EXCLUSIVE: Ummmmm – is the NZ Church of Scientology trying to hijack the Pandemic?


Now, I don’t wish to sound cynical, but we’ve been given a tip off at TDB that the Church of Scientology has been attempting to push questionable pandemic advice in shops.

Here’s the message we received…

I work in a mall in the Auckland CBD and over the last few days a number of the stores have had visits from people in suits claiming to be from the government and giving these display stands to the store to hand out these flyers

Except there are no government details on them. Only this link on the back page.
The suits said the stores had to display and give them out, had to be compliant with Covid 19 Alert 2 rules since they were the government…
The artwork ad colourings is all the same as the official government stuff, but it’s not… the information in the booklet is mostly word for word from the government websites… but the website it links to then entices people to sign up for a free course…
They even have them in Chinese…
…now this all seems a bit weird and surely a mistake, what scumbag would pretend to be the Government and hijack the pandemic to push religious propaganda?
Until I saw this…
The Church of Scientology is under fire for plastering a shopping centre with pamphlets claiming to provide advice on pandemic health and safety.
As reported by 7NEWS.com.au, Woolworths had already removed the booklets from its Chatswood Supermarket north of Sydney after a ‘horrified’ shopper brought them to the attention of store management.
“I was horrified,” said Jordan Smith, who posted the pamphlets on Facebook. “This is completely inappropriate.”
…and lo and behold the bloody pamphlets look the same…
…the most concerning part of this is the allegation that who ever is dropping them off is claiming to be from the Government.
Surely this is something the Ministry of Health should be informed about and get to the bottom of?
No one should be pretending to be from the Government and no shop should be forced to display religious propaganda.

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  1. More like China not Hong Kong here’s the proof;

    China may be involved here, they are very unstable over their right now.

    PRESS FLASH; Air NZ has cancelled flights into Shanghai as of today.

    china is blocking NZ flights there now apparently – and no public media from Air NZ was sent to us public, – AS TO WHY THE FLIGHTS WERE SUDDENLY CANCELLED TODAY.

    So it looks like China is getting snooty with any country voicing concerns about China; – NZ is included.

  2. All the more reason to act independently to Australia. Being in 5 eyes is bad enough spying on the world.

  3. Don’t now why the comments above me mention China. Some mysterious plan known to only a few?

    Scientology are enough to worry about. I hope you send your blog to the Ministry of Health and the SIS, Bomber

  4. Scientology – the joke ‘religion’ that keeps on giving, as in giving weird shit like this.

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