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Todays gratitude – Shout out Friday to the ambulance staff who are still saving and protecting us even when their health is at risk.

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  1. During the Lockdown, the govt does not want anyone sleeping out on the streets or wandering around homeless. They will find you accommodation for this time.

    “The Ministry of Business. Innovation and Employment has requested anyone requiring temporary housing to register by calling 0508 754 163. ” So if you stumble over a homeless person or family, or anyone who finds themselves ‘locked out’, they can call that number.

  2. Denmark – Coronavirus: Why Denmark taking steps to open up again
    The spread of coronavirus appears to be under control and the government wants to get the economy going again.
    But Denmark’s moves will be slow and cautious. Ms Frederiksen likened them to walking a tightrope.
    “If we open Denmark too quickly again, we risk infections rising too sharply and then we’ll have to close down again,” she said.

    Seems wise. A good model for us to follow. Why not encourage people to do house repairs, and turn down time into practical time, like this:
    … In the Czech Republic, shops selling building materials and bikes are back in business and rules have been relaxed for open-air recreation areas.

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