The 3 myths National Party supporters must tell themselves


Muller is a disaster.

A train wreck of privilege with all the false confidence of a tall man.

But National supporters have to grip onto 3 myths to get through the next 111 days until the election.

1: The economy stupid:

This is the main myth National supporters are holding onto, that the economy is headed towards doom and voters will blame Labour for being too strict with lockdowns.

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This is optimistic to the point of delusion.

NZers just experienced a unique shared experience and an overwhelming 90% of the population agreed with Labour’s stance.

That 57% to Jacinda represents a sea change in the psychology of the electorate and begs the question, ‘who will voters turn to as the economic armageddon deepens’?

Will they turn to National who are offering nothing more than a group of people they want to bash (beneficiaries, prisoners and gang members) or will voters turn to Jacinda who is promising kindness and welfare wage subsidies?

I think voters will cling to Jacinda and will see in Muller the steely eyed wealthy boss man who turns up to mouth words of concern while slitting the throats of those that management have considered dead wood.

2: Nuthin’ wrong with being White and no one will care about MAGA hats: 

The line Hoots is seeding with right wing pundits is that NZers will forget the MAGA hat fiasco and 50 shades of white omnishambles to focus on the real issues come the election. What this desperate attempt to gloss over Muller’s disastrous first week misses however is that Muller himself is a terrible candidate with all the media skills of David Shearer. Put aside the hat and diversity issues and Muller was incapable of articulating any policy platform or any justification whatsoever as to why anyone should vote National. That’s not a first week blunder problem, that is a Leader so used to never being challenged that he loses his rag at journalists. Even if you forgive Muller’s self inflicted cock ups, he doesn’t actually have the talent to lead.

3: 17 empty chair argument will turn the tide:

While it is certainly true that Labour’s front bench is less a talent pool and more a talent puddle, the nature of American Presidential styled elections in the NZ modern age means voters aren’t electing cabinets, they are electing leaders! National apologists want to tell voters they shouldn’t focus on Muller, but focus on the team he leads, well, if we do that the dazzling lack of diversity becomes the immediate focus!

National apologists want it all ways! They want you to not focus on the public health threat of the pandemic, but on the economic threats, even though they have no actual economic plan. They want you to focus on Muller because Simon Bridges was personally unpopular, but they don’t want you to judge Muller on his appalling performance, they want you to focus on his team, but they don’t want you to focus on how white that team is.

The philosophical contortions National apologists are bending themselves in to justify this incompetent coup will be as enjoyable as listening to them explain why National crashes and burns at the election.

This coup was driven by desperate cowards who feared they would lose their jobs, as such it is hollow and vacuous.

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  1. Todd Muller was groomed by John Key so we see another version of a lying sell-all politician that Key was when looking forward with Todd Muller’s plan for our economy.

    Todd Mulller actually worked on US president Trump’s election four years ago we are told now, so Mulller is a ‘dark character’ for sure with his ‘snow white cabinet’.

  2. What I just cannot get over is the number of times a National MP or leader has repeated to the point of nausea about ‘fixing the economy’ if they were in government.
    We had 9 long years of a National government and absolutely nothing was fixed to help the low income workers.
    In fact I think the economy was ‘fixed’ all right but to suit the whims and demands of the rich especially those who donated heavily to the NZ National Party at the expense of the low income workers in deliberately kept low income NZ.
    The rest of the time National would demean and denigrate mostly low income workers eg NZers are living beyond their means and MUST experience financial cutbacks or NZers who protested were referred to as ‘rent a protestor’.
    Not exactly enhancing qualities one would expect from a politician but still expected of a National Party politician.
    And as we draw each day closer to the next general election we can be assured that National will churn out its usual ‘we are a caring party(for the rich only)’ in order to mislead and lie to NZers.
    What I have learnt about National since 2008 is that it is not a Party to be trusted. It has lied too often to the public and would forever hold low income NZers in utter contempt and hatred.
    Jim Bolger’s cousin would often boast at election time of National MPs having to ‘shake hands with the great unwashed’. And if that is the opinion of such a person then lets be assured National will never ever be voted for again. Not since it’s track record to date is an inability to keep a promise made pre-election times.

    • I agree.
      There is an eternal arrogance in National in their pathological belief that they are 1. The default party of government and 2. better economic managers. They are neither.
      They still cling to the (now thoroughly discredited) idea that if the wealthy get richer the poor also benefit.
      Not much “trickles down” at all, especially when so much is controlled by overseas interests.

  3. National is really between a rock and a hard place in terms of its economic plan.
    It can’t resort to its usual array of:
    1. Bene bashing – because there are a hell of a lot more benes in NZ than there have been since as way back as the Rogernome government and for National to use a stick on them would court electoral disaster.
    2. Tax cuts – clearly with the huge spending and borrowing programme necessarily to get the economy moving again we can’t afford tax cuts, so offering tax cuts (to the wealthy of course) will make National look very stupid to everyone except their wealthy donors.
    3. Road building – National have been gezumped by Labour on this one – Labour are building the very roads that National were touting – bugger!
    4. Immigration – opening the borders to a new mass wave of immigration would show that National has overseas interests at heart more than Kiwi interests. It will show that National only wants to keep NZ wages as low as possible.
    So what is National going to do?
    Build rail, clean up rivers, implement bold climate change policies?
    Yeah right!
    The only thing that they have left is to get out the old red tape burner again.
    And I think Kiwis have more important things to worry about than going after old regulations that nobody can remember anyway.

  4. 17 empty seats is a bit harsh – most ministers are boringly competent so we don’t notice them. And it’s not that new to vote mostly for the PM – people have been voting for the PM since Seddon.

  5. What is interesting in the criticism of Todd Muller is that the most vehement criticism is not coming from the left – but the right.
    Damian Grant’s post on stuff says it all.

    • Id still argue that we (Jacinda) govern for all. RWNJ wants RMA reform, fine have it. RWNJ wants one law for all, fine working on it. They want tax cuts and well the lower the unemployment rate the greater the amount of tax cuts Labour can institute. RWNJ want to dismantle welfare and the only way Labour does that is with full employment. See what I did there?


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