Does anyone comprehend how much of a climate denier Judith is?

This is how Dystopian Novels start

I don’t think people appreciate just how dangerous Judith Collins actually is.

I’d say she was Muldoon in drag, but Robert was never this muscular.

Crusher Collins electorate is Mordor.

Muller’s coup was driven by spooked MPs frightened they would become unemployed. That cowardice met Muller’s false confidence of a tall man and the train wreck was predictable. In their hour of most desperation the Caucus have turned to a politician like Judith Collins whom they can’t control.

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Judith’s manoeuvring into a position where she could take the leadership from the hapless Muller while releasing a book softening her image was a masterclass in back stabbing and rebranding.

Put aside the dirty politics, put aside the malice, put aside her deep connections to China, put aside the tyrant she would become in power, does everyone comprehend how much of a climate denier Judith is?

We’ve never had someone who thinks it’s a hoax in a leadership position in modern politics.

Every environmental protection would be up for grabs under Prime Minister Judith Collins.

I’m not talking her normal red meat dog whistling, nod, wink, unsubtle playing to her National-Party-low-horizon-imagination-hate-the-greenies-and-can’t-accept-climate-change-rump-supporters, oh no.

I’m talking full blown the earth-is-held-up-on-four-elephants-standing-on-a-space-turtle kind of climate denial.

Judith published an opinion piece on the fossil fuel paywall gated community that is ‘Carbon news‘ last year which argues against zero carbon, the Paris agreement and downplays the magnitude of what we are facing.

She is doing the classic ‘question the science’ tactic, which the tobacco industry used to argue there was no clear connection between cancer and smoking. She is also signalling to the deep pockets of the pollution industry that if she was leader they would have a much more benign environment to operate in.

Judith is also directly leading the climate denier electorate who refuse to point blank accept any of the science. Here is what science blog has had to say about Judith’s absurd claims

The Zero Carbon Bill implements this agreement for New Zealand. It implements what the National-led government agreed to when they signed the Paris Agreement, which Judith Collins now states “is not justified by any scientific findings” – this after innumerable scientists and delegates, including those of the New Zealand government, pored over and agreed to every word. Since the Agreement was signed, the IPCC 1.5ºC report – “1.5 to Stay Alive” – has strengthened the case for 1.5ºC. There is a broad consensus, both in New Zealand and internationally, about what needs to be done. Contrary to what Collins claims, the NZ emission target does not have “almost zero chance of being achieved”; it is entirely feasible and will lead to health and economic benefits for all New Zealanders.

As for “there is no indication they [the costs of global warming] are insurmountable”, it partly depends on what value you place on mass extinction and the loss of treasures like the Great Barrier Reef, not to mention coastal cities. How can this be surmounted?

The existential risks are real if difficult to size up. Hans Schellnhuber, founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and climate advisor to the EU, Angela Merkel, and the Pope, said in 2018, “I think there is a very very big risk that we will just end our civilisation. The human species will survive somehow, but we will destroy almost everything we have built up over the last two thousand years. I think we have more than a five percent chance of [preventing this]. But it’s definitely less than 50% in my view.”

…in a very real sense, allowing climate denial to become an openly discussed policy plank of the largest political party in NZ is probably more dangerous than anything else that happened this week.

The greatest irony in all of this is that Muller was engulfed in trouble because he had a MAGA hat – Judith Collins however is closer to Trump’s style of revenge politics in a way Muller never was.

Every rational citizen in this country has every reason to ensure they unite to stop Judith Collins becoming Prime Minister.


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  1. I stopped using the term climate change many years ago and have been using terms that better reflect what we are witnessing and which communicate the seriousness of our rapidly worsening predicament, terms such as Climate Chaos, Planetary Meltdown, Rapid Overheating and Destabilisation of Climate Systems.

    Since everything National stands for is predicated on the rapid squandering of fossil fuels and the rapid degradation of the environment, it stands to reason that she would deny the seriousness of our [collective] predicament.

  2. “I’d say she was Muldoon in drag, but Robert was never this masculine.”
    You are a nasty piece of SHIT, Wrongly Wrongson. This is nothing but a shitty little hate blog!

