So National want to make houses colder before a looming pandemic? Why their red tape bonfire is pure intellectually bankrupt sophistry


Rental regulations among first National would scrap, Simon Bridges says

Among the first regulations National would scrap, if elected, would be Labour’s proposed rental regulations and the newly introduced heating standards, leader Simon Bridges says.

Speaking in Auckland, Opposition leader Simon Bridges reiterated his promise to light a “regulation bonfire”, doing away with two regulations for every new one introduced, and said he would to appoint a minister dedicated to cutting red tape.

The party also released a list of the first regulations it would scrap if elected, with the government’s proposed rental law changes chiefly in its sights.

Ummmm. Simon wants to make houses colder right before a pandemic breaks out? So National Party policy is to take a public health emergency and make it worse?

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Are the rest of you listening to this?

National’s ‘bonfire of red tape’ is just intellectually bankrupt sophistry!

National are playing to the petty bigotry and low imagination horizon of muddle Nu Zilind by trying to claim we are awash with useless red tape that is slowing down our economy, yet when the National Party were in power last, they actually conducted a Rules Reduction Taskforce to look at this exact issue and what did the Rules Reduction Taskforce find?

It was a surprise to us to find out that a number of the loopy rules are in fact just myths. They are misinterpretations and misunderstandings that have been repeated so often that they have taken on the status of facts. We heard many examples where people are not clear about what they need to do and why. Myths fill the gap when clear information is hard to find. We highlight these myths in this report along with the loopy rules that need to be changed or removed. We discovered that loopy rules are difficult to get rid of because they’re part of a wider system, because a focus on the customer is absent, or because of the interests of experts or the fears of their administrators. What’s clear is they thrive when rule makers fail to take responsibility for them.

…well, well, well. Over regulation is just a myth and demanding to burn two for every one implemented is like amputating any foot with an ingrown toenail! National have already looked to reduce regulation and their very own Task force found that the whole red tape over regulation was a myth!

Their red tape burning theatrics to one side, making houses colder in the middle of a pandemic will kill NZers. It’s like they are so wedded to their pre-pandemic policy that they don’t know how to adapt it fast enough to the new realities.

National out of power are showing us that free of the responsibilities of Government, they still can’t get their fucking act together!



  1. I’d like to help Simon out today …
    Anybody see which way he came in? lol

    Someone pull round his clown car yo’ll 🙂

  2. If you look at all the extra restrictions and costs this Government has burdened on landlords you might understand why rents have shot up.
    The law needed to be improved to help tenants but not so much as to worsen the crisis like it has.
    People in cold houses is better than people in no houses.

    • “If you look at all the extra restrictions and costs this Government has burdened on landlords you might understand why rents have shot up.”


    • Get real jays all people deserve to have a warm home and a decent paying job. I agree with Bert its pure fucken greed.

      • I cannot disagree with that.
        However, piling on regulation after regulation is clearly having the OPPOSITE effect.
        This Labour government have taken the approach to legislation that a 5 year old might do.
        They are assuming that there are no unintended consequences from implementing these laws
        Therefore answer the original question: Is it better to have people in cold homes or not at all? Because right now this legislation is driving the latter.

        • No it should the human right for everyone to live in a warm dry home. If landlords can’t do that, they shouldn’t be landlords. I believe you know this to be right Jay’s. If they can’t do this then sell the house to someone who will.
          That is why it is about greed

          • That is delusional thinking.
            You need to look at how the world IS, NOT how you would like it to be.
            This is the problem with so many socialists including Adern.
            You talk about SHOULDN’T be but THEY ARE.
            So how to make things better for tenants given that the Government is NOT going to run around confiscating landlords’ properties?
            The insulation subsidy was a reasonable solution because it offered carrots rather than sticks.

            • Government is NOT going to run around confiscating landlords’ properties?

              Well Phil Goff has already put it out there as an option.

              …Not to confiscate, just to ensure that wherever possible, those properties start being used for purpose, for being lived-in.

