ACT’s cost of living ‘solution’ is a fortnightly McDonald’s Happy Meal??? Jesus wept David, how did you manage to make Jacinda look out of touch?




Act Party wants to give everyone $187 per year to counter cost of living

Act leader David Seymour said they would fund this from Emissions Trading Scheme revenue.

That is what companies pay in order to emit carbon into the atmosphere.

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Seymour said it is about $1 billion a year, and instead of going into what he calls the government’s “climate slush fund”, it could be distributed to everyone.

“Act says, at a time like this, we should return carbon tax revenue to those struggling with high prices,” Seymour said in a statement.

What planet is David living on?

His great solution to the vicious cost of living crisis we are facing is $187 per year?

That’s barely 1 McDonald’s Happy Meal every fortnight.

That’s his solution?

Jesus wept David, how did you manage to make Jacinda look out of touch?

Surely pork barrel politics require a rasher of bacon and a wooden cup at the very least?

$187 a year isn’t a fucking solution and that David seems to think his great wonk idea of refunding climate change money from the emissions trading scheme into people’s pockets is as clever as it is sharp, well he’s got another thing coming.

Smart arsed policy games like this are all fine and dandy for political tragics and undergrads, but people are fucking haemorrhaging money and are screaming for a solution.

$187 a year to offset the tsunami of cost people are facing is the kind of political response that makes people want to kick politicians in the balls.

Who is this petty policy appealing to who don’t already vote ACT?

David, you’ve cornered the gleaming eyed electorate, you need to expand beyond University Debating Team semantics.

The Tax cuts that National and ACT are promising had a sugar high element to them. Once people see the pittance that National and ACT are offering and compare that to the $18000 a year those very same Politicians who are calling for tax cuts will then receive and the desperate electorate will turn away in disgust.


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  1. Seymour is a dick who uses multi culturalisms as a weapon against Maori yet I bet many of his Epsom constituents (mostly Asians) can speak their native language, travel home regularly and still practice and live by their own culture. My point is, if his multi cultural constituents can live and practice their culture as it is important to them, then we have a right to be able to practice and live by our tikanga practices especially in our country.
    Yes we are multicultural now but we have a founding document (a bicultural agreement) the Treaty of Waitangi.

    • Absolutely CiP. Even without the Treaty, tikanga Maori is the culture that identifies us as a Nation; it is uniquely Aotearoa and needs to be treasured – a true taonga for us all.

    • Which states that the Queen is Sovereign, Property rights are to be respected and that we’re all equal. None of these articles are bi-cultural, if anything they lean towards us being a singular group of New Zealanders as opposed to distinct groups defined by race.

      Also, I’m not aware of anyone preventing anyone else from living in accordance with Tikanga (in fact I note it’s being pushed hard by government what with the He Pua Pua push, health care, three waters, etc).

      Lastly, why explicitly call out the ‘mostly Asian’ aspect of those living in the Epsom electorate. I’d hazard a guess that many if not almost all are NZ citizens so under the treaty they all have the same rights as you and I. The racist undertones to your comment are quite worrying, I’d suggest you might want to consider that whilst many immigrants do maintain connection to the place of their birth they have chosen to move here, become citizens and contribute to NZ as a whole as this is now their home and they are proud New Zealanders.

      • Stop talking rubbish Yeti we had our language outlawed for 50 years we were not able to speak it and our parents had it beaten out of them. Is that what you call being allowed to practise tikanga. NZ had the pepper potting racist housing policy and who got all the state jobs when the welfare state was created, not us. The we are one people mantra signified peace but not equality and equity not when one group had all the power and made all the decisions. Its only been in the last decade that we have been able to deliver Maori for Maori services, targeted services to help fix the mess created by colonisation and other bad policies. We are at the bottom of every health and socio economic statistic now is that privilege, nah!

        • There was no law against speaking Maori, or do you have a reference I couldn’t find?

