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  1. This is one fast-talking excited commenter on Covid-19. But he seems to have all the facts behind him and he has great graphs behind it plus, sorry, little muzak sounds behind it which apparently all the best makers of vids now do. They have been infected by an incidental tinkling music virus ugghh! But do overlook that and appreciate that overall the vid maker has done a great job.

  2. Authoritarian lockdown tip #1: Dob in your neighbour

    News today that the government has set up an online submission form for the public to report on anyone they deem to be breaking the current lockdown rules. This could be anything regarded now as off limits, from going outside and minding your own business to farting without permission i.e. dobbing in anyone for anything at anytime. Welcome to Mike Bush’s dream and Orwell’s nightmare.

    • Popeye – These so called much quoted “rules” appear not to exist.
      There are many recommendations, bits of sound advice and PMs statements with inverted commas but for the life of me I can’t find a set of rules.
      The lock down as far as I can see is implemented using some powers under the Health act and using the declaration of State of National Emergency. So they can make up “rules” as deemed necessary as long as Human rights are not breached.
      But where do you find these rules.

  3. Lockdown tip #2: Have a go at the government online

    The decision by the government to shut down the country was vindicated today with the death of an elderly woman. Asking that the nation respect the privacy of the woman’s family while simultaneously using the death supposedly from Coronavirus as a political loud hailer, Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the death “reinforces our move to Level 4” while the PM said the death showed “exactly why” we were in lockdown and that it was “devastating”. There have been no further press releases expressing sympathy for the other 100 people who died in the country today. At current global rates we should potentially expect 20 further deaths attributed to Covid in NZ but probably not the 80,000 fatalities projected by some modelling commentators. With the chance of someone actually having the virus after testing positive for it at 10%, this would bring the potential deaths in NZ attributable to Covid down to 2. Possibly 1.

    This concludes the Coronavirus special series.

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