Australia even, or England or India?

        I think this govts emphasis on its preventing death and more suffering and yet still maintaining a relatively normal life for us in this country is nothing short of amazing.

        And so do many world leaders and people overseas. One million tea sipping elderly old ladies in England cant be wrong.

        What say you?

        National is all washed up.

      • Actually, using your evidence and based on the previous 9 years of how National didn’t govern,every last one of us would have covid under a National government.

        Jays, your breathing, do you need more evidence of Arderns management or do prefer living in cars? I just love muppet comments like yours, they are so very easily brushed off as crap!

  14. Judith Collins is hellbent on vindictiveness and ‘getting even’. It’s a quality that is not becoming of a female(and yes I am a female)and a politician(thankgoondess I am not of that ilk).

    Recently I have been reading the Nicky Hagar book Dirty Politics. The behaviour of Collins even at publication of that book almost 6 years ago and looking at her repeat performance even now indicates to me she hasn’t changed or rather ‘improved with age’.

    In fact she has aged badly and dangerously. She is hellbent on getting even and this personal vendetta of her against those she views as the ‘enemy’ is a concern.

    I will NOT be voting for Judith Collins or the hardly if ever seen National MP in our electorate. In fact I don’t think a National MP has ever knocked at our door in a lower socio-economic region of Auckland perhaps because the electorate we are in is a secure Labour seat.

    But I am sure Judith and co will be making their usual easy to be broken ‘pre-election’ promises eg promising $31billion to reduce congestion over 10 years despite the fact from 2008 through to 2017 they did bugger all to reduce congestion in Auckland whilst in government.

    But then as per NZ National Party Mantra actions they will be all too eager to blame Labour and even the dysfuctional Super City Auckland Council(an animal of a National government making)for Dorkland being in such a mess. No blame will be cast towards National as their MPs are incapable of making mistakes. Yeah Right.

  15. Yes let’s oversimplify: doom, death endless winter, famine, disease, biblical plague events, or sunshine, happy thoughts, rainbows and glitter, Gondwana.
    Actual life is a tad more complex.

    Collins is horrible and happy to be seen that way as part of her thatcher routine.
    Ardern cultivates “nice” but it is a facade, she’s a walking slogan with lies or empty promises behind it.

    • Keepcalmcarryon “Ardern cultivates “nice” but it is a facade, she’s a walking slogan with lies or empty promises behind it.” Really ?

      That’s an extreme sort of claim to be making- without any evidence. The PM’s instinctive reaction to some terrible things has seemed to be one of genuine empathy. An appearance of niceness can be quite hard to maintain without a big consumption of energy due to inner tension – being a young mum and running a country at the same time would put her in the superwoman class if she were as nasty by nature as you imply. I don’t think so.

      She comes across as a good person in a way that may seem a bit cloying to gauche Kiwis, but after Shipley and Clark both being fairly devoid of grace and charm, and our male politicians being an unpolished lot, it’s quite nice having someone socially switched on for a change – and with better communication skills than most journos.

      Never ever forget how Shipley and Clark both preached at us like a couple of Meghan Markles – and how Marama Davidson wanted the whole country to start saying ‘cunt’ and hate on Pakeha and police.

      There’s been no such personal agendas from Jacinda Ardern, and no positivity from the crumbling Nats, so we go with what we’ve got – hope for a decent coalition, try not to wince at Winston’s attempts at relevancy; I’m quite sorry that some of the intellectually impressive people that TOP produced at the last election can’t be part of government – the Greens replaced by Greenpeace.

      • Snow White: “She comes across as a good person in a way that may seem a bit cloying to gauche Kiwis…”

        I think that commenters here need to realise that no pollie can please everyone, and that’s so with Ardern. As I’ve said to you before, I’ve never warmed to her. I was disappointed when she took the leadership from Little, who is much more my kind of pollie. Though I certainly don’t like his proposed hate speech law.

        I prefer my pollies largely charisma-free. I’m suspicious of charisma, which tends to blind people to a person’s flaws (think of that odious pair, Clinton and Blair; and Lange, unfortunately).

        Like every other pollie in my considerable lifetime, Ardern has flaws: she’s human. Moreover, as a very well-informed family member has pointed out, she’s a Blairite. It’s difficult to disagree.

