MEDIAWATCH: We need an urgent redefinition of ‘Woke’


As someone who likes to credit myself with the wide spread use of the word ‘woke’ as a derisive term aimed at identity politics activists in NZ, I feel we need an urgent redefinition of the term as it looks likely to be the most over used insult in the 2020 election.

As a class lefty, I see identity as an important personal journey that leads you to politics but feel Identity Politics becomes terribly limited in gaining the democratic 51% as its most shrill advocates in the cancel culture landscape manage to make progress as alienating as a cold cup of vomit.

Class solidarity can gain 51%, Identity Politics risks pure temple over broad-church and you get endless schisms and little to show for it.

For most ultra woke activists, their starting point is all white people are racist, every man is a rapist and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

There’s not much intellectual wriggle room there.

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That virtue-signalling-middle-class-micro-aggression-policing-identifiably-Green-Party-militant-bike-riding-vegan-condescending-supporting-pronoun-Spinoff-subscriber in your social media feed screaming endlessly at you in the ubiquitous world of social media certainly thinks they are shouting truth to power, unfortunately it all ends up as a cacophony of self righteous struggle sessions alienating the vast chunk of voters who just want to know how they are paying for the roof over their heads and the food on their tables.

So that’s ‘Woke’. Identity Politics activists suffering the narcism of small difference and subjective triggering.

However, this sure as Christ isn’t ‘woke’…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should ‘stop being so woke’ – Judith Collins

National Party leader Judith Collins says the Prime Minister needs to “stop being so woke” and should acknowledge the new Opposition leader.

While speaking to Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge on her first day as the party’s leader, Collins said she believes Jacinda Ardern is playing around by not speaking more on National’s new leadership team.

…ummmmm. What the fuck?

Put aside the naked malice in her demands, folks this seems a bit Joe Biden of Judith here, doesn’t it?

Just because Jacinda doesn’t want to talk about you doesn’t mean she’s ‘woke’, it means you are politically irrelevant and trying to paint the PM not talking about you as a form of identity politics activism makes you sound crazy because her ignoring you has NOTHING to do with identity politics.

Jesus wept, is Judith falling to pieces barely 24 hours into her run as Leader? This seems a tad unhinged doesn’t it?

Firstly, it’s not up to Jacinda to talk about Judith, has Judith not read the handbook or something? The Prime Minister doesn’t tend to spend much time chatting about the Leader of the Opposition Judith.

Secondly, what the Christ does this have to do with being ‘woke’. Jacinda ignoring you isn’t ‘woke’. I think you mean to say she’s not being woke ENOUGH to congratulate another woman to face off against the heteronormative cis white male patriarchy?

Is that what you mean Judith?

Oh lord, please let her be this confused for the election.


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  1. It’s clear she isn’t acknowledging Collins. The P.M can’t be confident Collins will be there after the weekend!
    The P.M. will ignore Collins comment such is her maturity. I however would respond to Collins by saying “don’t be so old”

    • Correct Bert,
      Once the QC Heron’s investigation is finished and Judith Collins’ name was cc’d, bcc’d, or the origin in the Boag email trail, or her attack dog Slater’s in/outbox, then Judith Collins will be Judith who?
      Close the door on your way out, switch the lights off and hand the reins of power to Chris Luxon.
      National couldn’t organise a shambles, in a shambles factory.
      Why would Jacinda bother wasting breath, or giving Crusher any oxygen?
      Bye Judith.

  2. Collins is going to Prime Minister after Election mark my words Labour has no plan sadly.

      • And me too.
        Put your money where your mouth is A.Cotton, if that really is your name and you’re not a NACT bot..

        • And me too. Hey Judith – Jacinda isn’t really acknowledging you because you are irrelevant to the bigger picture she is dealing with.

    • Such hysteria over a has been like Collins, she only made leader at the third try because of the sinking ship and the desperation of Nats clinging on. Her selection will only harden the resolve of traditional Labour voters to encourage young voters to get to the polling booth. Also as Kaye and Adams show their non loyalty, many Nat voters will follow them out the. Mark your words, no thanks.

    • You really didn’t think that one through did you… If you honestly believe that they could actually be that lazy, and, quite frankly, as shallow and duplicitous as the current rabble occupying the opposition benches, then I am embarrassed for you..

    • Hi Antony – some facts about Judith Collins – she was deeply involved in Dirty Politics, is good friends with Cameron Slater, has no doubt burned many in her party, is a climate change denier, was caught posting fake news deliberately and also has no plan except to reinstate punitive measures against the poor and move national more to the right.

      Are you happy with this for New Zealand?