          Here’s about how close it got?
          “The Native Schools Act 1867 required instruction in English where practicable, and while there was no official policy banning children from speaking Māori, many, were physically punished.”
          NZ herald.

          • ‘The where practicable is nonsense’ it was English or piss your pants have you heard those stories when you did your research about some of our people about Maori kids pissing their pants rather than getting strapped or being embarrassed by their teacher Alan and by the way are you a counsellor?

      • ‘We are all equal’ do you really believe that rhetoric when you look at the history of our country and who has been in power and largely had control of all the resources and allocating those resources.

        • Pa, is someone stopping you doing what you want to do?

          Bob said it… Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. He was talking to all of us.

          The rich / powerful / colonisers / control freak government / any non beneficent authority? / abuser / bully / even idiot or, whatever, has unwarranted power over us, if we… I don’t know ; let them? Or buy into that story? Or get wound up because life isn’t fair?

          If we think / believe and get pissed off all the time that ‘they’ are keeping us down, then they win. Even if they might not be trying to do that specifically on purpose.
          Some power elites will be trying todo that on purpose, for sure.

          But all the rest of it is just a system, the system we are in now… Most people just want to get on with their lives.

          Gagarin said it was the rich, meaning it’s not racial, not specific to Maori getting picked on… Those who want to control, want to control EVeryone.

          Bombers cartoon said the powerful gave the lumpenproletariat woke theory (introduce them to CRT or water it was) , to give people something to be pissed off about, to get in their heads and distract them… To control them in a way.

          I went to Howick Historical Village the other day. Very surprised I was, interesting to see that from (dates might be slightly wrong) 1840 to 1846, for about 5 years after the Treaty was signed, the whole of Ireland was basically starving to death.
          The pictures and stories from the time are horrendous.
          The potato famine I think that was.
          The in-power English did nothing about it, watched on with full larders while children starved to death in their view.

          Was life better here for Maori in 1845 than for the Irish?

          Like Country Boy linked to – Russel Brand talks about; who was in control? Who had the power or money to spread their message through the paid media? The distracting and controlling message?

          Written published accounts are that life was very very harsh in Scotland England etc for any not rich person at that time.

          Not to blame the English specifically, any (rich) power tripping asshole would be the same; Pol Pot, Stalin, Gengkis Khan, Caligula, Hitler, or that Ngapuhi Chief who rampaged through the North to Taranaki killing and enslaving everyone. Whole tribes jumped off cliffs rather than get captured by him. You know that story? Sorry I forgot his name exactly.

          Rich isn’t the decisive factor either. Plenty of nice rich people. Anyway, compared to a Somalian in a Kenyan refugee camp, you are probably rich. I certainly would be.

          Anyway, gotta go, can’t tidy up the above paragraphing.
          Hope you have a good day.

    • Your comment should be shared far and wide. You have encapsulated the situation perfectly. I would have referred to Seymour as a ‘nong’ or a ‘twerp’ but ‘dick’ is an excellent substitute.

  2. Nothing like a crisis to expose the idiots. ACT and National are wining the ‘stupid solutions’ contest; but it’s time for Labour to bring in meaningful changes like making the first $30,000 tax free, and raising the top tax rate to compensate.

    • That might be a little harder than you think given that more than half of the tax paid in NZ already comes from about 10% of PAYE tax payers. Good to see that you acknowledge that there is a ceiling to how much people should pay although it’s a shame that you’ve not applied that to the so called rich in NZ.

      • Half the income tax ,not total tax, and not including gst . Also the top 10%of income earners don’t pay any tax on capital gains .

    • Seymour Guns and Christaphoria really cocking it up lately making Jacinda look semi-sensible. Meanwhile Winston going native on the 3 Waters Proposal ?

  3. LOL. Rimmer has lost his mojo a bit as he struggles with the adendency of Uncle Fester and flip flopping with the protests.

