My Pandemic of Rage


So we are at Level 2, we’ve dodged a public health nightmare and have all sacrificed in the greatest tradition of Democracy. Unlike authoritarian regimes who can impose their will via military force, NZ is a liberal progressive democracy that had to rely on well informed citizens acting in solidarity for the collective good and we passed with flying colours.

And yet.

And yet.

I’m full of rage.

A pandemic of rage if you will.

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Here’s the current list.

  • I’m angry that China were deceitful in the beginning of this event and while telling the world everything was under control were secretly buying up as much protective clothing globally as possible.
  • I’m angry that it took so long for NZ Government officials to realise China was being deceitful despite 5 Eyes Intelligence reports warning us.
  • I’m angry that Trump is attempting to use China’s malfeasance to distract from his own grotesque incompetence that has exacerbated his nations misery.
  • I’m angry that the irony of Boris Johnston purposely underplaying the pandemic while planning to allow hundreds of thousands of his own citizens to die for a failed Herd Immunity theory and then catching Covid19 and almost dying from it himself isn’t on loop across all media for the rest of time.
  • I’m angry at listening to middle class privileged dick heads on social media bitch about how tough working from home is. I’m not interested in your first world troubles love, I care about the workers who don’t have the luxury of working from home.
  • I’m angry that workers who have been demeaned and abused for so long became essential services overnight and still can’t get paid a living wage.
  • I’m angry at death cult capitalists who keep screaming, ‘go back to work’. You losing your wealth means nothing to the rest of us.
  • I’m angry at Landlords who abuse their tenants during this lockdown.
  • I’m angry that many separated parents played games with parenting agreements over lockdown meant many parents didn’t see their children for weeks on end.
  • I’m angry that all the Woke activists managed for the first 6 weeks was scream that any criticism of China was xenophobic and that this virus wasn’t as bad as the flu.

  • I’m angry National are screaming ‘Police state’ when they passed the mass surveillance act and the Search and Surveillance Powers act while raiding Nicky Harger’s house after he outed them for dirty politics. I mean, where the hell do you guys get off?
  • I’m angry that it’s taken a pandemic to force us to appreciate the climate crisis will be disruptive and that free market neoliberal capitalism is dead.
  • I’m angry that no one said, ‘why the hell are we listening to someone with pink hair’.
  • I’m angry that Māori running checkpoints were criticised because they know full well that Governments have left them to rot in past pandemics.
  • I’m angry that WINZ is the same broken spite factory it’s always been despite tens of thousands of newly unemployed requiring their services.
  • I’m angry at anyone who refers to the Prime Minister as ‘Cindy’. She deserves a bloody knighthood for her leadership through this.
  • I’m angry at the total lack of vision by the Left towards a new economics post the pandemic. We are great at organising Mummy Blogger PoC vegan militant cycling free the nipple Trans ally petitions on Action Station, but not so good at rebuilding the neoliberal economic hegemonic structure.
  • I’m angry at the Right who scream for ‘human rights’ while under a medically induced Police State but who were quiet as field mice when John Key was actually building a Police State. We had a medically induced Police State to stop a pandemic, Key was building one without any justification.
  • I’m angry at dicks who cough on workers, spit at workers, abuse workers and ignore the agreed social distancing protocols.
  • I’m angry that this Budget didn’t do the hard yards required to reset this nation economically, politically and culturally to cope with the post pandemic fallout.
  • I’m angry at morons who are on the street protesting their right to get infected.
  • I’m angry at the idiocy on our 7pm TV infotainment shows.
  • I’m angry people die alone from this damned thing.
  • I’m angry people suffered and are frightened.
  • I’m angry that people are so terrified they are burning down bloody 5G telephone poles.
  • I’m angry the NZ Herald dumped the horoscopes, it was the only quality journalism they did.
  • I’m angry at this sneaky evil virus.

I do not like this virus with a fox.

I do not like this virus in a box.

I do not like this virus Sam I am

I do not like Green eggs and bat.