    • If you mean Judith Collins is National’s plan then its not really much of a plan, I’m afraid.

  3. Such hysteria over a has been like Collins, she only made leader at the third try because of the sinking ship and the desperation of Nats clinging on. Her selection will only harden the resolve of traditional Labour voters to encourage young voters to get to the polling booth. Also as Kaye and Adams show their non loyalty, many Nat voters will follow them out the. Mark your words, no thanks.

  4. Collins is clearly searching for the weak point. Don’t get cocky, Mr Bradbury.

    Dead eyed Great White sharks do this to their prey before they rush in from below and take a death dealing bite out of them, – then leaving them to bleed out…

    • Listened to creepy Barry Soper on RNZ describing Judith Collins. What a brown nose, with all the usual cliches.
      Turned it off after a few minutes -almost as vomit inducing as Hoskings. and the RNZ person meekly accepting the nonsense he was offering.

  5. She’s trolling Jacinda and left wingers. That this provoked a reaction is a concern – identity politics is going to be a theme of this election and if handled badly by the left a vote loser. The middle don’t do woke….

  6. Ardern’s inauthenticity weakens her. She’s authentic about herself. Not about our reality. Hasn’t lived it like …

    • Yes, most of the 35ists were egomaniacs. It was always a race between ideals and ego but in Scandinavia it delivered countries for the people of which we are all jealous.

  7. Her (judeaths) selection should also harden the resolve of many of our Maori whanau to vote to Byd0nz. Judeath has never done anything for our people. She is divisive and she has just shown that with her ‘whats wrong with being white’ comment. Her comment is a divide and conquer comment. And do we need this at the moment? Nah! To add to this, every time national have been in power she (judeath) has been a big part of the government. And every time many of our Maori people, PI people and our poor Pakeha whanau end up worse of in every facet of life. National represent people with money their policies exacerbate inequalities. And to those older NZers that vote national I see them as being very selfish indeed. And in my view they need to think about the next generation as many cannot afford to buy a home.

    • “Judeath has never done anything for our people. She is divisive and she has just shown that with her ‘whats wrong with being white’ comment.”

      Michelle, I have never heard anyone actually tender an answer to her question “What’s wrong with me being white?”. I would have thought there would many trying point out that it is not the colour of her skin that annoys them. But all I hear are crickets and comments like yours which seem to be dog whistles to reverse racism.

  8. This brings up a point that, in my opinion, has been largely overlooked.
    The woke are a bunch of identity driven lefties, yes?
    The woke are a bunch of identity driven all-round ideologists.
    Wokeism is not peculiar to the left, although the right would like to think so.
    The political right are just as identity driven as the left, except that the woke left are a lot more noisy and visible than their opponents.
    The woke right start shaking off their slumbers periodically and trumpeting about how it is good to be white, middle-class, god-fearing, etc.
    The difference is that the woke right are inevitably on the defensive all the time, they are afraid. The woke left pour scorn and instead of ignoring the criticism, the woke right respond with their own pitiful responses: wearing Trump hats, sticking inflammatory pamphlets in letterboxes, singing the National anthem (badly), promoting guns and parking their Ford Rangers on bus stops.
    The woke – either left or right – are so full of themselves that they lose the overall picture.
    What you do in life is much more important than who (or what) you are.

    • Sounded convincing, but who exactly are these woke right?
      The god fearing white middle class moral conservatives are most certainly not “woke” in my eyes.
      They are the sort of client I dread, always wanting something for nothing even when they of all my clients have the greatest ability to pay.

  9. Who is the middle Frank?. If Jacinda is smart and she is as are many of our younger generation nowadays.
    In fact many of our younger generation are smarter than the old school give them credit for. Don’t underestimate the power of our young people. We have already seen them march. Jacinda just needs to play the ball not the man(judeath) as we say in sports. Playing the man is identity politics playing the ball is policy.
    As for the middle don’t do woke Frank what a load of bull.

  10. If there is a mission to rehabilitate Words – could you please include ‘gay’ and ‘racist’? Especially ‘racist’ – which now covers xenophobia, religious intolerance and general ignorance.

    ‘Gay’ can be shared – but not as an insult. It used be be a happy word, once upon a time.

  11. Who would have thought Collins was so needy that she had to have the PMs acknowlegdement or approval? Quite pathetic.

    • RosieLee- I agree It’s a pointless, meaningless word, actually the past tense of wake. About as meaningless to the average person as the expressions ‘virtual signalling’ and ‘identity politics’ used only by those clever people in the know.

  12. Judeath has arrived …finally….look everybody look.

    And she may well go just as quietly never to return.

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