The best of the worst montage of Todd Muller’s first week as leader


I’ve seen nuclear meltdowns that have shown less self mutilation than Muller’s first week of leadership.

Watch the montage and gasp at the train wreck we are watching in real time here..

…what on earth has National done???

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  1. Yup, still got to drive that nail in on Mullers political career. Hundred more days till voting opens, don’t lose focuse. I see those lot at the standard are doing there best to bring down NZFirst and the coalition. I mean if the woke can’t earn anything from the knifing of Simon Bridges then I’m done.

  2. Doesn’t matter, they will still vote for NATCCP regardless. You could shove a blue bag of spuds in front of them with a lame slogan aling the lines of we are competent managwrs of the economy and they would still vote for them.
    I mean, look at Brownlee.

  3. There are 2 possibilities here:
    1) National have willfully elected a clay golem to lead them to electoral defeat
    2) After signaling servitude to China (travel bubble) making some centrist noises and walking upright amongst us for a while, the golem, not imbued with actual thought, is to be decommissioned, et voila! a new shiny charismatic leader will parachute in and capture the imagination of potential Nat voters.

    Either could be true, but if it’s 2, all the media attention on hats and whiteys is just oxygen for the Nats they wouldn’t have had during Arderns crisis honeymoon period.
    Clay golem is useful.

  4. There will always be those ‘set in concrete’ voters of National because their grandparents voted National, their parents voted National and therefore they(the offspring)will ALWAYS vote National with no questions asked or feelings of doubt as to the credibility of National.
    I once worked with the cousin of a former National Prime Minister of the 90s and all I can say about him is he would ALWAYS vote National because of an almost religious fanatical obsession with ALL THINGS NATIONAL PARTY. This cousin couldn’t or rather wouldn’t think outside of the National Party Mantra of blaming everyone i.e say the Labour Party when they were in government; for ALL the woes of the world. According to this cousin National are absolute unquestioned perfection on the world. They can never ever do anything wrong. The obsession with National seemed almost Rev Jim Jones and Jonestown.
    I wouldn’t vote for Muller for all the COVID-19T in China. He looks like the sort of person who would care more for the rich rather than the poor. But then National always LOVE the rich especially because when it means money INTO THEIR COFFERS.
    Muller will claim to be caring about those NZ Taxpayers on lower incomes but the previous National government between 2008 through to 2017 had plenty of chances to help the poor but instead chose to chastise the poor at every opportunity eg. Bill English claiming NZers are living beyond their means…etc.etc.etc… There wasn’t a peep out of Muller about all that even when he became a National MP in 2014. His lack of a voice back then is now a reflection of what his attitude would be if by perchance he was the next prime minister of New Zilland(and John Key called this country).
    I think Muller is using Nikki Kaye as she fought against Jacinda and is in the same age grouping as Jacinda. Kaye has been through alot healthwise and I don’t think she is strong enough to cope with what will be thrown at her in her new role as deputy leader of the NZ national party. Also Nikki is in an Auckland electorate and considering there are many Red(Labour)electorates in Auckland perhaps Muller is hoping to turn the tide of support in those electorate to National like John Key tried to do with the firmly Red West Coast region after the Pike River Mine disaster.
    Lets be assured of one thing now that Muller is leader of the opposition and that is whilst his National Party colleagues and supporters would excuse his bloopers etc as ‘first time nerves’ I am sure they wouldn’t extend that courtesy and excuse to say a first time MP of the NZ Labour Party.
    And so National will be selective as per usual as to whom to blame for Mullers bloopers. It will be fascinating to finally see National turn on the mainstream NZ media and blame the media for Mullers bloopers. Especially considering the fact the mainstream NZ media is thoroughly and deeply into the NZ National Party pocket.
    National suffer from arrogance. And I wouldn’t vote for anyone that shows such a degree of arrogance like a National MP.

  5. Here are some questions: Simon Bridges was traipsing around the North Island from Tauranga(Bay of Plenty) to Wellington even during Lockdown because he claimed his internet wasn’t working too well and most likely passing the bill of his travels and accommodation costs onto the NZ taxpayers to pay.
    Does that mean Muller was also traipsing around the North Island i.e Bay of Plenty to Wellington because he was intending on under-mining and over-taking Simon Bridges or he too had “internet problems”? Of course Muller would be passing his travel costs onto the NZ taxpayers to pay!
    Has Bridges used the ‘internet problem’ as an excuse and a blame game because he knew for quite sometime that Muller was biting at his heels for the top dog job?

  6. I heard a sound bite on RNZ this morning with a famous quote from Todd Muller during an interview on a news programme, probably Checkpoint.
    Muller said (and I don’t know the context exactly) that most Kiwis were unemployed and didn’t even know it.
    The female interviewer then remarked that this was the dumbest thing she had ever heard from a National Party politician.
    Up until now, I was prepared to withhold much of the blanket criticism of Muller and give him a least a chance to show what he’s at.
    But now I really have to agree with everyone else – he is a disaster!
    National must really have been in panic mode when they elected him.
    His best hope must now be that National can prevent an overall Labour majority, on the basis that it is always easier to pick at at the components of a coalition government than to confront a one-party government.

    • I would so love to hear of unemployed and unemployable National Party MPs as that would really save the NZ economy and the NZ taxpayers a heck of alot of NZ taxpayers dollars.
      Instead of having say Paula Bennett still sucking on the NZ taxpayer teat more so than ever before there might be finally more intelligent and credit worth persons in the Opposition of the NZ parliamentary system.
      But nope. Right now the best National can achieve is those MPs more focused on ego and vanity whilst passing the bills of their travel and accommodation costs onto the low income NZ taxpayers i.e the very ones Bill English disparaged and demeaned; whenever it suited them.
      Way to go National. Show to NZ how shallow you all are and how unworthy you are to merit even ONE vote.

    • Yeah, pretty dumb thing to say but could be just mixinmemodals, confusing the present with the future, a honest slip of the tongue, but not a good thing. Toddy, you’re in the spotlight, didn’t ya know. Get the grammar right at least. Come to think of it, Toddy does look like a dear in the headlights.

  7. This time last week, Nat trolls were awoken from their deep depressive slumber. The knew Slime-on Bwidges was never going to get the job done and it “appeared” as if a new savior had arrived to get them through their nightmare until the new blue God arrived in September, Christopher Luxon.

    Blogs sprung into life with entitled Nat trolls believing they were back in the race. They exuded the same arrogance they did when Donkey was PM…then….I left my scooter outside the dairy..nek minute.

    It turned out the new savior actually makes even Slyman look good. Oh dear. Now those poor old Nat trolls have slid back into their holes looking forward to 2023…or 2026…or 2029. Very sad of course 🙂

  8. Muller obviously has had no media training other than the notion that he doesn’t have too because the media don’t pressure National leaders and will nod in agreement with every answer they give , when they bother too actually answer the question and not prevaricate.
    That is the arrogance of these people who have been allowed since Brash was dumped too behave this way knowing they will never be challenged or pressured to be held too account.
    Muller is getting a taste of what many other parties have had to endure for 15 years and he has been left exposed.
    It is a sad reminder of how the National party views the wider community with utter contempt including their own misguided supporters.
    Self preservation and the salary perks and back handers is all that motivates these people and they have the audacity too call themselves loyal New Zealanders.


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