    • Somehow can’t imagine Ms. Collins avidly growing lilies and developing her own hybrids like Robert Muldoon did as a hobby. Can you Gary?

    • Gary – who are you to make this comment? This is not a “shitty little hate blog”. MB’s comments are, as always right on point but it is obvious that you cannot handle the truth and if people do not conform to your distorted and unintelligent narrative you attack and bully them. Let’s face it, you cannot handle the fact that Labour is in power and that a young intelligent woman is running the country – and running it magnificently. She is admired by leaders and people around the world yet all you can do is call her USELESS (that is how you wrote it) and you mock her because you think she has prominent teeth. Is that all you can say about Jacinda Ardern – really? She has done so much for this country and she displays a humanity and decency that you obviously cannot abide. I suppose it is because you do not have these same qualities.

      MB is right – Collins is a climate denier. Not only that, she is also donkey deep in dirty politics. Her continuous supply of filth and lies about others to Cameron Slater when he ran Whale Oil, designed to destroy good decent people and their reputations, is the true indicator of the type of person she is and by attacking people who highlight what she is all about you endorse that sort of gutter politics and you support that sort of person.

      Your comments are always negative, nasty and nonsensical. You should take a good hard long look at yourself in a mirror before it cracks. You won’t see much. As the saying goes – “nothing to see here, move along”.

    • Bomber is entitled to his opinion without the insults flying – try to counter it with fact and wit – this is what Judith would want. Personal insults are a sure sign of losing the battle

      The beauty of this site is it allows diversity of opinion without the puritanical approach you get on the Standard where moderaters hiss at you for offering a diverging view from the groupthink, cargo cult mentality over there.

      Please don’t ruin this site by turning it into a moderator’s paradise.

  3. “National quietly promises to freeze payments to NZ Super Fund”

    Why not do it with fanfare!
    Seems like another back to the future policy. You vote National at your peril.

    • You vote National at your peril.

      Literally. Because if she were to get in, they would prioritise $$$$s over health and safety, it would be a relatively short time before Covid 19 was rife here as it is elsewhere.

  4. Um ,… I’m not going to get on board with the climate change guff,…Ive seen far too many arguments both ways, but what I will say is is Collins is a political threat as well as being an inadvertent protagonist for a strong democracy.

    You cannot have a strong democracy with a weak opposition. Collins is perfect in making sure that NZ democracy is strong. Whether you love her or hate her, she is full-fulling that role, and rather rapidly as is her style.

    If we can give her that , then we owe a depth of gratitude to her. Despite her Dirty Politics involvement, despite her odious free market neo liberalism.

    Forget your climate change, forget your predictions,and forget your predilections, – this woman will challenge the very democracy you say you uphold. And if that is true she has already full-filled the most basic of functions politically in a modern western democracy.

    She has challenged everything you ever held dear and regarded as sacrosanct.

    Forget your off in the future climate change scenario’s , – this woman is directly challenging the very govt you hold dear as being the deliverer for your off in the future Utopian dream.

    The Lion King: Be Prepared

    I cannot make it any more simpler nor clearer for your mental digestion.

    Do with it as you will.

    • ‘Um ,… I’m not going to get on board with the climate change guff,’ ????

      ‘Climate change made Siberian heatwave 600 times more likely – study

      Human fingerprint on record temperatures ‘has rarely, if ever, been clearer’, says report

      The record-breaking heatwave in the Siberian Arctic was made at least 600 times more likely by human-caused climate change, according to a study.

      Between January and June, temperatures in the far north of Russia were more than 5C above average, causing permafrost to melt, buildings to collapse, and sparking an unusually early and intense start to the forest fires season. On 20 June, a monitoring station in Verkhoyansk registered a record high of 38C.

      An attribution study shows such prolonged heat over the first six months of the year would have been almost impossible without the effect of greenhouse gas emissions from industry, transport and farming.’…..

  5. The eight of my fellow employees who have just been made redundant because of Jacindas lockdown probably don’t give a shit about climate change right now.

    • And did they before? Because if they didn’t, then what is the point of your argument.
      People like Judith don’t care about climate change because they believe accumulating wealth will protect them from all the scary things nature provides. They will survive as the rest perish.
      But your colleagues probably got sucked into the dream, work hard, be self-serving, and one day I will join that promised land.
      Maybe now they will educate themselves and realise all jobs are at risk and if they want to survive they better start preparing and educating themselves.