  1. Well as you’d know @ Matryn “I’m angry” simply allows people an excuse to ignore you.
    Perhaps if you said something like “I’m passionate about ………. “, especially if you throw in an “in this space” or a “going forward” the political and jonolist classes might pay a little more heed.
    Haven’t you realised that over the past 35 years or so, Murrays are not allowed to get angry, or solo parents, or any benes – they’ll be those passive/aggressive or unreasonable types.

  2. I myself, am angry at church congregations complaining about their right to worship has been suppressed even though they have spent goodness knows how many years trying to get the rights of people who don’t follow their ‘rules’ taken away.

      • Was it not you last week on the standard signalling to your woke social justice community that Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury is the worst, he’s terrible and so on and so on? You fuck. Who the fuck do you think you are?

      • I just want to remind you of what you said:

        “Comments at TDB are low quality and Bomber’s moderation makes it slow to publish, like a day later if at all. They don’t really have much discussion there, just a sequence of disconnected screeds from the regulars.
        I do read a few things at TDB but the site design is a complete mess. Bomber’s intemperate rants are entertaining and well informed.
        (“Bomber” = Martyn Bradbury)”


        If that’s not your comment then I would like to apologise and inform you that some one is commenting under your exact name and profile picture so again fuck you.

        • Look at you.
          What an example of the lie that the left is about inclusion, cooperation and pooling together.
          What is so evident so often is the naked aggression and bigotry that exists amongst left factions and individuals or directed at groups of society the woke decide are “not us”.
          Such hypocrites

        • Is it possible that TS is provided with the support of a pretty good, well renowned programmer (lprent) with years of experience, whereas your expectations are for Martyn Bradbury to drop everything at your beck and call in order for you to be seen and heard?
          You are actually a guest on both TS and TDB sites, and both are worthwhile. TS is intended to be dynamic. I’m pretty sure if Bradbury had the means, he’d opt for something similar. How’s about you apply your wisdom and expertise to an alternative. When you do – let us know where it is and I’ll happily contribute.

        • I take it you too decline to join me in limbo. Fine, I’ll bros fist all the ancient philosophers and scientist sent to Dante’s inferno.

        • Sam 100% correct.

          There are a lot of dickheads at The Standard today, and some bloody nasty ones too that are not corrected by mod.

          Glad I’m oiut of there.
          Martyn has always been ‘true to the core’, and I rare honest Journalist as he was at RNZ.

        • I guess the issue I have is when the emotionally weak stray into economics and Weka is just the most active woke social justice worrier but actually Lprint is the worst because he can make upside down economic theory sound plausible just like Mathew Hooton can with subliminal messaging.

          The easiest way for me to explain it is by talking about suicide and I’m not saying Weka is using suicide to decisive people into voting Green but what I am saying is Weka and woke social justice alumni like Lprint take statistics at face value and I’ll have to explain.

          So there’s this mantra about men needing to talk more and to be less violent and so on and so on which both Weka and Lprint are guilty of saying, maybe not word for word but they have a bias towards conservative speak and stoicism Yknow they can’t hide it because they’re very proud and vitriolic about discussing people who get banned from the standard and I digress.

          So back to statistics 100% of all males have difficulties in some way or another with talking with woman. Boys from very early ages get easily excited by girls that should be no surprise to anyone because it causes a lot of mixed messages. So guys from the very beginning are hard weird to avoid small talk yet only a fraction like of a percent of males commit suicide so there must be something else going on.

          Yknow if you say oh males committing suicide is a huge problem because they’re violent and find it difficult to talk about feelings “then suicide numbers would be a lot higher” because every guy on the planet has those issues and “they don’t top themselves in large numbers” so there is something else going on that woke social justice worriers can’t see but they’ve drunk so much of their own and Lprints koolaid that they believe that they’re the authority on left wing politics when really they’re just false prophets and that just means there’s this huge issue of framing problems as psychological issues rather than one of efficient use of resources.