        “Never ever forget how Shipley and Clark both preached at us like a couple of Meghan Markles….”

        I’m a boomer. During the period of house arrest, I definitely felt preached at by Ardern – and others, of course. It got to the point that I wouldn’t watch news bulletins, because it was so bloody irritating.

        “I’m quite sorry that some of the intellectually impressive people that TOP produced at the last election can’t be part of government…”

        I quite agree. Still: all is not lost on that score. There’s an election coming up. Happen some of the better ones will make it into parliament?

        • D’Esterre – ” I’m a boomer. During the period of house arrest, I definitely felt preached at by Ardern – and others, of course. It got to the point that I wouldn’t watch news bulletins, because it was so bloody irritating.”

          Then why watch ? I didn’t. I’ve not watched television since Trump became POTUS, and rarely watched prior to that. I got my arrest news online, and from skulking around to the BP to buy newspapers. But it was good that basically,people did watch, and did what they were told – except for 50% of older white men, according to the nice security guards at my local NSW.

          Agree with you re personalities, and decided that Lange was a lowlife after a reading couple of negative comments he made about his first wife in his autobiography – nice men do not do that sort of thing. In Cuba St one day, Lange emerged from restaurant and immediately, immediately, he looked around to see if anybody was watching him, so I pretended not to see him.

          Working as a researcher for Blair, Ardern would have been one of many minions – she mightn’t have even met him; one of my offspring works/ed for the Cherie Blair Foundation (I think it is) and never mentions her, but described Tony Blair as evil. Same offspring worked up in Parliament here and has a tape recording of Mike Moore throwing a wobbly because no-one had cleaned his shoes.

          The intelligentsia in my whanau liked the Labour guy who held up the dead fish in Parliament, but as a longtime now ex-Green supporter, I’m having to look at them. I like Kelvin Davis – and heaven help us all if pollies start sprouting ‘personalities’ all over the place.

          This week’s damaging and unnecessary thrusting of Iain Galloway et famille into the public eye by Judith Collins and groupies was so totally disgusting, that if that is the Nat’s dirty-as-usual ethos, then the sooner they disappear from the face of the earth the better – and in any case, with Collins an idiotic climate change denier, planet earth could implode first, so she has to go, for the sake of the future, and that’s that. She might enjoy Siberia – watching the tundra melting, and the polar bears starving.

          • Snow White: “Then why watch ? I didn’t.”

            Neither did I, after I tired of being lectured. But my point stands: Ardern lectured us. I discovered that many other boomers were similarly irritated by it.

            “But it was good that basically,people did watch, and did what they were told…”

            I – along with many other people – did neither. I was astonished and concerned at the willingness of younger people in particular to just uncritically do what they were told.

            “Working as a researcher for Blair, Ardern would have been one of many minions…”

            When I characterise her as a Blairite, that’s not what I mean. I’m having a crack at her political philosophy.

            “This week’s damaging and unnecessary thrusting of Iain Galloway et famille into the public eye…”

            I’m sorry to say it, but Ardern’s sacking of him did more to publicise the issue than anything revealed by Collins. Unless he’d rorted public funds – and it appears that he hasn’t – then he did nothing wrong with regard to his political role. We urgently need less censoriousness and more acceptance of MPs’ human flaws. There’ll be nobody left to govern, otherwise.

        • I agree with you about the danger of politicians with charisma on a pulpit D’Esterre. The classic example was Adolf Hitler. He electrified the crowds he addressed. And Lange doing his apprenticeship as a court lawyer learned how to move and engage a crowd by the modulation of his voice much more that what he said as he once explained in an article in the Herald , calling it “damned near demagogery “.
          These people are dangerous, but I don’t think this is jacinda’s style. She isnt an entertainer.
          D J S

  16. ” We deserve a better democracy, a better media and a better quality of debate this election ”
    None of which we are going to get without and end to the current stranglehold of the neoliberal regime.
    No one representing anyone in the current parliament or the next one seemed prepared to do what is needed and is long overdue.

  17. Capitalism, a closed hotel room, look the cost of the fridge, tourist no home safety journey, maybe as those eyes in the south are not to our being the mind of the safest place to be.