      • Climate change is going to hit you harder and worse than any other concern you have. And when it does, it will be far too late for you to do anything about it.
        Covid19 is a secondary threat, you fools.

        • Climate change is going to hit you harder and worse than any other concern you have.

          It already has. I am a climate change refugee of sorts.

    • Jacinda’s lockdown. Hardly
      It was New Zealand’s lockdown saving untold lives and reducing loss of economic impact that no lockdown would have made.
      A decision based on scientific and economic understanding as well as the humanity of saving lives an grief.
      Accept some responsibility as you have befitted and so has all of New Zealand.
      Climate change is happening right now and ignoring it is irresponsible.

  6. Collins is a stool pigeon for ‘dirty industry’ and she is being obviously instructed to not support climate change so it is logical why she is a climate denier as she has to ‘tow the line with her paymasters’.

  7. Just stuck the Stuff article about her climate change opinions on my Facebook page. She’s been soft these last few years. National has taken the Muldoon option – certainty and strength and the bill paid ‘LATER’. No more of that. And a Labour devoted to clambering beneath the prison lights of wrong but powerful people.

  8. I can’t comprehend anything about judith collins much less her opinion on the climate.
    She’ll think it’s big jizz brownlee’s fault for blocking out the sun.

  9. Just one more thing…
    There’s a novel trend gaining momentum within our primary industry farmers.
    It’s that, which we should also get behind.
    AO/NZ should become a vegetarian country and only have cows to pat. Cows are highly pattable and the next best thing to a dog.
    These, are the people who will change AO/NZ for the far, far better.
    ‘Farmers dig deep at Regenerative Agriculture workshops’
    ‘Calls for NZ wool to be used in Govt buildings and homes’
    I’d also like to add: How about a royal commission of inquiry in to where our wool farmers money goes after they’re forced to sell it for a pathetic fuck all?
    Regenerative agriculture: How a dairy farmer learned to trust his instincts
    And it won’t happen under a natzo steerage because to do so might open up inquiries as to why our farmers have struggled for generations under they tyrannical control of the big blue liars club.
    Also? Pot. Lots and lots and lots of Pot. I mean bales of Pot. Train wagons loaded up with Pot.
    Empty paddocks waiting for wretched and hungry sheep? Yeah/nah mate.
    Pot. Pot. PotPotPot.
    And you can also smoke it which will put a new dawn on your day. Personally, I wouldn’t know because I don’t touch the stuff. Nope siree. Not me. Never have, never will. None of that there feel good smoke shall enter my lungs nor my brain. Need my brain to remember where the pisser is. ( Pisser. Slang for pub. )

    • Only thing I don’t like about cows is they are so damn bony. Dogs is far less so . Matter of fact dogs will keep you warm in bed whereas a cow will take up all your bed. So f@ck cows.

  10. I would think that for any politician in a western country in 2020 , admitting to scepticism about CO2 emissions causing global warming would be political I’m not surprised by Sumsuch’s comment that she has been soft on the issue for the last few years.
    If she pulls off a win either this election or next with the stance depicted by the stuff article, and she is bound to be taken to task about it now, then it would seem to me that there are many many skeptics out there who are just keeping their thoughts to themselves rather than attract the opprobrium that voicing their thoughts would bring. Has brought me. It is a subject more driven by emotion than science. The factors in play are too complex and too interrelated to afford the scientific certainty that is claimed by the most prolific and motivated evangelists . IMNSHO.
    D J S

  11. On point MB.
    Maybe if we put Gerry and Judith in front of the sun long enough the planet may cool down .

  12. You only have to look at National’s just announced transport policy to know how little climate change figures in the National scheme of things.
    The new policy claiming to fix Auckland’s traffic congestion.
    Build more roads.
    Building more roads and tax cuts – National’s cures for all ills.
    More roads which will quickly become congested because they encourage more cars on to them leading to yet more roads which quickly fill up……..the cycle goes on and on with National.
    National are so one dimensional that they cannot plan for anything that doesn’t include roads and roads transport.
    We need a government that has ideas and options.
    Labour might not have it all, but National has even less.

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