          An example of this is in the 90’s with Ruthanasia and before with Rogernomics so after these cuts and austerity measures certain groups with in society started making claims about mental health and cuts that cause mental illnessYknow and give us funding now! So it became this way of arguing for funding when there was no other narrative in which to say Yknow give us this money because austerity was saying you can’t have any so it’s just a way of saying you’ve messed things up now you’re going to pay for it.

          Around 2012 people started saying (mainly online) that guys needed to respect woman Yknow it was some of the first pile on’z where aggressive speak was denounce as misogyny and that we couldn’t say retard anymore for fear of triggering some disabled person who might happen to walk past and then bang from 2012 onwards youth suicide went crazy. Now did everyone suddenly have this crash in mental well being? Or did advocacy groups begin to define mental health in more expansive ways?

          So the ability to claim that 100% of the male population suffer from this fear of and hatred towards woman has been accomplished through the introduction of stress and now you can show me a student, any student, of any age, in any part of the education system right now that isn’t stressed out by the experience and now we are encouraged to think about that as a mental health issue.

          Now we can only think about mental health in children if we are dragged into something that is totally meaningless. Yknow if you’re told that the whole point about education is to discuss your feelings and to be less competitive and have less drive then “I intend to disappoint you.” For instance I want my daughters to see reading as a good thing and I want to see my son think of fighting as a good thing to. Essentially I want them to succeed because it makes them happy, I don’t want them to do it because it makes me happy. Reading, like fighting can unleash all sorts of emotions and it can direct you to feelings of injustice that can hurt you deep into your own sole.

          And here comes Jordan Peterson’s argument Yknow “clean your room.” Yknow the only thing you change is yourself kind of argument, “be the change everyone expects of you,” your sphere of influence is right there. But what I think is valuable about reading and fighting is it tunes you out into the world and it doesn’t matter if you feel terrible because your life still has meaning and you’re willing to fight for something even if it makes you feel terrible like doing squats or PhDs suck balls because they’re really difficult because you’ve now subsumed yourself into a project that is bigger than yourself.

            • Are you able to give me working definitions of what you think “mindles” is and a definition on “deranged” to, thanks.

              I just need to know if you understand the meanings of the words you’re using in response to a mental health crises so I can properly access what level literacy youre at because I’m not really one to educate people to a level where they can have normal conversations so please, in your own time.

  3. I’m angry that no one said, ‘why the hell are we listening to someone with pink hair’.

    Yes, the Doc is one amazing lady 🙂
    Wiki Siouxsie (Bioluminescent superbugs – wow)

    She won’t disappear – We’ll be hearing more from her. She should probably patent or copyright or whatever is needed to protect her name, before we start seeing “Dr Wiles” dolls for sale online or off the shelves. (Hopefully made from sustainable and enviro-friendly materials.)

  4. We’ll you cant and shouldnt expect a Roger Douglas endorsed party, the labour party to please anyone!

  5. About the budget – If they had been able to hold off for even a couple of weeks more, or a month if possible, and re-thought it, reconsidered what they were doing, looked at more options… Ah well, it’s done now.

  6. Key was building one without any justification.

    And Bridges would do the same if he had half a chance.

    • Hear hear.
      Isn’t it a classic of propaganda to blame your opponents of doing exactly what you are actually (or trying to do), whilst trying your best to hide the fact?

      • Exactly. It’s called projection, and Bridges and others (Hosking for one) do it all the time.

  7. So many “whataboutisms”. Nothing will change, neoliberalism is going nowhere. It’s time those of us on the left stopped believing in fairies, and started waking up to reality. This government is not transformational or has any plan to move us to a more equal, caring society.

    • Sadly I agree.
      If this wasn’t the moment to change what so obviously and desperately needed to be changed then SADLY I fear it will never be right for Jacinda.
      The far right must be celebrating at how TraitorKey light she really is.
      How very very disheartening.