              • That is a different subject.
                He is talking about ghost homes absent landlords /owners buy homes leave the country leave empty houses.
                Just so they are in school zones and other silly reasons
                Not the same as taking homes at all

            • Delusional thinking is believing it’s better to live in a cold house than not at all. Its neoliberal thinking that got us here in the first place. I”ll say it again slowly GREEED!
              Now, let me explain, greed is a mindset, not driven by regulation.

              • “Delusional thinking is believing it’s better to live in a cold house than not at all”
                Holy fuck, that is some callous delusional thinking right there.
                You have to be the MOST out of touch human being is have ever communicated with.
                15 years ago my brother faced homelessness. Despite it meant delaying our first home purchase by several years, my wife and I saved him from that fate and paid his arrears on his mortgage.
                His house was run down, shifty and deathly cold but he was eternally grateful to still have it.
                So I suggest you get off your fucking high horse and join the fucking real world.
                Seems to me that you care far more for your ideals than for people.

                • Holy fuck Jays, yours is asylum thinking.
                  People like YOU you are wholly responsible for the crimes of today. You’d rather people die of cold than to allow people to live with dignity, Dignity you moron.
                  Now you gave fucking one example of your brother from your fucking high horse, your “real world” may be planet Key but for those suffering,you blame them. What do you do Jay’s? I work in mental health, so care more for my people which shows with your last comment, you just haven’t got a fucking clue.
                  Now, I went into a rental 12 years ago, 4 bedroom large internal garage, fruit trees galore. Paid $360 a week, do you know what I pay now Jay’s? Do you know what I pay after a new roof, new carpet with new underlay, a refurbished bathroom Jays? $360 a week!. So fuck you and your high horse ideals, this is as I mentioned all about GREED! And YOU give me all the evidence I needed.

                  • You’re a mental case and flat out wrong. This is no longer a matter of opinion. I could if i had the resources prove you wrong beyond any shadow of a doubt by running a simple survey of those people currently waiting for emergency housing asking them if they would rather have a cold hoise or live on the streets.
                    You are the most dangerous of ideologues who care far more about the purity of yoir ideas than the people you purport to support.
                    But shrug, you lack the intelligence and decency to understand that, so carry on.

                    • You can’t prove anything , you have no evidence, you can’t even debate, in fact your personal attacks and the use of mental illness terminology is disgraceful but then take a look around, you seem to be a lone crusader in the quest to berate to and play the neoliberal card. If I was plain wrong then why are so many others dismissing your opinions. As a suggestion, you may just want to grow up.
                      I have no doubt my intelligence is greater than yours as house is not spelt “hoise” and your not “yoir”. Slow the typing down a little, take a deep breath as the “u” is to close to the “I” for you.

            • Yes Jays we need to look at the world at how it is but that does not mean we have to accept it. We were taught to be the best we can and to aim high.

              • Well, the past 2 years of Labour in power have proven beyond a doubt that piling legislation on like this results in increased rents and more misery.
                You don’t have to accept that is the case, but it is still the case.
                You might just as well wish gravity to cease to exist.
                Furthermore if Labour were to be so stupid as to introduce rent controls or the like, things would get far worse until they were turfed from power.
                If Labour actually wants to tackle this problem, build more bloody houses.

                • Jays, it will be landlords such as yourself who will be the reason that Government ends up intervening with rent controls .
                  Rents have risen way more than any extra costs imposed !
                  If you are out for a quick buck find another way to make money .

        • Not particularly. From what I can see, what’s happening right now is the property investors and landlords lobby are throwing their toys out of the pram and essentially attempting to blackmail the government into relenting on the new regulations. “If you go ahead with this, we’re going to throw in the towel and get out of the property game! Then who will house all your desperate and needy?! Or we’ll just ratchet up the rents to stratospheric levels!”

          The thing is, the more greedy, venal landlords who get out of the property market, the better for New Zealand. Those homes are still there — they’re just not being lorded over vulnerable tenants by grasping vultures who think housing a family in a damp, frigid, vermin-infested hovel is fine. I’m sure first-home buyers will be thrilled at your sudden absence. And you can keep cranking the rents up, but you’ll eventually reach a tipping point where your property becomes unaffordable to anyone other than the very affluent, and you’ve shot yourself in the foot.

