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    Large majorities think Ardern best to manage pandemic, economy
    20 Jun 20

    Jacinda Ardern: 63% say she’s best to lead on pandemic, 56% on recovery
    Jacinda Ardern is seen by large majorities of New Zealanders as the best parliamentary party leader to manage both the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery from it.

    She is favoured by

    • 66% of adult New Zealanders as best to manage the pandemic response, and by
    • 53% to manage the economic recovery.

    An independent Horizon Research nationwide survey between June 10 and 14 (midnight Sunday) finds National’s new leader, Todd Muller, is regarded as best to manage the pandemic response by 14% and the economic response by 24%.

    Pandemic response – other leaders:

    ACT leader David Seymour is regarded by 4% as best to manage the pandemic response, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters rates 3% and the Green Party leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson each rate 1%. 10% say none of the six leaders of the five parties currently in Parliament is best to manage the response.

    Economic recovery response:

    Jacinda Ardern has a 29% lead over Todd Muller as best to manage the pandemic economic recovery.

    This Police Chief has done something of paramount importance in New Jersey, USA.
    J Scott Thomson headed the police force in Camden, New Jersey. It had been the US city with the most homicides per capita, but that rate has since halved and excessive force complaints have been cut 95 percent.
    He tells RNZ Saturday Morning’s Kim Hill the man who replaced him, who had been his deputy, was one of the first police chiefs in the country to walk up to protesters, without riot gear, and offer to walk with them…

    He says his department was in crisis in 2012 when cuts due to the 2008 global financial crisis halved the number of officers. The city’s murder rate was already the highest in the nation – five times that of neighbouring Philadelphia, and about 18 times that of New York City – but that was just the start.

    “When the police force was cut in half it went from extremely bad to even worse. That year we had 67 murders in a city of 77,000. Our murder rate was 19 times the national average and it was higher than Honduras’ … the most violent country on the planet that year…
    He says it was the opportunity to change the culture in the police which really had an effect….

    “The answer wasn’t that they [the community] didn’t want us there they just wanted us to behave differently, and when we did that change they changed as well.”
    He says it was Ma move from a warrior mentality of using force and arrests to create a safer neighbourhood, to one of guardianship and working to empower the people to take back their own neighbourhood.
    “We were able to go from an occupying force that was resented by its residents to one in which we coexisted in an environment that was based upon respect and dignity.”

    This is a policy from an offshore population not too different from us, that worked for them. Please God and the policy-makers in the Police Force (the same thing to people being surveilled day and night), please change your policies. This Force turned themselves inside out. It may take a thorough-going cleansing here to achieve the wanted results. The solidarity is so strong here that it seems concrete-like – when an officer was laid to rest who took a controversial part in the Thomas case, there was not only praise for him from the top, it was fulsome praise. Peter Ellis’s case had a review requested when he died. Taking evidence from little children with woke parents is a sensitive thing and this case left concerns in the public mind. Violence towards mentally fraught people is another problem. (Here the police need help, as they are getting too many tasks dumped on them under neolib tightening up of services.) Fixed attitudes, may have to be rooted out and changes made from the first training received. So who is man enough to take on this tough political task using only the weapons of a thinking mind; no baton, no taser, no gun? Step up visionary and practical policemen and women, we need willing people who are shovel-ready to dig into the pile of misguided policies and understand how to change our style to a better one that shows good results.

  3. Bernard Hickey makes good noises – listen to him as first priority over Hoskings and Brash et al (don’t know who Al is but he doesn’t even made the list!). / sarc – feeble humour! June.19/20
    Central banks are printing trillions of dollars to lower interest rates and make asset owners feel richer so they will spend more, but that strategy hasn’t unleashed economic growth for over a decade because the rich are parking most of that new money in existing assets.
    Instead, why don’t those same central banks hand that freshly printed money to the indebted to cut their overwhelming debts? Why don’t we have a modern debt jubilee?

    Come on let’s do it – Haere mai, Naumai, Kia ora, Kia kaha.

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