As BOMBER’s 4 April blog attestshe received a whacking 350 likes from 4102 views, when I last checked the monitor.

As my Blog 2 April attests; where I questioned to efficacy of blaming China for CORVID 19

I received 318 views and no likes.

The crux of my blog was to condemn the anti-China racism which is now tangible in the streets of Aotearoa and to be wary of kicking sand in the face of the one nation upon which New Zealand depends more than any other, for its resuscitation.

Australia has been our most enduring salvation in this respect, but with a double whammy of fires and coronavirus; Australia has a massive job resurrecting its own economy, let alone looking after us.

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In his (above link) blog, Bomber addresses the following recent political/commercial history which I suggest, says more about the behaviour of New Zealanders, than it does condemn China.  One paragraph in particular stands out:

 “When the National Party has become little more than a front for Chinese Business interests with an alleged spy inside their caucus and Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain Directors of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husband’s Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with Donghua Liu seeing him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges it is more than fair to start demanding far more scrutiny and public debate towards China’s power over our economy and political system, especially when the academic who is highlighting this influence is being intimidated and having her house broken into by Chinese agents, and there is a current SFO investigation into political donations to the National Party after a wealthy Chinese Businessman asked how much to buy 2 Chinese candidates on the National Party list.”

I stand firm on my warning bout kicking  sand in the face of the economic giant (albeit so made a giant, as a the result of avaricious commercial lust by Western companies ignoring alleged working conditions in Chinese companies – as long as they got a product manufactured at a cheaper price than could be produced back home e.g. USA).   National government’s Outsourcing NZ military uniforms to China at the expense of Lane Walker Rudkin, may be an example closer to home. 

A product of Globalisation, perhaps?

I say this because the kick start of our economy (to hell with America – it’s piracy of face masks and ventilators from NATO allies confirms Uncle Sam puts self before all else) will largely depend on China taking our exports of fish, meat, milk products and logs. 

Students and tourist from China are a dead fish – in my view.

Bomber’s attack (above) on my former caucus colleagues stands as a separate issue.  The presentation may cause some to think that corruption, if it exists, is not so much a China problem but a problem for they who seek the pot of gold.   

I suggest the same cause is at the root of the problem Western countries now face – having outsourced so much manufacturing to China, is also of their own doing.

PS If you want a glimpse of political corruption in New Zealand, you can buy on line:                         OUT OF THE INFERNO. A novel of which political commentator Chris Trotter writes:                                     “In Out of the Inferno, Meurant proves there’s only one way to tell the unvarnished truth about the country he loves – write fiction.”

Ross Meurant; a former high-ranking police officer, former Member of Parliament, formerly with commercial interests in Syria and Iran and  currently Honorary Consul for an African state.


  1. Even if you are correct, i think its all too raw, too soon and insensitive. People have lost jobs, soon to lose houses, businesses, footy night at the pub with mates. Watching their kids miss out studying final year of school in a class room or their first easter hat parade.
    Perhaps what you say is correct but you lack empathy for those who still have majority of their life to live and who are hitting major milestones. Weddings have been cancelled. Babies being born in fear they will catch an invisible killer. Shame on China for concealing the severity of this virus and not standing up and being a respectful neighbour. If they really want to be good partners in trade and in life they would have stood up earlier and said buckle in quick and locked down their borders and contained better. We now truly understand what the face of China looks like when it comes to a crisis.

    • Oh please. Do you honestly believe that Chinese aren’t racist? That’s what gets me about these snowflake Nigel’s of the world whinging about people who’re racist against China. Just read our bloody FTA with China.

    • Are you assuming China deliberately spawned and spread the coronavirus.

      If so, do some research for medical information from independent international institutions. The USA is automatically ruled itself out on this one but won’t release its home data on coronavirus..

  2. Am i to early for the ” evil Chinese didn’t tell the world”, except that they did. The Chinese along with Cuba at this point in time, are assisting various countries with doctors equipment etc. as apposed to sanctions by the us, preventing countries from obtaining medical supplies for there populace, in there typical murderous fashion. On the subject of racism, unfortunately i am in agreement with Taika Waititi, and i am a working class pakeha in my seventies.

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