          Either way, the houses are still there. If being a landlord is too hard for you… go ahead. Bugger off. Go invest your money into worm farms or a vineyard somewhere. There are some lovely landlords out there who pride themselves on doing right by their tenants. And there are some absolute pirates who simply don’t give a toss about anything other than maximising returns on their investment — whether or not it comes at the expense of their fellow Kiwis. We’d all be better off without the latter group.

          • The houses are NOT still there. Not for rent any way.
            1st home buyers pick them up and live 2 or 3 people to a house that might have house 3 or 4 previously.
            If regulations work, why have rents and house prices sky rocketed?
            Once again, look at the effect regulation has had, not the effect you wanted it to have.

            • So, you’re good with 200,000 houses sitting empty around NZ then? Around 40,000 in Auckland alone?

            • Do the houses disappear into the ether, Jay? They’re still there… either for first home buyers, or for another landlord to snap up. Hopefully, a landlord who isn’t inclined to treat his tenants like something he’d scrape off the sole of his shoe.

              First home buyers don’t populate the home as efficiently? So… we have a net loss of, what, one person? But then they have a baby (young couples like to do that sort of thing I’ve heard)… so, not really much of an argument, is it? (And let’s not forget the rental the first home buyers moved out of is now on the market for new tenants.)

              The regulations were designed for the express purpose of making homes rented out to tenants safer, healthier and less prone to annoying things like vermin infestations and pneumonia outbreaks. You know, the sorts of things that might kill babies and the elderly. Rents keep going up because of lack of supply, and landlords throwing their toys out of the pram and attempting to strong-arm the government. “We’re going to keep ratcheting up the rent! We’ll show you, Jacinda, you dirty communist!” They’re like petulant children.

              What we really need in this country is rent controls. You don’t get to price gouge people who have little in the way of options when it comes to housing their families. If you’re making a reasonable profit (covering rates, ongoing maintenance, etc.) and paying your mortgage, you should be fairly content. Cranking rents up for no other reason than “this is current market value” makes you a bit of an arsehole to be honest. The market is an entirely man-made construct and it doesn’t give two fucks if people live or die. You should be better than that. You don’t NEED to make life difficult for your fellow Kiwis; you’re deliberately CHOOSING to do it just because you can.

              And, at the end of the day, it all becomes too hard for you as an ethical landlord… maybe chuck it in and go play golf?

        • Jays I lived in a cold flea ridden state flat with no washhouse in the bronxs down Petone and I paid $ 15 a week nek minute my 18 month old daughter had severe Asthma.
          Why would we want to go back to that this was in 1981 we need to go forward not backward.
          By the way the state housing corporation refused to give me a transfer they said I was adequately housed. This was where they put us solo mums, Maori , PI and many of our working class poor Pakeha whanau.

          • Sorry to hear that Michelle but people like Jays just don’t care. They’d rather personally abuse you and make statements like “your wrong”. No debate, just narcissism.

    • If a house is cold and damp you might as well live on the streets duh check out the logic.
      Also rents were going up already greed and excuses put rent up.
      Keeping your property in good condition helos keep its value.
      What a ridiculous comment.
      We are a nation of people not just bank accounts.
      Iur health is vital sick workers cost the economy far more.

  3. This Jester needs to called out.
    At election time, he needs to specify exactly what legislation he plans to repeal. All 100+ of them.
    Bet he won’t be able to more than 10

  4. In the early 90s, National used the regulations are strangling efficiency and progress in the building industry. Look what the results were from that. Leaky buildings costing us still today, likely to cost $30-50b by the time is is resolved.
    It also is the direct cause of the current semi disfunctional construction sector we have to today.
    They are idiots time and time over

      • Creating monopolies for building materials like gib is another one of nationals policies that help sink our housing market

      • Fire safety regulations. Think mr key’s casino convention centre

        Yet according to mr bridges, Health and safety should be no more than a ‘common sense’ matter.

