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  1. Bauer – the Labour Coalition indicate that they still don’t understand how to build a strong indigenous (including all NZs) busy business community that is very aware of keeping itself and its spirit alive and active and protecting its interests with informed citizens at the bulwarks. As Gordon Campbell comments there are cargo-cultists in the Beehive who can’t handle change. (You want the truth – you can’t handle the truth!)

    This from NZ Herald – still extant.
    6 Apr, 2020 5:00am
    Covid 19 coronavirus lockdown: Cabinet to consider next steps as signs emerge the lockdown is working:
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says there will be three “early indicators” which will help guide the Cabinet on whether the lockdown should be lifted in 16 days – and has confirmed the Government was offered the sale of the closed NZ arm of Bauer magazines for $1.

    In a wide-ranging interview, Ardern told Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB today that she understood the Government had been approached to buy Bauer, although not her personally…

    Bauer which owns iconic titles Listener, Woman’s Weekly, Woman’s Day and others – announced its sudden closure last week, citing its inability to publish and distribute magazines in the Covid lockdown.
    Ardern said the Government had wanted the business to take up the wage subsidy scheme for its approximate 250 staff, but indicated wider factors were at play.
    “They did talk about whether the Government would buy Bauer. We wanted them to remain open, and we offered the wage subsidy – and they weren’t interested.

    “I think you would have something to say if we started buying up women’s magazines,” she told Hosking.

    Pushed on why the Government did not buy Bauer for $1, she said: “That’s not the role of Government…what we wanted was for that business to continue with the wage subsidy. I don’t think they were interested in continuing in New Zealand.”

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