The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday – 23rd March 2020


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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    • Probably an interesting exercise to pass the time when we’re all parked up practicing physical distancing – just as long as we’re prepared to also put as much effort into looking forward – i.e. where its headed is probably more important than where it came from.
      And so far, from where I stand, I see some pretty bloody stupid behaviour …………
      whether its from ‘invincible’ millenials queuing up at close quarters at Wellington bars on a Saturday night (even AFTER they’ve spent most of the early evening pre-loading, and then later coming back to their scruffy abodes for a bit more entangling – the likes of which their mummies and daddies would no doubt be horrified by)
      or whether it be some of the really amateur border control measures put in place – bearing in mind the inability of our MoBIE to walk and chew gum at the same time, or even aside from some of the past record of their performance – the record is now pages, and pages, and pages, and pages long, just in the past few years
      or even the lack of any real commitment shown to healthcare and other service personnel worried about where they stand in all of this.
      There have be signs that JA is starting to understand where some of the roadblocks are – I hope she is because if and when things return to normal, the inability to be transformational and kind is an impossibility if there’s an intent to just revert to some of the absolute bullshit that’s been fed to responsible Munsters by people that are more (or probably to be charitable, JUST as) concerned with their careers and CVs as they are about the people they purport to S E R V E and represent.
      Let’s hope good things come out of this. there are signs that’ll be the case – things like supply chains, prioritisation of limited resources, the realisation that we’re actually exposed from not being a little more self-sufficient because of a LEARNED ideology, etc.
      However there are also signs that it could just be a temporary blip that a few bullshit artists are hoping they’ll be able to bullshit and bluster their way through. (So far though, not enough to review my intent to vote Green or some other alternative as a lifetime Labour suppota – just can’t do it anymore after seeing, witnessing, experiencing some of the casualties they’re directly responsible for – fuck ’em).

  1. Martyn – Can there be a sticky site? Where people can go and put up a short bit about Covid-19, tips, ideas, music links, good books, info local or world, experiences? It might be prosaic, silly, funny, but it will be some of us telling our stories and quirky, or not, happenings. Best of course to concentrate on the positive or something that could be improved, and who was emailed with the idea to the authorities. Good to do something, politely, with intent to be positive instead of whinging as one tends to do, so depressing that. And not make fun of others’ ideas seemingly silly to oneself!

    My tip – we have to worry about picking up the virus from surfaces when we are out. Wear throwaway gloves, don’t worry about environment at present, and best if they are waterproof ones and can be washed like hands, to try for good affect for others. Or I have cotton gloves, clean ones that can be laundered. Pull out your old hankies and stuff them in paper bag when used then put in washing machine.
    Also the fall-back stance – trying to keep 1 metre apart; put one foot forward and put weight on back foot which will move body back by a distance, which will help to keep physical distance between you and others.

    Also youtube has a dedicated site for the Corona virus.

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