        How can he say that with a straight face?

    • Look what the results were from that. Leaky buildings costing us still today, likely to cost $30-50b by the time is is resolved.

      Yes. And they know that.
      They are prepared to let others suffer the consequences and others in the future pick up the tab.

      • National are irresponsible and unfit to govern. For bizarre reason a large sector of the voting public think otherwise.

  5. I think Simon has given up hope on winning the next general election but is desperate to keep national supporters wanting him to be leader.

  6. Blatant plagerisim from the Boris Johnson playbook. Their vacuous policies aren’t even original.

  7. Didn’t the traitor, Palmer go on a Quango hunt back in the day with the same aim in mind?

    And ended up with more than he started with?

  8. It’s a risky game – most voters believe the lies right wing parties spin. There are a lot of stupid people out there. There’s no guarantee, but maybe – just maybe – Simple Simon is showing signs of going so far beyond the pale that even the stupid don’t believe him.

    • As apposed to the lies and false promises the current COL has indulged in . They had 9 years in opposition to prepare for the time they got the reins of power. What were they doing. Kiwibuild reform poorly thought out/transport plan for Auckland no progress /road construction on hold for 2 years until they suddenly realise they could lose votes . The poor quality of minister advice and control are coming to light the longer they flounder around. National learn a lot from the lose in 2017 and show they will make changes for the better . It will be a close race and while hopefully NZF will vanish I believe the resurgence of the Maori Party will be important .

      • “National learn a lot from the lose in 2017 and show they will make changes for the better .”

        You clearly don’t know N.Z. politics or Nationals history if you believe that.

        • I’m with you bert, trev is pom who doesn’t know what he is talking about And for him to praise national when he came from mother England he should know better why do yo think so many poms are still coming here. The problem is when they get here they forget why they left their own country in the first place. Yet many vote for a tory government that rewards the rich and punishes the poor and they bring their bloody bullshit baggage with them. Please leave you baggage at the departure gate. Then we those poms that Maori bash well we signed a treaty with their queen but they come here and tramp on our TOW and then many have a damned cheek to say we are one people bullshit when many get treated much better than us.

      • Changes for the better? Are you drunk?

        National never makes changes for the better. Things almost always get worse under a National government. Deteriorating infrastructure, asset sales, privatisation, environmental degradation, uncontrolled immigration, the erosion of worker safety and labour laws, tax cuts for the big end of town at the expense of those at the bottom, kicking beneficiaries out of state homes on spurious grounds, meth-testing madness, selling state homes in the middle of a housing crisis, running dirty politics black-ops from the 9th floor, Todd Barclay, the PM touching up waitresses without their permission and then fobbing them off with a couple of bottles of wine while the NZ Herald runs interference, smearing opposition politicians with accusations that later turn out to be entirely fictional, Steven Joyce’s non-existent $11 billion dollar fiscal hole, a $140,000 screen and hair straighteners for the MBIE paid for by the tax-payer, Key’s $26 million dollar flag referendum vanity project, the list is fucking endless.

        The National Party’s time in office is a litany of failure, arrogance and ineptitude. Anyone voting for these muppets does so out of ignorance or self-interest.

  9. And National stuffed up again on the transport plans also again too;


    “CEAC calls National’s Transport anti-rail Policy cruel to all regions.”
    Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre; Press release.
    10th March 2020.

    The 2020 National party policy for transport is to use truck freight not rail, and already signalled only “more roads” which is dangerous, reckless, and will bankrupt NZ and ruin our future, costing taxpayers billions.
    Our case in point;

    • Why fund restoration of regional rail equally to roads?

    When in 2001 we met ‘Tony Friedlander’ the former (RTF) ‘Road Transport Forum’ chief at the HB Regional Land Transport Meeting, in 2001, he said he wanted a ‘dedicated double laned road for trucks only’ – to fix the problem of truck gridlocked roads then.

