Muller calling out dysfunctional relationships is like Trump lecturing on intersectional feminism

Relationship coach, National Leader and hairnet advocate Todd Muller

Ummmmm, what?

National leader Todd Muller says Coalition Government is dysfunctional

National Party leader Todd Muller says the recent disagreements between the Coalition partners amount to an increasingly dysfunctional Government.

He was referring to the disagreement between Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern over the speed at which New Zealand should come out of alert level 2, which limits the size of gatherings.

Ok, firstly, Muller is openly flirting with Winston and then claiming the coalition with Jacinda is dysfunctional?

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That’s like taking marriage advice from the adulterous secretary from ‘Love Actually‘.

Secondly, good riddance to Winston because with Labour gaining 55%+ in the last 3 consecutive Polls Jacinda doesn’t need him.

And thirdly, who the hell is Muller, fresh from knifing his former leader and having his own MPs leak anything and everything over the last two weeks in any position to lecture of functional relationships?

Muller calling out dysfunctional relationships is like Trump lecturing on intersectional feminism.

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  1. In your last blog you were cheering on the idea of a breakdown in the coalition Martyn. What do you want?
    D J S

  2. Yes, firstly National are terribly dysfunctional.And secondly when National were in coalition with ACT, Maori and United Future parties,were they deemed functional because National were a dictatorship? If not then those other parties were just puppets on a string.

  3. Ummmmm, what?
    “National leader Todd Muller says Coalition Government is dysfunctional”
    Let me cast my mind back to when we first heard Todd Mullers opening speech eh?
    Didn’t he say “our new postilion will not be about attacking the Government”?

    My memory recalls that so if he is now attempting to attack the Government then that will be “Lie #1 on this National leaders “lie list”

    ‘National Party leader Todd Muller says the recent disagreements between the Coalition partners amount to an increasingly dysfunctional Government’.

    • I also remember a time when Key stated that his ministers must not be arrogant That lasted about 5 seconds.

    • Lie #3 actually. His first was he claimed he wasn’t contesting for the NATCCP leadership role, just a few days before he gave Simon the boot. His second was claiming NATCCP never raised taxes to fund shortcomings created by the GFC. 100% BS

  4. You have to laugh at the way Muller scolded Bridges for his opposition for oppositions sake tactics, yet seems to be doing exactly the same. And even worse is his tone and speaking style, it comes across as lecturing and almost patronizing in a school headmaster type of way. Even Garner was having a rant this morning about how hopeless Muller is, calling him Mr ‘Nothing to See Here’ Muller.

    • I notice Muller is in Queenstown today with a tourism rescue package. Perhaps he’ll make it to south Auckland tomorrow?

    • Garner having a rant this morning about useless Mueller, is like Muller calling out dysfunctional relationships, which is like Trump lecturing on intersectional feminism.

      The Russian word for these “wooden dolls” is matryoshka, but they are also called matrioshka, matreshka, matriochka which translated by a reliable Google translator means, a MAGA-hat-won’t-fit-my-head right-wing git, inside a MAGA-hat-owning git, inside a MAGA-hat-wearing git.

      All we need is Hosking to weigh in with his brand of frothing left-loathing vitriole and we will have the littlest of the git attack dolls to complete the matryoshka set.

  5. Even if Labour gets to govern without the need to form a coalition I hope Winston gets back in and continues on with the Foreign Affairs portfolio. Winston and Jacinda get on very well and Winston is well respected internationally. Parliament will be less entertaining when he finally leaves. I also hope some of the Greens make it back and are part of the next govt as well. What that projects is continued broad representation and keeps boxed National inside its narrow bubble with few mates if any at all.

    • Ageed Kat 100%

      ‘Winson’s experience alone’- can’t be matched by anyone else yet.

    • Well said, Winston has been like those on benefits & drug users – someone to blame & vilify. the decades of bad mouthing have much to do with his efforts during winebox. Winston was a golden gloves champion, Māori all black & lawyer in addition to decades “serving” the country at the highest level.
      We have seen him work co-operatively as part of this coalition for 3 yrs despite the relentless predictions & provocation of opposition & the media – he is actually a statesman ! The fact he hasn’t been knighted already is a disgrace
      Maybe they worry he refuse…

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