GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – WHAT THE HELL is going on in Auckland Women’s Prison [ARWCF]?


WHAT THE HELL is going on in Auckland Women’s Prison [ARWCF]. Even in low security [LS2] prisoners were locked at 4 pm Saturday, 9 May,and not unlocked until 3.30 pm Sunday. [Locked again at 4 pm] so only had half an hour out of cell for exercise/phonecalls etc]. They were unlocked at 8.30 am this morning and will be locked again at 9 am for the whole day meaning they wont be unlocked until tomorrow morning.

There is also a really bad smell of gas throughout many of the units in the prison so this must be affecting their health. Staff are well aware and doing nothing.

The ladies are trying to hold it together
and retain their sanity in the face of wholesale inhumane, unlawful treatment by Corrections. I will be chasing this up today at the highest level.

What this must be doing for their chances of rehabilitation is obvious…one thing for sure its not contributing to their desisting from crime on release. How can you expect people to respect and obey the law when they themselves are being unlawfully treated?

Corrections is acting unlawfully on numerous levels including breaching the right to one hour a day open air exercise, right to be treated humanely etc..etc. they can expect wholesale legal action that unfortunately will cost the long suffering taxpayer.

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Don’t listen to the Corrections staff Kelvin, you need to get someone in there you trust to carry out an immediate inspection and report directly back to you.

If you dont you will be complicit in the unlawful treatment of people whose safe and humane custody you are ultimately responsible for as Minister of Corrections.

Arthur Taylor is TDBs Prisoner Rights Blogger