    All politicians are looking for the easy way out of this cost-of-living crisis and aren’t willing to sacrifice the public sector JUST YET. If the coming tidal wave of shit is as large as I expect wait for it to come though……

    • Here’s an idea, we’re sitting on 16 billion tonnes of high grade lignite coal with an approx value of $150 USD a tonne.

      Dig it up, sell it and apply a sovereign wealth tax to release trillions (yes trillions, do the sums) of NZD.

      Imagine the hospitals, schools, houses, etc. we could fund in NZ with this kind of money.

      Sadly, Labour and the Greens would rather we all ride ebikes we can’t afford, the poor to live in motels whilst our children go to schools that are cold and damp. All the while China built in 2021 a bunch new coal fired power stations which alone generate more than all of Australia’s current output and they have plans for more.

      Labour and the greens just hate the poor that much. They’d rather we live in poverty with a shit healthcare system, underpaid teachers and 1000’s living in awful conditions because of something that nothing we can do will change.

      • The only way to safely mine that coal is by open cast mining, so you are suggesting that we cut down huge tracts of native bush to collect coal that is sulpher rich to sell to the chinese? Your “great” plan will be as popular as incest.

      • Yeah I agree totally. Dig it up and sell it. In 50 years no one will be burning the stuff anyway cus there’ll be clean nuclear or efficient solar or something.

        Right now we could feed and house and EDUCATE out kids so they can invent cool good stuff, and give them free time to do good activities, that will help relieve the pain and suffering of existence …

      • And furthermore who told you that lignate coal is high quality? Because it isn’t. It is shit
        quality “brown” coal. Are you a paid shill for the fossil fuel companies? Or are you just a fucking idiot?

  4. So if NZ’s total tax revenue for the last few years is more than $100b annually.
    That’s a lot of Happy meals!
    Is that more than the 11 million meals handed out to the struggling families across the motu by volunteer groups?
    Let’s hope this ‘trigger’s’ LINO into a bidding war in favour of the poor! Maybe??

  5. Yes they we need to do something like that Mr Kelly I would also look again at abatement levels for beneficiaries and create more incentive to get people into longer term sustainable work.

  6. So Seymour is giving us just over 3$ a week and his mate Luxon is giving us $2.15 this is how much they think of the poor and low paid.

    • LINO’s bid will come in lower too, I bet? When you compare it to the middle-class increase in wealth of $400b over 18 months. About $1000 per day.

      • So the LINO govt needed a boost in the polls so coughed up an extra $20ish a tank of gas, lets say a week for almost everyone who relies on a car thats not a environmentally destructive, child slavery dependent short life ev.

        Who doesn’t think that this is an election bride?

  7. David’s $3 per week bail out. Ardern now rejecting her rejection and recognising there is a living crisis. Parker saying degradables such as glass and food are the waste problem rather than plastic and Fonterra effluent. Noddy Nash saying if you are a cleanskin then gangs won’t randomly pummel you on the side of the road or try to kill your family in a head on. Trigger finger Trev. Chairman Chipkins. I’m waiting for Robertson to declare a benefit system paying more for those draped in a rainbow flag who support the anti-LGBT Ukrainian resistance. Welcome to the new normal, like the old normal but newer.

  8. Good on Labour, cut excise tax on fuel, halved bus fares at midnight, and cutting road user charges.

    Way to go! It’s acknowledgement that the government are taking notice and it will genuinely help some what.

    ACT, so yesterday’s news!

  9. So with LINO govt first bid off the mark of $350m @ 25 cents per litre for 3 months for a fuel Crisis discount, reprieve from tax on fuel.

    What/Who’s next?

    • National and ACT next. Axing the minimum wage and winter energy payment for the poor and the elderly, saving millions for the country and bring millions of dollars to the funeral industry.

  10. Seymour appears to me a goober, but that’s mostly visual and the party he represents. Can’t find him out too much on his words. The freemarket movement he represents however has impoverished many here, will probably overthrow democracy in America and has prevented us facing climate change. He’s a public fool.

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