    Now that will cost would be estimated to be at least $200 Billion dollars, according to figures found here. without any consideration for possible resulting iwi claims to perpetual access charges for rights of use costs added.

    Perhaps the cheaper way is to shift 50% of the freight back to rail and fund rail equally to roads?

    This is a plea to the Transport Select Committee, – we urge you back this ‘Rail Legislation amendment Bill’ both to get the regional rail operating and especially the Gisborne rail line re-opened please as the whole East Coast is asking for this now.

    We will request this at the ‘Transport Select Committee’, during their consideration of changes, give regard to our concerns of how dangerous the roads are for us all with truck gridlock now, regarding the ‘Rail legislation amendment bill’.

    We fully support Minister of Transport Phil Twyford’s move to make funding for rail an equal recipient to road funding.

    This is long overdue, so well-done Phil Twyford and Winston Peters.

    Our community along with our local leaders including our new Mayor of Gisborne District Rehette Stoltz are all now requesting for rail services to be restored for our community’s own health, safety and social wellbeing since the PGF funded BERL report come out in December justifying rail services be restored to Gisborne for our community wellbeing.

    • Proof of our strong support for Gisborne rail’; we provide the latest NZ Herald poll results showing 86% want Gisborne rail freight and passenger services restored.

    • We are placing our own Provincial Transport hazards and public health issues without any rail services, now before the government; why you must support the Land Transport (Rail) Legislation Bill to increase rail funding to improve rail services to our export rich region and other regions.

    History; Before the last election in 2017 we watched the first leaders debate on TV One between Jacinda Ardern & Bill English National’s last PM.
    The debate never actually tackled the thorny issues of transport issues we all face deficits from in our East Coast regions without rail.
    Our Community concerns at national’s lack of rail for the deficiencies we all face in our regions of HB/Gisborne since the National Party had assumed the mantle of governance over our regions and lives during the nine years of hell.
    When the National Party took over in November 2008 the former Labour lead Government had just bought back the rail system from Toll Rail, an Australian Company and had set aside a track Maintenance Company called Ontrack who were given a $200 Million reserve account to rely on to keep the rail line in service, for the new Kiwirail operator to run their services.
    National’s new Minister of Transport Steven Joyce somehow reorganised the Kiwirail Company and folded the On Track rail line Maintenance Company up and the $200 million somehow disappeared.
    Since 2009 we had witnessed three events of large rail washouts on the rail line between Gisborne and Central HB.
    • First the washout around Otane in Central HB.
    • Later the larger washout at Beach Loop near Mahia Northern HB/Gisborne.
    • Third event was in 2018 was a medium sized washout near Kotemaori in HB.
    • The $200 million Labour finance minister Michael Cullen had setup for the ‘Ontrack’ – track maintenance was to deal with these washouts, as we have seen many other washouts around NZ rail have been repaired since.
    Someone in Labour now before the 2020 election must ask the National opposition leader Simon Bridges (who was then Minister of transport) “where was our share of that $200 million Ontrack was given to repair the rail washouts at Beach Loop, Otane, and Kotemaori so our rail to Gisborne is finally repaired after being left closed since March 2012?”
    FACT; We now have witnessed that this ‘mess’ was left for the new Labour coalition Government to find that lost $200 Million that was robbed from our Public Rail Company ‘Ontrack’ account?
    We met with the Napier National Party candidate David Elliott before the last election in 2017 about the disastrous HB/Gisborne “truck Gridlocked roads” causing immense noise, vibrations and air pollution in our local regions especially around the Napier residential areas near the HB Expressway, as we are now confirming that our continuous cameras count over 2400 truck movements are counted every day that travel on the expressway to the Port of Napier & other areas each day since the rail was cut from the slips in 2012.
    We had asked for the Minister of Transport Simon Bridges to visit Napier and meet our Community Committee and inspect the issues we faced then and worse now, but after three attempts to ask for Simon Bridges to attend a meeting here with his own National Party candidate David Elliott he has declined.
    Gladly National candidate David Elliot did agree to come and meet residents in west Napier near the HB Expressway, to see the truck gridlock in the residential communities of west Napier, and he responded verbally stated to us that he saw an issue of no adequate mitigation given to us to cope with the heavy truck noise vibrations and air pollution emitted from the high truck volumes going to the Port of Napier, as he saw adequately given to the residents of Hong Kong where he spent some time.
    I expect Mr Bridges during 2020 knows what a mess he & his Government’s transport policy is in since there is no support for restoring regional rail, that is previous administration had left for us to live with.
    During the last election we watched PM Bill English during the run up to election day in 2017, and then in his first Leaders debate on TV, he was often talking about his Government actively going around the country meeting all those business folks, such as the seafood workers, and truck drivers, to see what issues they wanted to see, we felt somewhat disappointed as every letter request we sent for a meeting with him was declined.
    So was Simon Bridges lack of a meeting given, as he was the Minister of Transport then and our issue was seeking his support for regional rail which was declined.
    How could our Committee have tried any harder to work directly with the National Party to meet with our Community Committee in Napier or Gisborne then?
    So, we need to support this Labour coalition Government to get a fair hearing and support for rail services in our regions.
    National can’t criticise us for not trying to work with them can they as we tried?
    We need to set the record straight for voters to decide in 2020 who supports rail.


