BREAKING: SkyCity redundancies: Union leader loses job – no consultation, no options, sacked as of today.

SkyCity has broken the law by sacking hundreds of workers as of today with no consultation or discussion. Salaried managers at SkyCity were told on Friday that their jobs would finish today. Their letter of notice states clearly that the decision has already been made and there will be no consultation or consideration of any alternatives or other options.
Included in the 200 redundancies is Julia Liu, a Sea-Unite union leader at the casino. Ms Liu is a Food and Beverage Manager with over 20 years service.
Her letter from SkyCity states:
“After a review of all roles across SkyCity, I regret to inform you that your current role of Duty Manager Casino Rest. will be disestablished as it is no longer required in the new operating model.  We have made these business decisions with a shorter than usual process, given the unprecedented situation.  Therefore, given the significant impact on the business and our urgent need to cut costs, there will not be a period of consultation with regard to the decision.  Unfortunately, this means we are not seeking your views to the extent that we would do under normal circumstances.”
“I cannot believe that they are just firing so many workers like myself without any chance to discuss what options there are. After 21 years it is simply you are fired.” said Ms Liu
She is angry that SkyCity did not apply for the wage subsidy for her job or other salaried managers.
“The subsidy would have more than covered my part-time salary. In fact it would have provided extra money to subsidise another salaried staff member’s wages. They could still have started a redundancy process, but it would have meant that they had 12 weeks to do it properly. How is anyone supposed to find a new job now?”
Unite Union National Secretary Gerard Hehir said the union had never seen such a large scale blatant and deliberate breach of the law around re-structuring and redundancies.
“If SkyCity, a huge corporate with massive resources, can get away with this then it will be utter anarchy.  The laws of the land have not been changed. Employers still have to obey the law and their contractual obligations. The emergency may mean that consultation times have to be shorter and the dramatic change in business will obviously be a factor in what decisions are justified at the end, but this is complete lawlessness.”
There are many areas of concern with SkyCity’s actions:
                1. No consultation at all. The letters explicitly state no feedback is sought.
                2. The letters talk about  “a new operating model” but no detail is given. Without any proposal it is impossible to ascertain whether the redundancies are in fact needed and are being implemented in a fair and consistent manner. 
                3. SkyCity appears to have made a deliberate decision not to apply for the wage subsidy for salaried managers just so they can make them redundant sooner.
                4. There appear to be basic errors in the calculation of redundancy payments
The failure to use the wage subsidy to buy time is particularly appalling said Mr Hehir:
“Hundreds of thousands of businesses with far fewer resources than SkyCity have taken up the subsidies and workers taken pay cuts to save jobs or at least buy some time. No-one knows what the situation will be in ten weeks. If the government is willing to subsidise to allow that then why wouldn’t you?”
Employment law specialists Hesketh Henry recently advised clients in a newsletter titled “Anarchy does not rule, OK?!”
“Finally, if an employer has not applied for a Wage Subsidy, and wants to terminate an employee’s employment for redundancy, it will need to explain, as part of its proposal for consultation, why it did not apply for the available Government assistance.”


  1. Amongst the other concerns, such as denial of process and natural justice, this also looks like a blatant case of attempted Union busting. Employers often lay off the “last on” because they then may retain institutional knowledge of more experienced workers, and, pay less in redundancy to more recent starters as amounts are usually service related.

    The law still applies, Level 4 does not mean society has been reset to ground zero. If employers want to act this way they may not like some of the consequences! Skycity is a ratbag operation if the way they disregarded workers health and safety after the recent fire is anything to go on.

  2. Arrows do nothing against shields. Out of work waiters can’t sustain prolonged legal action. If someone pulls a gun on you, you have to pull out an even bigger canon, namely block Sky Cities next casino license renewal. It was never really an option before now but with so many indiscriminate redundancies who really cares if Sky City burns to the ground.

  3. Sky City needs to go, the casino needs to go, the tower needs to come down… anyone supporting these in any way shape of form, whatsoever… well….

    • Totally agree, while the food service will make some real value added the gambling is just a parasitic industry which we can do without.

      • Indeed, Bonnie. It was a industry we should never have allowed into the country. The libertarians may’ve thought it was a great idea – but they’re rarely the ones that pay the price of a business model that hoovers up cash often at the expense of those who can ill afford it.

  4. So? That big, ominously alien and fucking ugly spiky thing that penetrates the Auckland skyline is really just a sign post to a sack of arseholes who make money from exploiting those whom they ensure remain vulnerable?
    Sweet! Carry on.
    I write that because I hope you normal, day to day functioning people are pushed so hard that you’ll get so fucked off that you’ll take some direct, old school action against your greasy, sleazy, bully masters. The Think Big / Small Dick yapsters where a huff of P is better than a bath and a change of underpanties. Aye boys?
    Is the casino on fire yet?
    Was just wondering…?

  5. I hope that when this all over that none of these staff will return and work for them and advise others too stay well away.

    The ugly face of corporate control and dominance.

    This is the reason why we need strong Labour laws and strong unions.

  6. They are no better than Bauer media .

    Facebook is currently littered with workers sacked with no consultation or the wage subsidy applied for .

  7. The place was cursed from the start,… which was endorsed by John Key , fabricated on a lie as a ‘conference center’, an industry that is toxic to society , and to which the warnings were clear about its management style when part of it went up in flames…

    Went up in flames…

    Just like neo liberalism is doing currently.

  8. Sky City would be more even more parasitic if they took the wage subsidy. Keep them in permanent lockdown, insidious bacterial casino .

  9. Sky City would be more even more parasitic if they took the wage subsidy. Keep them in permanent lockdown, insidious bacterial casino .

  10. You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money when you’re sittin at the table, there’ll be time enough for countin when the deal is done.. Obviously, these bloodsuckers never listened to Kenny Rogers advice, so screw em! Lock the damn door and throw away the “Key”… RIP Kenny!

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