Well, we’ll always have Paris Iain


Oh Iain!

Iain Lees Galloway, the mistress and the Paris trip:

It comes amid reports that Lees-Galloway paid for flights and accommodation for his mistress while he was in Paris earlier this year on ministerial business.

NZME has been told of the Paris rendezvous with the woman – a former staffer from one of his departments – but so far there is no evidence that public money was spent on her.

You take Wives, Girlfriends and Fiancés to Paris!

Mistresses you take to Rotorua.

Come on!

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  1. Oh please don’t desecrate a classic movie photo with that idiot from the wop-wops who hyphenated his own surname.

    First saw Paris camping in the Bois de Bologne where the shower ran out of hot water when I was covered in soap – but it’s the place to go, ergo I was truly delighted when Hone Harawira went AWOL there as it gave him a chance to see some of my European cultural heritage which he’s negative about.

    Perhaps Galloway’s squeeze saved her cents, and paid her own way, but he always had a defensive-looking face and now the whole world knows why, and big Jude really needs to start drawing a few lines and not do one more thing to hurt any more kids’ perceptions of their dads. What a witch – Garner’s just as bad – he’s got children himself for heaven’s sake – I need another shower.

  2. “You take Wives, Girlfriends and Fiancés to Paris!
    Mistresses you take to Rotorua.
    Come on!”
    Only if you have no Class.
    I have a renewed respect for Iain Lees-Galloway.
    Paris!? Go you!
    However, I can only hope your wife’s pleased to see the back of you. Otherwise she’ll be devastated therefore my heart goes out to her.
    One more thing and speaking of the powerful drugs which should come with a warning:
    Oxytocin is a peptide hormone and neuropeptide. It is normally produced in the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary. It plays a role in social bonding, sexual reproduction, childbirth, and the period after childbirth. Wikipedia
    Imagine if you were in Paris, you were being very well paid by people with high expectations of you, you were with your sweetie and she wasn’t your wife and you just popped a good and proper E…? Imagine?
    ( Children? Never do drugs, don’t listen to rock and roll and never kiss strangers under Parisian street lights. )

    • @Countryboy & Xray – There is nothing either original, or romantic, about a politician utilising an organised work trip to take a girl friend along with him.

      It’s not like whisking a woman off to Vienna at Christmas – the Trans Siberian Railway- Loch Ness on New Year’s Eve – it is very very predictably public servant.

  3. Dear God, our media just descends into a realm of utter shit. Gossip has become news. It’s top and centre in the Herald.

    The real story here is ILG hasn’t touched his ministerial credit card since entering government it appears, (2017). That must be a record in terms of integrity with public money.

    And he wins first prize for lavishing his ladies on the side. A damned hard act to follow to be fair. In the 2020 world of Covid19, about as far as he going to get is a motel and fish and chip shop in Hokitika.

    • @ XRAY
      IL-G is headlines at present to deflect from the scandal involving porn texts being sent to at least five women by a (former) serving National MP Andrew Falloon!

      It’s the Tory right wing media’s job to make the National MP’s misdemeanour seem less than that of Labour’s MP, by giving the latter the utmost suspicion raising attention.

    • Xray: “The real story here is ILG hasn’t touched his ministerial credit card since entering government it appears, (2017). That must be a record in terms of integrity with public money.”

      Yup. But no: all and sundry clutching their pearls in paroxysms of hypocrisy over his having got his leg over. And I don’t doubt that it was consensual.

      I don’t give a good goddamn if he paid for his lover to go to Paris – which in my view evinces real class – and nor do I give a good goddamn about his affair.

      I think his sacking for it is a serious overreaction on the part of Ardern. Humourless indignation rules!

      On the other hand, I do care about the feelings of his missus and family: utter humiliation, yet they’ve done nothing wrong.

      To all of those screaming in virtuous indignation about this: “let him who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone.”

      • D’Esterre – You must be joking thinking that a politician – second-rate or not – shows class in taking his girl friend to Paris and leaving his wife and kids at home. Why ? Just because it’s Paris ? Rome ? Berlin ? Barcelona ? Is it the location that somehow makes this classy ? The allure of the clandestine ? Because the tax payer didn’t have to pay for it ? Where’s the class ? I guess that an illicit weekend at the Bluff Oyster Festival or Addington Raceway wouldn’t have been so classy.

        He wasn’t fired for his morals’ he was fired for conflict of interest – for want of a better expression – with his particular ministerial responsibility for workplace relations, and a fairly clear power imbalance. Technically, he may have been in a slightly better position as minister of fish or chips, but he wasn’t.

        If Caesar’s wife has to be above suspicion, then so should Caesar, and just because some slime ball gets into power, doesn’t entitle him to continue slime balling, that is when he should stop.

        Further, a person flouting accepted mores usually won’t just be doing one thing that he shouldn’t be – ask any shrink or officer of the court.

        Further, if a person is unable to behave in the way that he theoretically should towards the person to whom he has made a personal commitment, then it may be a big ask to expect him to behave in the best interests of we, the hoi polloi to whom he has also made a commitment.

        Perhaps the worst thing about all this is that he was idiot enough to get caught, and that Collins/Garner/ Whoever, meanly ensured that he and his wife and children have been exposed to the voyeuristic public, thereby showing themselves – IMO- to be even grubbier.

  4. Try the novel:

    Ross Meurant

    Both based on – been there seen that done that escaped to tell.

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