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  1. Judith collins and the Nats recognized and backed Guaidó,,, who is a right wing clown and all round bad arsehole,,, although to be fair to the Nats ,,, NZ was the only 5 eyes country not to go along with the criminal farce against Venezuela ,,,, which Guaido is the figurehead for.

    “A December poll by an anti-Maduro firm found him ( Guadio), to have a 10 percent approval and 69 percent disapproval rating among his countrymen. “ …. “Guaidó later “resigned” from his own party, choosing to jump before he was pushed. In the midst of his national embarrassment, he left the country to be a guest of honor at Trump’s State of the Union speech in February, where he received a bipartisan standing ovation.”

    The Usa and Brits have stolen Venezuelan money and funded this stupid pretend leader of a man ,,, talk about picking a lemon ,,, It’s possible he’s more stupid than Bolsonaro.

    The latest moves in their moves of sanctions, coups and terror operations to achieve power through anti-democratic means,,, is thus ……..
    ….. A conglomerate of powerful morons and fusion of idiots ,, studied a
    past epic failure of bad planning and delusions ,,,, and made it much much worse.

    Bay of Piglets ,,,,

    U.S. Mercenaries Captured in Venezuela After Failed Coup Attempt Compared to a “Bad Rambo Movie”

    “the Trump administration has been openly and directly supporting violent regime change in Venezuela since April 30, 2019. That is the date Guaidó launched his failed military uprising, in which he tried to take over a Caracas airbase. Had a few things gone differently that day, Venezuela would be in a civil war. Guaidó was responsible then and he is responsible now. Additionally, he was educated in Washington, he declared himself “president” because of Washington, he has bipartisan political support and he receives U.S. taxpayer money

    Its all like a bad joke ,,, but like the mass death caused by usa imposed sanctions ,, its sick stuff , not funny.

    Elliot Abrhams —”He’s clearly a sign of U.S. degeneracy. And his appointment shows that the Trump administration is willing to re-unleash the darkest forces in U.S. modern history for war, destabilization and death squads. “

    This is incompetence and lying to the public by a government department and its policy managers. They should be sacked, and the head of the department also. These people are well paid, and supposed to be at a level of competence and integrity to match that. It should matter that they have been incorrect for so long, blatantly.
    Or are we getting third rate service for first world salaries and perks?

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