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  1. So where is Jacinda’s post fossil fuel economy plan? Generational challenge and change, the ‘nuclear moment’? All I see is desperate bailing out of existing waste and pollute businesses, and NO plan, she has been taken hostage by the establishment, no doubt.

  2. I ask, where is the energy plan to revolutionise transport in NZ? I ask Jacinda, where is your government’s plan to get and use alternative energy to power the vehicles and machinery that we depend on? I see and hear nothing, just bail outs of the existing fossil fuel dependent businesses and industries, big fail.

  3. The core of present society – mothers, especially poor and single, need to have real care for them shown in the streets, in the birthing units, by Plunket, by the state giving them regular help with their work when requested and inviting them to parenting and life management classes and in return giving them a decent allowance enabling them to train for whatever takes their fancy and help with the household expenses. Discussions about goal setting and ethic-setting would be part of helping them to carve out a lifestyle as a vibrant woman with skills, happy and healthy like her children in a secure place adjacent to transport and shops and schools.\

    Instead of that we have people who are practising at finding out who they are as individuals and demanding
    more and more consideration. For sure some; but first our lovely mothers who are at present ground down by a regime of derision and dislike from the government and as Rumpole put it in one of his stories about the failures of the establishment, ‘the caring profession’. These, ironically, are the people who find the most prejudice, the least respect and goodwill. As Goethe says: ‘You can easily judge the character of a man [a nation] by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.’ Words to ponder.

  4. Saw on the news self entitled arse hole Kiwis coming back home, oh so safe home is, they betrayed the country for years now want a freebe, f. you, learn to share and be part, or else fuck off.

    • So much anger Marc. Anger is a fuel, it’s raw human energy. Want to make a difference? Keep your anger simmering and use it to drive you to seek better systems, to help the Nicky Hager’s and try not to set up groups to vent frustration on or hate, which is corrosive to the soul and we all need more of that. NZs have opened up their eyes and understanding going for their OE since WW2. Some made it overseas but find that we have conserved something good here and want to return.

      I think we must make room for the deserving ones who have taken their place here coming from other countries. NZs left, and others have invested their money and their lives here and deserve to be granted entry alongside with those absented Kiwis. It’s only fair, we did hold the door open for Asians and others, they have paid their way or we have sometimes been humanitarian, and we should stick by them. Time to go all Dr Seuss and copy Horton who was steadfast and sat through all weathers in the tree on an egg left in his care by a flighty, absent bird: “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!”

  5. Uh oh. The world according to barf. We are becoming so serious that it seems that comedy writers are having to sieve their minds and wait for letters to drop out that can be connected into words that are passed under an MRI or something to see whether they are fit to live. The guy sure looks sour.
    The dictatorship of the woke bourgeois is likely to limit his ability to reflect our excesses, rationalisations and fanciful notions back at us.


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