Labour’s rank amateur cancel culture red flag for Gerry’s Intelligence Unit


The stank from Labour’s rank amateurism just offends the nostrils doesn’t it?

Labour sacks candidate for old anti-Islamic tweets

A candidate has been removed from the Labour’s Party list following anti-Islamic tweets he made seven years ago.

Firstly, dumping a candidate for a 7 year old tweet is the very definition of petty cancel culture. The candidate’s silly comment at the time were weak and pathetic, but as adults we can all agree a person has the capacity to learn and grow in 7 years. Cancelling someone like Labour have for a 7 year old tweet is shameful and childish.

But it’s also really dangerous.

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Labour have set a very very very very low threshold here and Gerry Brownlee’s intelligence Unit will be sweeping every candidates social media feeds now to catch another example and force Labour to sack them as well, and once you’ve got one, you can find another and you start a story narrative you could have avoided if you hadn’t cancelled in the first place.

‘Another Labour Candidate haunted by tweets’ will scream Tova O’Brien while Hooton will advise Todd Muller to launch a culture war argument about left wing culture purges.

The irony of course is that Labour’s previous President, Nigel Haworth, would never have walked into a trap like this, but of course, Nigel was forced to resign over a false sex assault printed in The Spinoff and propagated by feminist journalists at Fairfax so watching Labour walk into another cancel culture trap is hilarious.

Labour have handed National the rod with which National will beat them with.

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  1. Oh!
    Almost forgot.
    I was once commissioned officer in charge of police Criminal Intelligence Unit.
    Trust me when I say: CIS and SIS and CIA and MI5 (all the same cloth) make mountains out of mole hills.
    Take Tuhoe as an example.
    I was one of very few to call out the police on this.
    In fact, I cant recall one leftie commentator who challenged the police.
    I DID, Deep in the Forest.

    I was right. ’cause only after the Solicitor General, whos permission is required before police can prosecute under Terrorism legislation, came out and said: SORRY CHAPS NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS;
    did ‘others’ emerge’ giving the police some stick.

    Meanwhile: Try some of this to wreck the ‘perception’:


  2. Well maybe Gerry will remember the toilet seat “dirty politics’ campaign run against Clare Curran by Michael Woodhouse.

    Woodhouses defense Woodhouse said: “Woodhouse said: “To be honest I cannot really remember it, and I don’t think an eight-year-old photo is a burning issue of the day,” he said. and I don’t think an eight-year-old photo is a burning issue of the day,” he said. “Woodhouse said: “To be honest I cannot really remember it, and I don’t think an eight-year-old photo is a burning issue of the day,” he said.

    “I cant recall” sounds a familiar National defense and given it has come from Woodhouse perhaps Muller will see fit to sack Woodhouse.

  3. So why aren’t the MSM screaming for National’s Hamish Walker’s de-selection when he made racist comments about Indian and Pakistani immigrants being quarantined in Queenstown not SEVEN YEARS ago, but less than a week ago?
    This smells of the National Party’s dirty tricks brigade swinging into action, and I bet they have something to do with the leaked details of COVID-19 quarantine people too.
    National can’t win by fair so they will try to win by foul.

    • Mike the Lefty: “So why aren’t the MSM screaming for National’s Hamish Walker’s de-selection….”

      From what I’ve seen, the msm hasn’t been screaming for Kurt Taogaga’s deselection, either. My impression is that Labour front-footed this.

      I’d add that I agree with Martyn: this is cancel culture of the most egregious sort. Labour has got this comprehensively wrong.

    • This smells of the National Party’s dirty tricks brigade swinging into action, and I bet they have something to do with the leaked details of COVID-19 quarantine people too.
      Written July 4.
      July 7, Natszkis admit they did it.
      I was right.
      No excuses for not deselecting Hamish Walker now.
      Plus Michelle Boag once again demonstrates her perfidy and why she should not be allowed anywhere near anyone’s personal information.

    • What you and a couple of other predictable tribal left posters above are missing is that this is Labour deleting its own candidate, nothing to do with the Nats, but giving the opposition a very real stick to beat them with.
      Did you guys actually read Martyn’s article? Why would the Nats be interested in self flagellating?