  8. We need a nationwide action night where, at a certain time, everyone opens their front doors and yells “I’m as mad as hell with the CCP for ruining our world and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

    Probably would’ve worked better during lockdown, but I just watched Network so…

  9. ” Anger is an Energy” right?
    Public Image Limited.
    I’m angry that you never mentioned being angry at dirty, useless, bludging, worthless, ignorant, muddy, lonely, culturally deprived, mindlessly loathed, foods and wools growing thus foreign revenues earning to buy stuff and things famahs dahling?
    There’s some silly little hate you missed out on spiting?
    Is funny. None of the people in the photo montage above would be alive without breakfast, lunch and dinner after about two weeks. Once they ate their pets and then their dead neighbours and then started looking hungrily at the living as those living would be looking hungrily back they’d eventually be a bit funny looking and worth a photograph I think. What do you reckon?
    Farmers? How about we circumvent all this silliness and just go on strike for twelve months?
    No food. No wool. No foreign exchange. None of that.
    How long would it take for the supermarkup’s to run out of everything except perhaps toilet paper because who needs toilet paper when you can’t shit because you haven’t eaten in three days?
    What bony hypocritical office worker could turn their fashionably ringed nose up at a big, greasy, mince and cheese pie then, mates?
    The reality, dear Martyn Bradbury, is that the only people who have earned the right to be angry are those whom have been ignored, abused, belittled, exploited, manipulated extorted, rorted and generally fucked over and not in that good way are our farmers and the only representation they have above is that little fuck in the middle.
    ” No, not me. ”
    Yes you.
    Does that not worry the non farmer? That most farmers, the ones who earn our foreign exchange and grow us our food think they’re best off with simon bridges and the national party??? I mean, c’mon guys? What the fuck?

  10. I think it’s Lockdownitis, and hopefully we’ll all start to feel a bit better in another week or so.

    The first four weeks – was fine! The last two, the walls were starting to close in. The end was in sight. Then the damn budget… It got to me. Anger would be okay, but despair is creeping up like winter frost at night.

    I had thought that the budget would have more of a change, more of a vision for the future, and would re-focus on dealing with the effects of Climate Change. Look at the Auckland drought!! Yet we’re still giving away our aquifers. It’s insane.

    And millions given to foodbanks (cliff ambulances) while continuing to take their 15% off every item of food that people buy. They need to fix the situation so that food becomes affordable for all, not place it out of reach and then make people beg like canines. Not when we’re a food producing nation!

    And all that money going to prop up ghost businesses. Taking from the next generation, saddling them with debt, to speed up the destruction of the world they will inherit. (And so, …despair.)

    • Thanks Kheala for the term “ghost businesses”. Well let me tell you about them. They are the ones Princess Ardern is currently telling to keep staff on, cannot afford to be in business in their own right as the landlords are circulating rightly wishing to enforce legal contracts, suppliers poorer than themselves need to get paid but should go to a liquidator as the businesses owing the cash are trading technically while insolvent (Bombers mate Damien Grant will educate him in such), but because there is an election this left wing coalition wish to not do that else NZ would have unemployment stats matching Australia heading to USA.
      Ghost jobs is what the wage subsidy is hiding. The suppliers need to get paid and guess what, legal genuises have passes laws to let directors of these businesses have a free pass while they are trading while insolvent……

      All of this will delay the inevitable but if that happens on say I don’t know Monday 21st September your Princess does not care. Welcome to what is coming.

      Bomber is actually correct when he has predicted this but everything is delaying the inevitable. That is what you need to be angry about.

      Oh and the fact that the wage subsidy for people who are ghost unemployed is actually higher than the current dole….why?

      • Ghost jobs is what the wage subsidy is hiding. The suppliers need to get paid and guess what, legal genuises have passes laws to let directors of these businesses have a free pass while they are trading while insolvent……

        So what, in your opinion, would be the right thing to do now? To start pulling the plug, tell those shaky businesses that there is no future, that it’s time for them to look for a new career? And do this now, sooner rather than later?

        (PS: Kudos to you, Ms O, for posting under your own handle rather than as a shabby troll. )

      • Oh and the fact that the wage subsidy for people who are ghost unemployed is actually higher than the current dole….why?

