Will Trump’s disinfectant injection advice inadvertently lead to war with China?  


So there I was watching Trump’s latest train wreck of a Pandemic press conference.

They have become a must view daily ritual to fully appreciate the lunacy of where we are as a global community under lockdown. Comparing the cavalcade of circus freak garbage Trump vomits out and the clear laser like warm communication of Jacinda helps me appreciate how blessed we are on these Shaky Isles.

Nothing beats the utter insanity of Trump when he’s allowed to keep talking in front of an open mic, the arrogance of his intellectual bankruptcy can’t be unseen. The ONLY reason this hateful orange tumour manages to brainfart such spastic rational is because everyone else is too frightened to disagree with him.

He has the Mad King about him as he rants and raves against reality.

Watching him is like dancing madly on the lip of a volcano, at any second he could snap and launch a nuclear strike against wherever he thinks the virus is hiding. He is exhilarating the way Russian Roulette is.

The magical thing about Trump is that no matter how low you think his latest obscenity is, he ALWAYS manages to go lower.

Every. Single. Time.

The ‘Mexicans are rapists’ and ‘grabbing them by the pussy’ moments seem like the good old days when it comes to Trump’s pantheon of the grotesque.

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Then something happened.

The world collectively heard for the first time in Trump’s mad reign of ignorance  a ‘thud’.

Trump had finally, finally hit rock bottom.

The global reaction to Trump’s absurd ravings about injecting disinfectant to kill the virus ricocheted around the planet faster than one of Trump’s winged monkeys of a tweet.

…even Pierre’s Morgan has had enough…

Covid 19 coronavirus disinfectant fallout: Donald Trump unfollows Piers Morgan on Twitter – the end of a bond

President Donald Trump has “unfollowed” British journalist Piers Morgan after a public spat over Trump’s idea that injecting disinfectant could kill the coronavirus.

Morgan, a former winner of Trump’s TV reality show The Celebrity Apprentice, famously predicted Trump’s victory in 2016 and wrote, “It’s weird being friends with someone who suddenly becomes President of the United States.”

But Trump’s advice this week that scientists should look into injecting people with disinfectant to kill Covid-19 proved too much for Morgan.

In his Daily Mail column, he wrote: “By far the most reckless and dangerous thing President Trump has done is use the most powerful podium on earth to air his batsh*t crazy theories about how to beat the virus.

…the universal denouncement of saying something as insane as injecting yourself with disinfectant has been beyond anything Trump has previously done or said. The juvenile nature of the mere suggestion is shocking enough, having a President of the United States say it however is so dangerous in its ignorance, lives have actually been put at risk.

The safety caps and warnings on a thousand disinfectants and cleaners tell even the most unaware voter that what Trump is saying is dangerous bullshit. Trump supporters may not know where the Ukraine is on a map or feel conflicted over border clampdowns but they sure as hell know not to inject bleach!

I think Trump has finally hit rock bottom, his claim that he was just being ‘sarcastic’ is so puerile even Fox News have pulled away from him.

I suspect this moment makes Trump more dangerous and unhinged. His notoriously thin skin means this universal derision of him is the exact sort of trigger that could provoke knee-jerk policy tantrums from Trump.

Unfortunately Trump isn’t the only regime desperate for an outside enemy to target.

One of the dangers for the Chinese Government is their own population turning on their response to the virus. With a massive economic slump coming China’s way, those pressures will only build.

China wants to find an external enemy to focus the domestic population as badly as Trump does.

The South China Sea is the perfect conflict point for both China and Trump to distract angry critical voice from home…

Australia joins US warship in South China Sea as tensions grow

An Australian warship has joined the US Navy in a drill in the South China Sea as tensions rise again between Beijing, Malaysia and Vietnam over disputed waters.

The Australian frigate HMAS Parramatta and three US warships arrived this week close to where the Chinese government survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 is suspected to be exploring for oil.

A vessel operated by Malaysia’s Petronas state oil company is also operating in the area.

The joint navy exercises were likely planned for months in advance but the show of force comes amid accusations that China is exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to bolster its territorial claims in regional flashpoints.

Beijing angered its Southeast Asian neighbours at the weekend by creating two administrative units on the Paracel and Spratly islands – archipelagos claimed by multiple countries in the region, including the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Hanoi issued a stinging rebuke, demanding that China respect its “sovereignty and abolish its wrongful decisions.” Vietnam has also engaged in tense standoffs with the Haiyang Dizhi 8 over its suspected oil exploration surveys.

Beijing’s assertive moves in the region, while many governments are distracted by their domestic battles to contain Covid-19, prompted the US to denounce its “bullying behaviour.”

…I have been warning that conflict will be an easy means for China and Trump to escape the current domestic threats to them and the ongoing speculation of the Wuhan Lab in the release of this virus will only help ratchet those tensions higher and higher.

We could have war before the US Election.


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  1. One of his last “Hot Takes” last week.

    “”Trust me! I’m a doctor! I’m like a doctor, I mean I’m like a doctor but I’m not a doctor. But I’ve got a lot of good ideas like a doctor, so, you could say I’m a doctor?”

  2. The role of the supposed church “Genesis II” in getting the POTUS to impotently shill their; “Miracle Mineral Solution”, is particularly interesting. Is there anyone that buffoon wouldn’t sell out to get his ego stroked?

  3. I see Donald Trump cancelled his daily covid 19 press statement today citing QUOTE; -“It was not worth his effort”

    Best he now concentrate investigating how the virus begun eh?

  4. The coming war on china a documentary made by John Pilger is a must see and highlights US pivot to asia policy enacted by Pres Obama when in office but was always an American foreign policy issue before than. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6StL-AJLDwY

    The N.E.D (National Endowment for Democracy) is one of American soft power org that been instrumental in the Honk Kong riots and also facilitates the destabilization of govt that are not friendly to Washington foreign policy. China is a huge thorn in the backside for Washington. Allying with Russia,Iran in the M.E (Iraq,Syria,Yemen) also the RBI (Road Belt Initiative) which will be the nail in the coffin for US global hegemony aspirations. https://thegrayzone.com/

  5. Yeah, and sounds like you’ll be siding with “re-education” camps, Xi, Wokester… good luck with that.. perhaps you can do a Chinese military parade on Queen Street with Gary Lin?

    • Gee. What an astute argument against what Stephen was saying. Such a great use of logic and fact. Man. I wish I had your intellect…

  6. You only provide material for the Trumptards to crow about when you incorrectly relate what Trump said.
    He didn’t advise anybody to inject disinfectant. He asked a member of Homeland Security’s science spokesperson to look into the possibility of using such a means to treat COVID19.

    It’s absolutely bonkers to make that request, I agree, and almost certainly dangerous, almost certainly fatal.
    It displays a breathtaking ignorance of basic medical science and physiology on his part. It displays infantile thought process as well, a complete ignorance of causation and association and fundamentals of the scientific method.
    But he did not advise anybody do it. Only that it be ” looked into”.

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