      Identity politics and moral crusades will eventually bring this government down although probably not soon enough for this election, unfortunately for us all it’s going to be very destructive for our previously pretty tolerant society.

      • Keepcalmcarryon: “What you and a couple of other predictable tribal left posters above are missing is that this is Labour deleting its own candidate, nothing to do with the Nats, but giving the opposition a very real stick to beat them with.”

        Exactly. I’m surprised by some commenters here, who appear to have completely missed that point.

        “Identity politics and moral crusades will eventually bring this government down…”

        The sooner the better, in my view, though I never expected to be saying that about a Labour-led government. I’ve had a gutsful of it.

  4. There were media reports on TV saying it was deemed ‘racist’ what he commented years ago. How the hell can criticism of a religion be ‘racist’? Religion is NOT a ‘race’, ffs. PC madness and misinformation destroys society.

    • Marc: “How the hell can criticism of a religion be ‘racist’?”

      Yeah, tonight on the news I saw Anjum Rahman from the Islamic Women’s Council claiming that it is racist. That’s nonsense, of course. A religion isn’t a race, so critique cannot be racist.

      And if we can’t criticise religion, god help us all. To coin a phrase….

  5. I think your reasoning is sound Martyn. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing. The Muslim community would be more assured of true goodwill by having some of their needs for family assistance from overseas prior to lockdown etc dealt with. I would think they would feel similar to this from My Fair Lady. Just get on with governing Labour and apologise for any toes stepped on on the way. But we can’t concentrate on being perfect, and in fact oppressed people become practical. What does being sensitive mean they think does it mean we really care, or is it just the appearance of caring.

  6. The sacking of a Labour candidate over 7 year old tweets agreeing with anti Muslim comments has set a new naive and pathetic benchmark. Tova O’Brien will be rubbing her hands with glee again. Her crusade against David Clark was relentless and very personal. If she had been working for the National Party, her salary would have been tripled.

    Clark, Curran, Haworth have been Ardern’s sacrificial lambs so far. Who’s next? Does she not understand this is the reward and incentive certain people are hunting for? They are highly motivated scalp collectors.

    Going through garbage bins looking for dirt is O’Brien’s and the National Party specialty. I said months ago that you can’t play nice against dirty opponents. All this bullshit about going high when rivals go low may sound nice to some people but those same idealistic people are no longer in politics. If you’re rivals go low, you must match that and even be prepared to go lower. Get in the trash bin yourself and dig up shit on them. People who trade without integrity, ALWAYS leave a trail.

    At the moment, the Government has set it’s self up as an injured new born fawn surrounded by hungry and desperate hyenas. That scenario never ends well for the fawn.

    Labour should have hung National and the media out to dry over their incessant crusade that Ardern knew about sexual abuse and covered it up. That is a diabolical claim. If correct Ardern should be out of politics. If it’s a reprehensible fabrication via the usual suspects, they should all now have new careers. It was of course total bullshit. A credible person involved stated he’d had his computer forensically examined and it proved the alleged victim was being VERY creative with the truth spurred on by Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges. Ardern told that person to hush as it will potentially discourage sexual abuse victims from coming forward. Far koff!!!! .They had the perfect defence and proof of evidence but Ardern chose not to use it. At what stage did the alleged victim ever behave like a victim of sexual abuse? NEVER. Genuine victims generally do one of two things. 1) Go to the Police..or 2) Say nothing and ride out the nightmare quietly for years. Very few dismiss both of those options and instead go to an opposition political party who put the details of the alleged situation up in lights for the world to see. The fact the alleged victim forget to tell everyone involved that her and the alleged offender were actually in a relationship was also VERY telling. When the credible person who’d had his computer forensically examined and had the audacity to offer up an extremely credible defence, the farcical alleged victim went straight to the media again claiming how distressing that evidence was. This was so obviously an attempt to close down ANY defence and it worked. Even when an independent review exposed what the true situation was, Ardern felt the best thing to do was give almost all concerned a free pass. All except the alleged offending staffer who was strongly encouraged by Ardern to resign and ex Labour Party President Nigel Haworth who was also encouraged to resign in yet another limp noodle attempt to take heat from the subject.