  18. Russel,Prebble,Cagil,and De clean, them telling us union people, MULDOON, has told us he has arranged it only he can arrange our countries monies and care, he cant he has lost the election, he says he can, daft scot says he cant and if he says its treason, so this daft scot says arrest him for treason and at that time the rope was the only justice maybe still. Lange a while later said some people wanted to charge Muldoon, with treason, that wis me no soft cock Lange.

    • Russel, should have been surname Marshall. The then elected Labour representative of Whanganui,then Wanganui, the oldest first city in New Zealand, and also the first elected Labour city.Changed when spud Boldger thought he had control, no not, Shipley, appointed arranged the electrol boundries, to today.YET ENSURED, the farm fence has changed, our fence vote has ensured Labour, will never again be a Wanganui Town

  19. Russel, was Russel Marshal, who he to the worker of Wanganui, the red reverant, lost care thought as who!s the part or Maori capitalist fright now saying. Is our humanity abstract, is there a sculpture to say this is us, is art wealth look this is me who are you, look at my wealth, who are you. what value your humanity, your wealth!s blindness the stage is yours you self and breath, humanity has and does care.

  20. Bomber, your argument is weak. Niceness is a flaky measure of superior politics. You suggest it shows us who we can trust. The position politicians take on issues may be a better measure. Better than shafting Judith for manipulating media (her pliable media) to make Jacinda look bad.

    I admire Judith’s position on women’s issues. Especially when she votes against legalising prostitution because prostitution is rape that is paid for – if the woman is lucky. She’s not all bad like you depict her. Where she’s really bad is on climate change denial. This means big business as usual drives her policies. Jacinda needs to stand up to this by chucking out the elements of neo-liberalism in her policies and pratices.

    The images of Jacinda’s toothy smiles v. Judith’s scowls are strong indicators of niceness, but the image of a long road for tourists, is a stronger image of the stupidity of rampant capitalism. All these tourists supposedly descending on us again in a virus-free future, are going to want to drive through tunnels and not the steep roads with stunning views of our beautiful landscape. Reject the daft plans of the greedy, embrace the plans that take care of us all!

    • Heres something good thats happened under this gummit:

      Mass poisoning led to law for new safe water national body …

      When I lived in Huia and worked out on the dams in a maintenance and construction gang during the 1980’s when the ARA was in charge, the place was well maintained, lawns were mowed or sheep grazing, revegetation was carried out, concrete structures and bridges repaired, tracks cleared and things received a lick of paint to prevent rust and rot,…the areas concerning all the dams were functioning and tidy.

      Now when I go out there on the odd occasion the place is a run down, unkempt looking hole. So much for privatization. As for Havelock North? – we could never dream of four people dieing because of bad water supply’s. Absolutely unheard of back then. Why?- because all these assets were regulated and maintained . Unfit water just wouldn’t pass muster and things would have been rectified pronto.

      And the passing of the The Taumata Arowai – Water Services Regulator Act and the forming of Taumata Arowai is a step in the right direction, – a direction we should never have left and let Roger Douglas’s free market fanaticism destroy this country.

      I’ll add further that this is yet another black mark against the John Key / Bill English led administration that let these conditions prevail.

    • Mike – ” Hypocrisy and inaction vs selfishness and nastiness.”

      Experienced both, think both contemptible. However selfishness and nastiness are worse, as evidenced by the pro-active vindictiveness documented by Nicky Hager, and progressed obscenely with Collin’s recent contemptible hit job on Galloway – not that I care two hoots about him personally. Hypocrites tend to be moral cowards, often self-delusional, not worth engaging with – manipulative survivors like that chappie with the kiss curl – but the vindictive never give up, and are hence very destructive.

      I certainly don’t believe that PM Ardern is a hypocrite, and nor does the global community, and the incoming Labour govt will have to show us so, by winding back on neoliberalism, addressing very real ingrained poverty issues and the arduous task of healing the physical environment wrecked under self-serving Nats – many or most of whom will be gone, and jolly good riddance. They had their day, and they blew it.

  21. Judith Collins is all jacked up on rightwing amphetamines and shes got half the skill of her predecessors. So I’m just assuming the greatest tragedy of the 2020 election is about to unfold in their laps.

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