Election 2020 Government Tetris: Best & Worst case scenarios for Progressive voters


Thanks to the joy of MMP, there are 4 combinations of Government that could generate the best and worst case scenario for progressives.

As we have seen early on, a National + ACT Government would throw open the borders and repeal gun laws, but what would Government combinations on the Left generate?

MOST PROGRESSIVE – Labour + Green + Maori Party Government

Labour win the most votes on the night but still require a 5% Greens plus a couple more to get to 51%. Those couple more votes could come from the Māori Party who have a chance to win 2 electorates plus a Party list MP. A Labour, Green & Māori Party Government would be the most progressive Government NZ has seen in its entire existence as a country.

VERY PROGRESSIVE – Labour + Green Government

Labour + Greens would be free of the NZ First handbrake and could generate actual change.

PROGRESSIVE – Labour majority Government

To avoid cautious Labour using NZ First as a handbrake, you would need to snooker them into a majority position so Jacinda couldn’t blame Winston any longer.

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LEAST PROGRESSIVE – Labour + NZ First + Green Government 

The current status quo where Winston doesn’t allow anything that might spook his banjo twanging anti-vaxx supporters.

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    National wins a majority and rules by itself.

    The rest of us shoot ourselves…

    • Wouldn’t McGillicuddy have stuck to whisky? Just sayin’.
      Some party. They don’t look serious voters. It was a nostalgic 20th century vid though, these days who knows what the cops would do. Still they were all males weren’t they, so the USA cops couldn’t laser any babies – though what lasers do to genitals don’t know. The cats were the prettiest.

        • It looks as if you just might have to fight for your right to party if taken over by the correct brigade as represented by the man with a fork, and his daughter looking soo serious. But they could be said to be gothic and Goths were in for a while, but then they were heavy on the black eyes and deathly pallor – so definitely not fun.

  2. The worst case scenario already exists.
    There is no progressive alternative represented in our MMP system just the usual suspects.
    There are more parties to the right than the left that is a simple fact.
    A progressive shift after September 19th is unlikely.
    The status quo and the donors have the final say.

  3. National Party will close all rail services; – and let the trucking industry rule our roads and cost of freight will rise to double causing all consumer prices to rise.

    Many of us other road users will die under trucks; – and the climate will be ruined by increased transport emissions

    Welcome to doom.

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