    So what was the end result of the skulduggery from National and the media? They got traction. It ended the careers of two innocent people on the Labour side. It hurt Labour and Ardern in the next few political polls. National were gifted a free pass. The media were gifted a free pass. The alleged victim was gifted a free pass. Even when skulduggery is proven, the offenders still receive their free pass. All that guarantees is more of the same. Where is the incentive for those involved not to stoop to that level? There isn’t one. It’s too late for Labour to go back now but they can learn.

    Here are 3 examples they urgently need to address with all of their abilities.

    1) Todd Muller was interviewed by John Campbell within days of becoming National Party leader. He was asked about his travel to the Chiristchurch area in the months leading up to rolling Bridges. He was especially asked about meeting up with Amy Adams and Gerry Brownlee. Had he admitted he had done so, it would have highlighted an extended hidden from view plan to roll Bridges. That is epic skulduggery within a political party. It seemed as certain as it could possibly be that the answer had to be YES. It must also be remembered Adams had previously stated she was retiring to spend time with family. Muller’s answer of long pauses and then NO, was to my eye unmistakable proof that Muller is comfortable to look straight down the camera and tell bare faced lies to NZ. An urgent investigation into this area is more than warranted and then expose exactly what unfolded. Muller would have to resign the same day.

    2) National Party involvement in the two UK sisters in quarantine being given urgent compassionate leave without being tested. As important as it was, the most telling aspect for me was the “very reliable source” immediately feeding information to National about hugs and kisses on the side of the motorway. I’ve witnessed more than my share of highly emotional situations involving death over the years. The two words that come to mind to describe the wants and needs of those involved are PERSONAL and DISCREET. The very last thing anyone involved would want in a situation like this is their extremely private and emotional situation being used all day every day as a political football by the media and an opposition political party. I find it VERY telling that the two sisters involved had no recollection of any kiss and cuddle on the side of the motorway that was released to National so quickly at that very sensitive time. Had this occurred, you’d expect at least one of the sisters would have some recollection but they didn’t and said so. It must be remembered that Nationals clear plan is to undermine and destroy Ardern’s 93% approval rating of her handling of the pandemic. There are things hidden from view here that reflect badly on National and their “very reliable source”. We saw the bullshit fairy tale about the homeless man living it up in quarantine. More should also have been made of this to avoid similar skulduggery allegations that will no doubt arrive as National Party desperation becomes more apparent. I’m 100% certain that extremely damaging allegations will be made in the final two weeks before polling day. There will not be enough time to investigate and prove bullshit before election day. Some of the shit against the wall will stick and it will hurt Labour. The sexual abuse cover up in compelling evidence of that fact. If Labour prove and highlight what National are up to, voters will totally dismiss the diabolical allegations they will undoubtedly unleash just prior to election day. Anyone who thinks this won’t happen is politically, extremely naive.

    3) Yesterday, we were told about private and sensitive information regarding Covid-19 patients etc had been leaked. Who would do such a reprehensible thing and why? Ask yourself which party is most associated with skulduggery, which party benefits from this leak and which party has destroying the 93% approval rating as their number 1 priority?. Someone on the inside is fully aware of how important it is for National to destroy Ardern’s approval rating and like the rest of us saw the traction Muller and the media gained from the two UK sisters situation. That insider would realize that traction has now gone. A team of investigators needs to be urgently put onto this case and others. NZ must expose and purge this type of vile from it’s political system. The public of NZ also need to be made fully aware of the Dirty Politics they are witnessing by the usual suspects. Enough of being a pathetic injured new born fawn. Make a change that will impact and protect the integrity of all future NZ election campaigns.

