Death Cult Capitalists have a new song ‘Let my workers go’


The Death Cult Capitalists of NZ who want to reopen the borders and get the economy back up and running are not having a good time of it.

At first they kept screaming for all the slaves to get back to work during the pandemic but the slaves didn’t seem all that keen to sacrifice their lives on the altar of Milton Friedman so that the business class could retain their gold card perks.

Then they had a bunch of second rate academics in NZ demand a ‘Plan B’ that intellectually attempted to justify the slaves going back to work on the basis that the lockdown would do them more harm, but unsurprisingly the slaves still didn’t listen.

Now the Death Cult Capitalists are all about trying to force open the border so the International students and migrant workers they exploit can get back into New Zealand. That’s why you are reading an enormous amount of sad stories in the media about migrant workers who were in NZ but left before the borders closed and now can get back in.

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The Death Cult Capitalists know how to tug on heart strings.

Unfortunately for the Death Cult Capitalists the people of New Zealand, watching the horror of the pandemic globally, are almost religious in their desire to keep the borders closed with strict quarantining protections in place so while we are in this unique situation, perhaps we should be considering a reset.

  • Is it right to exploit international students with joke language schools and the false promise of gaining residency?
  • Is it right to exploit migrant workers with abusive work practices throughout the agricultural and service sector?
  • Is it right that the domestic citizens of NZ are forced to compete with migrant workers for lower wages and international students for housing?
  • Is it right to allow hyper tourism that generates so much climate change creating gases cause an enormous gridlock on infrastructure by tourists?

That’s not to say we can’t be compassionate here.

We can’t entice migrant workers to NZ, have them exploited by unscrupulous bosses and then tell them to piss off back home, We should offer an immediate amnesty to all migrant workers currently in NZ (and make Union membership compulsory for those workers) BUT right after that amnesty, we must close all immigration until a vaccine is widely available while citizens, permanent residents and critical skill workers get border priorities.

We know there are deep seated problems with our exploitative International student, migrant work force and hyper tourism models so why not take this opportunity to genuinely  reset them rather than allow them to continue unchanged?

The last chance Death Cult Capitalists have is to get National elected in September because Todd Muller will throw those borders open faster than Donald Trump can say ‘inject bleach’.


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  1. A hard no to any amnesty for migrant workers. They need to go home. Every residency visa that is handed out matters. I don’t care about looking compassionate to people who don’t give a damn about us. Empathy for people who don’t reciprocate and are here to colonise is misguided in the extreme. Read any ethnic media recently? The constant drumbeat is immigration and how to get more of their countrymen into NZ. The migrants who have come here from two enormous non Western countries are by and large tribal, and seem to care only about advantaging their own race. And when these migrants form a big enough voting block, and the price of their political support is an opening of the immigration floodgates, some venal and power hungry politician will agree to their demands and this country will be completely swamped by migrants and both Maori and European NZers will eventually be reduced to tiny minorities.

    Look how quickly Labour backed down when the Indian community threatened to pull political support from them over the cultural marriage visa issue. Migrant voting power grows by the year as we foolishly give tens of thousands of non assimilated people residence annually. And also allow non citizens to vote.

    Where are you and your descendents going to live when you effectively get voted off this island? And if you don’t think it could happen, look at places like South Africa. Read about the Indian Gupta family who corrupted the black government there. People think the problems in South Africa are between blacks and Europeans, but actually the current downfall of the country has been caused by Indians. This is a fascinating article

  2. The migrant worker and off shore students have had their advantage in being allowed in and have profited by that taking the skills learnedly and money back to their homeland where the profit to their community can be shared.
    Contract over.
    We have a million Kiwis who fled NZ and now want back in.
    So they will be rationed over time in what i hope will be a one off opportunity to find home again and perhaps this time stay and support it.
    Globe trotters need not apply nor tourists.
    The old way of “trading” no longer applies.
    Risk management will be for a long long time as we prepare for the next pandemic well armed and steadfast.

    • Spot on John W !

      The pre-Covid way of doing things is OVER. The banking crisis of 08/09 will seem small fry compared to the defaults coming down the pipeline. And of course, the effects of climate change will in time dominate all else.

      Those slow to learn this lesson (or wilfully ignorant) will pay a dreadful price (and sadly take many innocents with them).

  3. I have no problem with people coming to NZ got a better life. I have a problem with employers using excess workforce to keep wages down then telling me it’s the migrants fault i am underpaid. If my labour is worth x it’s worth x not x-n where n = people going for my job!


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