GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Such a great irony!


For those of you who may have missed it – President Trump (who uses social media to spread fake information ) got his Tulsa Rally trolled by thousands of Americans – many of them apparently teenagers – who applied online for free tickets to the event and then did not show up .

Result? The 19.000 capacity stadium had about just under 13,000 empty seats.

The President of Fake delivered a fake audience!

Such a great irony

Love it.

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PS Oh and before people start writing in about the photo – it’s been doing the rounds. I don’t know if it was taken at the stadium and ,if so, how early in the day/night it was taken.

It just made me smile.

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. Not to forget, Trump launched into his speech with lies, pathetic lies about how he had started in January to fight the virus and how successful he’s been. The cheering onlookers must have avoided the virus so far but will come into contact with it soon. We’ll see how his support looks like then. Small enough to give out cash for attending?

  2. About the only political hope for America is progressives ignoring the MSM propaganda and voting for independent 3rd party candidates instead of the Democratic party which is currently just the Republican party with a woke makeover. The Democrats will call them wasted votes – for about 4 elections. Then they will be forced to actually seek the progressive (or just democratic) vote, e.g. universal, free, at point of use, health care, an end to private ‘funding’ of political parties, one person one vote, workers rights, etc. If America went social democrat it would force the world to follow.

    • JS
      The power of money will never be defeated by voting.
      The system is rigged.
      Widespread uprising with unfortunately armed civilians shooting each other, may lead to a new beginning but the DNA of power will capture any new system and gain control.
      The minds of the US folk are so bent by decades of MSM driven compliance to the myths and lies of both parties that there is little hope for any shade of actual democracy.
      China also has capitalism but money dies not run the govt which has principles of serving the people in spite of US propaganda to the contrary that you would be foolish to believe.

  3. I see on stuff today 6 of the stadium workers have caught the virus and yes that picture is the top level of the stadium the only part full was the part behind trumps stage hence why the camera never moved.


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