    • +100 Jacindafan
      In National’s busy festival of bluster these days, the most telling moment for me was when Michael Woodhouse’s answer in an early TV interview. Asked why he didn’t tell the Ministry of Health about the travelling sisters as soon as he knew about them, his po-faced unhesitating answer was “I’m a politician.” Politics before ethics seems as central to his party’s creed as economy before people in a pandemic.

  7. Sound reasoning by Bradbury here. Labour have been spineless and pathetic in hanging Taogaga out to dry over a 7-yr-old tweet. And worse could be just around the corner if Andrew Little gets his “hate speech” legislation through after the election.

    • Pope Punctilious II: “And worse could be just around the corner if Andrew Little gets his “hate speech” legislation through after the election.”

      Indeed. That’s a big worry for many of us.

  8. I like you introducing Nigel Haworth into your argument Bomber. Prime example of the extremely bad strategy that Labour is carrying out. Also called ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ or alienating your own support base.


    ‘We wanted to break her’ – Jami-Lee Ross weighs in on Clare Curran story
    Toby Manhire 2 hrs ago

    Jami-Lee Ross, The controversial MP says his former party put a target on the minister’s back, but Melissa Lee insists there was no concerted campaign.

    The MP who exited the National Party in a tailspin attack on former leader Simon Bridges has publicly apologised to Clare Curran for his role in the treatment she received from the opposition in 2018, asking why parliamentary politics drives people to “enjoy the destruction of others so much”.

    In an exclusive interview with Donna Chisholm for The Spinoff published this morning, Curran speaks openly about her resignation, and the attacks she faced. “People could see that mistakes were made but they were mistakes and I paid an incredibly high price. I was set upon by what felt like a pack of dogs to tear me to shreds,” she said.

    Curran said she had undergone six to eight months of psychological treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder after a disastrous afternoon in parliamentary question time. “It was the worst nightmare in front of everyone. I remember a sensation of pressure that built up, and quite honestly, during those first few days I felt like I was literally going to die. I felt physically that I was going to die because the stress had got so much and there was nowhere else for it to go,” she said.

    Writing on Twitter, Ross – who has himself been accused of toxicity and bullying in his time in parliament – said: “I had such mixed emotions reading this. You would have to be heartless, or so partisan that you’re now devoid of humanity, to not feel empathy for Clare. But at the same time, I recall being on the other side when it was all happening.”

    Ross, now an independent MP, continued: “I was in the 8am strategy meetings when we were deciding to throw everything we had at her. I was in the morning procedures meetings as Melissa Lee would share what her latest hit on Clare was going to be. Clare was a weak link. National wanted to break her. And we did. Watching those question time answers, from about 10 metres away, you could pinpoint the very moment her career ended. I can only now imagine what it felt like. But at the time all we felt was excitement and success.

    Attempts by Ross to implicate Bridges and the National Party over donations went awry earlier this year, when Ross himself was one of four individuals charged by the Serious Fraud Office in relation to alleged deception over the funds. The case is ongoing.

    Of the Curran episode, Ross today concluded: “Parliament turns normal people in to savages. Another human was going through probably the most traumatic experience they’ll ever go through. Clare lost her job, reputation, her mental well-being. What were we doing? Laughing. Backslapping. Praising the destroyers. We were awful. Yeah, accountability is important. But why enjoy the destruction of others so much? Do we really need to revel is someone else’s downfall? Sure, we all signed up for what Parliament is. But why did we also sign up for forgetting decency when we walked in the door? Sorry Clare.”

    Speaking to the NZ Herald today about the story, National MP Melissa Lee, formerly Clare Curran’s shadow in the broadcasting portfolio, said there was no targeted campaign against her.

    “I know she has talked about some of this before, it can be difficult in parliament, there are issues related to being a woman, and me personally as an ethnic minority. I do feel for her, what she had to go through with mental health issues, and I am glad she got help.

    “But she still can’t skirt around the fact this all happened as result of her incompetence, being a senior cabinet minister, responsible for openness and transparency, and she herself could not set an example. There was no campaign against her, I was asking the questions, as is my duty as an opposition MP.”