        Yes, why indeed. There’s a similar 2-level payments response over in Aus, where they now have the ‘Job Keeper’ allowance with a beefed up payment (I think around $500 p/w) for those who were employed at time of Lockdown, and the lower ‘Jobseeker’ allowance trundling along for those already on it. However the details of these need rechecking.

      • Thats what Capitalism is and does. If you cant survive the bad times you haven’t got a business in the real sense. Maybe crack open the family trust where all the profits from previous years have been turned into assets and locked up as wealth. Pump that back into the business!

  11. I am angry that over lock down I excitedly decided to get new astro- binoculars and do more star gazing. I thought it would be nice without so much air traffic. And you can see Jupiter with the naked eye in the early AM this time of year, among other things.. But I have come to realize that we have managed to even pollute fucking space! Space junk falling everywhere flashing blue lights and star link going round about , seriously it is disgusting. I mean we cannot even get a moment of peace gazing at the stars!

  12. I am angry that a party supposed to be there for the working people gives money to food banks to feed those that beg for a few scraps rather than to those entitled to the benefit. At the same time they are hiding the true figures of those unemployed until after the election with more top ups but refuse to help businesses with rent relief showing thaeir llack of commercial knowledge.
    The virus was not the fault of the government but the recovery is and so far I see little that makes me confident .

  13. “I’m angry that it’s taken a pandemic to force us to appreciate the climate crisis will be disruptive and that free market neoliberal capitalism is dead.”

    Martyn that was the best criticism of the stupid political landscape in NZ today.

    The whole political system desperately needs an overhaul like our entire run down infrastructure needs..

  14. I’m angry too Martyn. I’m angry at the mindless fucks who feel the most important thing in life is to have a haircut at 2 in the morning. I’m angry at the mindless fucks who blocked lines of traffic for miles to purchase an overrated Big Mac after waiting for half an hour or more. I’m angry at my wife and I being accused of q jumping at the supermarket and the over zealous trolly guys enjoying their power. I’m angry at the bullshit rest home that insists I make an appointment to visit my 40 yr old son with Chronic Fatigue. I’m angry at the fuckwit that passed me in a dangerous manoeuvre only to be held up buy a truck further along. Martyn we’re all angry about something. Get over it. Try as you might you won’t change the world. Don’t be too angry with the left. The right want the same stuff and believe their way is right. The truth is the right is too harsh and the left is too useless. The result for us the people ends up being the same no matter who is in power. You want to change things get into politics and end up being fucked over like the rest of them. Whining on the sideline doesn’t become you. Your criticisms are sharp and cut through the shit. be happy.

  15. I am angry. I got to the self check out at New World and I was being charged $40 for 10 masks. They cost .20c to make. I told them to take them back. Gougers.

    • Angie Marino, apparently they don’t let people sell masks on social media due to profiteering, but supermarkets profiteering is ok? And the masks probably don’t even work, one of the many issues with PPE.

      Also anyone who booked a flight and had it cancelled by the airline for months, then the airlines are trying to rip off the consumers by not giving their money refunded in full?????? How the fuck can you offer a service, cancel it for months and then determine all the terms going forward when the prices will be much higher and availability lower and people might not be able to fly going forward due to the date change that the airline determined in the first place?????

      • SaveNZ: “And the masks probably don’t even work….”

        They don’t. The only effective ones are N95s, and they must be worn properly. The surgical-type masks -which I see people here wearing – are strictly for short-term wear, about an hour or so. After that, the moisture in breath allows viruses and the like to pass through them.

        “…anyone who booked a flight and had it cancelled by the airline for months, then the airlines are trying to rip off the consumers by not giving their money refunded in full….”

        We’re in this situation with Air NZ. Domestic flights, so we can’t get our money back. It infuriates me, that the airline gets to call all the shots over this situation. Yet it’s had a mega-bailout from the govt. Our money, of course. Either way, we’re being fleeced. Bloody shysters…..

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