Week 1 NZ Pandemic Lockdown – TDB Winners & Losers 


Day 3 of the lockdown and I have found how quickly it is to reason that cocktails for Breakfast can be nutritional.

As NZ tumbled into a casual Police state this week, here are the winners & losers of Week 1 under Pandemic Lockdown…


PrePandemic Simon Bridges: The week before the Pandemic, Simon was a hot mess. Screaming about burning red tape regulation just as the electorate scrambled to beg for the State to protect them from a pandemic, and slagging off beneficiaries for getting $25 extra a week all made him sound petty and shallow. Bridges managed to make Trump sound reasonable.

Mike Hosking: It didn’t matter what he said last week, it all came across as privileged wank that made a rattle snake sound compassionate. Nothing Jacinda did was sufficient. At first it was complaints she wasn’t doing enough, then it was a complaint she was doing too much. If Jacinda personally developed a vaccine and paid every NZ Business out of her own picket, Mike would still attack her for grandstanding. She could cure cancer, resurrect Jesus and reunite the Beatles and Mike would still argue she was doing it just to get a UN job.

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Supermarket bosses: Forcing workers who are essential to keeping the supermarkets open home without pay if they are sick is NOT the way you treat workers in a pandemic! These Supermarkets have a total monopoly for 4 weeks and should have more than enough money to look after their own work force, these are the business tactics of unscrupulous cartels not local supermarkets.

Scum Landlords: Arseholes who raise the rent or evict tenants for not paying their rent during a pandemic are not people we want to protect from lynch mobs.



PostPandemic Simon Bridges: After a deplorable start, Simon finally understood what being the Leader of the Loyal Opposition meant and stepped up. He stopped being a dick and comprehended the importance of his role in a Police State. Thank God he put the country before his political ambitions.

Hilary Barry: We’ve all loved Hills, but sweet Jesus she’s wasted playing Jeremy Well’s Mum 7pm weekdays on Seven Sharp. The pandemic has forced the alter of lite entertainment to actually start being a current affairs show and with it Hillary is allowed to be the Journalist she actually is.

Supermarket workers, Drs, Nurses, Garbage collectors, Pharmacists and every other essential service worker: The incredible way so many have stepped up to serve us in lockdown is truly inspirational. The country owes a debt to them and their courage. It is times like this we are reminded that every worker in a democracy is vital and deserves respect and the right to share in the harvest of that society.

Jacinda: Most of us want to panic buy, but when we check our bank accounts we realise all we can afford is panic. Jacinda’s grace and courage of a Taniwha have led us in our darkest hour with a fearlessness and empathy that marks her out as a unique once in a  generation leader. If there is a silver lining to this pestilence, it is that she is our Prime Minister right now.


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TDB Team 2020.


  1. “Jacinda: Most of us want to panic buy, but when we check our bank accounts we realise all we can afford is panic.”

    And that will be a problem because the ones with money will buy up large whilst the peasantry goes without
    We have got to have some type of war time rationing.

    • Agreed rationing is logical and stops the fear that the ‘other guy;’ is cheating, so I had better do likewise, or I’m the mug for not ‘looking out for me’.
      Rationing should have been introduced immediately that we went to Level 2.
      Sadly I fear this country is run for the pure benefit of the uber wealthy and politically connected. When the 90% of us benefit in some small way, is it PURELY accidental and a side effect of bailing out the 1%’ers.

  2. A year or two of this will teach us nothing if during this time a major economic restructuring doesnt happen.

  3. Bomber you are right, we are fortunate in our leader. I was calling for what is now in place and it took moral courage to put us into lockdown. We are leaving behind the failing strategies of the US, Europe, UK and Australia with their weak attempts to control c0vid-19. We are following the example of the Asian countries who have been relatively successful. I’ve just read about Vietnam which is joining China, Taiwan and others who are recovering well.

    The UK has experts like Michael Baker. I watched online while a retired professor John (no surname given), who appears weekly on TV analysing problems and answering viewers questions. He is advising Bahrain, but Boris ignores his advice. I hear on BBC radio some Poms feel that they can’t take draconian measures because they’re in a democracy. The contrary view is that its like the Blitz, they’ll follow the rules and stick together. Even HM is taking this line.

    All the evidence I’ve read points to A/NZ’s position being absolutely the right one. Good on Jacinda leading us to this, and good on the rest of us for sticking to the rules. As we keep hearing, together we will defeat this virus.

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