    In the same Herald article, Michael Woodhouse, who Curran revealed had once won a debating trophy in the shape of a toilet seat with an image of her on it, is quoted as saying: “To be honest I cannot really remember it, and I don’t think an eight-year-old photo is a burning issue of the day.”

    Former Green MP Holly Walker, who details the punishing environment of parliament in her memoir The Whole Intimate Mess tweeted: “I have so much empathy for what Clare Curran went through. Guarantee there are more former MPs out there with PTSD, anxiety, depression and burnout.”

  10. What action has National Taken on Simon Bridges breaches of Quarantine during Alert Level 4? Yet they managed to displace Clark, who admittedly went outside his personal Bubble for a Bike Ride and a trip to a secluded Beach with his family. Pot Kettle Black?
    What action has National taken with Bridges over the Jamie Lee Ross debacle, 1 chinaman worth 2 Indians, and the misappropriated Donations of $100K plus?
    Jamie asks his leader “What do we do with splitting up the donations so we don’t catch any heat”? What about the Sexual assault and illegal wiretapping your employees internal conversation? Guess thats ok huh?
    How bout the Chinese Army Intelligence officer that’s still sitting on Nationals opposition benches because he’s a friend of Simon Bridges to nowhere and now that Simon’s wishes have been granted to become a CCP Bencher as an exchange representative – aka Foreign Minister, no worry’s, business as usual??? I’m confused!?
    Then again, I guess it must be OK that Key & Co. privatised and profitised ACC, Healthcare, MBIE, MSD & Housing NZ (Kianga Ora) and opened the floodgate for GCSB to spy on NZ Citizens they felt were dissidents – ala Kim dot Com Hone Harawira . All this stuff “under urgency without any public disclosures, or Parliamentary debate??? The Public gets no notice until after the fact, and thats OK for their Gov’t of the Day too??
    Leads me to ask myself, why do we need Politicians in our Government when they all seem to work for Ideologically driven Corporatised Organisations against the interests of the People they are mandated & sworn to serve equally under the Law of our Land.
    Why was nothing said about our new Reserve Bank Currency, that cost 200 $$Million to replace the old, same thing, then the old same thing remains in circulation?? If it was meant to make our currency harder to counterfeit why were only the Coins changed and the old ones removed, but the paper notes that are easier to counterfeit, as was the original point, not removed? Flag Referendums that flop, but not before the new Flag was posted on the Citibank Currency exchange Window in NY before the vote even occurred. When did Niue get into the Mint Business for Bullion Precious Metal Coinage and where does this register as legal tender on the Forex Exchange?? Hmm, so many questions without answers???
    All’s fair in Love and Politics as long as you pay your media pundits more to sweep these things under the rug than the other side pays.
    Politicians – HUH, good god ya’ll, what are they good for? Absolutely nothin… Professional Nest Feather’s and Lobbyist enablers ‘R Us… We’re Here to Help (ourselves)…

  11. I realise it’s Sunday and you prolly banged this out sitting up in bed with a coffee and munching on your scrambled egg, but you really should apply spell check and grammar a bit more often. Whilst I can generally get your meaning with a misplaced or absent apostrophe, I’m struggling to work out whether Nigel resigned over or reigned over the sex scandal as both verbs work but have a different meaning.

    The stank from Labour’s rank amateurism
    The candidates silly comment
    every candidates social media
    Nigel was forced to reign over a false sex assault

    It’s the kind of thing that gets you onto Gerry Brownlee’s list of communist infiltrators…

  12. Dunno whether Todd’s smart enough to do what you are expecting however Hooten definitely is so it’s likely to have started on the weekend. As a side note how does Walker’s comment compare to Twyford’s “Chinky names” and Winston’s “2 Wongs don’t make a right”? All three are classic cases of casual and clumsy racism so if you are demanding Walker goes so does Twyford and well Peters is probably gone anyway.

    Point is all 3 comments were dumb dog whistles aimed at encouraging anti foreigner sentiment. They weren’t malicious and all 3 deserving a swift kick in the balls with a no more or you’re out comment. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And yes Bomber there will be more on both sides. Judging by the competency (or lack of) of all political parties nowadays………..


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