  10. The heating regulations don,t come in until 2021 and for the Government housing 2023.
    The current home improvement regulations already require landlords to provide heating all the new regulations require is for heatpumps which are less costly for the tenant nothing to do with providing a healthy home.

    • Our council made it illegal as of Jan 2020 to have use of some woodburners & most if not all wetbacks. Heatpumps are too expensive to run for many tenants, pensioners, low income families. I had to either replace my permitted woodburner that was a yr older than council allowed, with the newer lower emission ones, over $4,000. Worst bloody fire I’ve ever had, burns 3x the wood, can’t keep it going all night unless you feed it every 2-3hrs, can’t damper it down to tick over so i have a nice warm home to wake up to, instead I got a freezing cold house, my wetback fire is illegal to use now so powerbill will be more than I can afford, so go without hot water most of the time. Tenanats have a far better deal than some of us homeowners who can’t afford the luxury of daily hot water or heat, so hat & coat it is during cold weather, ONLY Bonus is, no colds or flu since, much healthier for it, but costs to keep roof over ones head is forcing some of us to go without much b4 eventually being forced to sell up, then what, tent, caravan, bedsit, tiny home? Homelessness will only increase as many don’t have enough income to sustain rising cost of rental/ownership

  11. Do not discount this policy. Trump also had something similar and the reality is that somehow our rules in NZ designed by neoliberals and the woke thinkers are often bonkers in how they have been interpreted and don’t work.

    From a cleaner that can’t climb a ladder in case of a fall and probably causes more sickness and injury from bad cleaning due to the rule, to a school principal or teacher that can somehow be held responsible if a child gets injured at school which is out of their control, they don’t individually inspect every surface – their job is supposedly to get the kids a decent education.

    The problem is that most of the new regulations are only used against small business and general public workers who have little power and the way the regulation is interpreted by agencies like work safe become a new type of crazy, that they have to live with and manage everyday and pay a lot of money to go through a process to manage the regulations.

    Funny enough though, when Talleys or Ports of Auckland, or Waste management kill and injure someone then their lawyers seem to somehow find the loopholes and work safe gives a tiny fine, if any…

    The reality around many aspects this government has gone crazy with regulation on others while not cleaning up their own government affairs. Instead of state homes leading the charge of becoming warm, dry houses, the government is happy for them (and social housing aka councils and compass type homes) to take another year than private rental owners to reach compliance (funny enough after the election so they don’t have to pay for it, don’t see rental rights worried about this at all).

    The delay to upgrade the state and social housing doesn’t really compute when apparently the state houses and community homes have the least choice and most vulnerable tenants?????

    Likewise on the environment the government and councils have done nothing in fact increased pollution, allowed big business to mine on conservation land, allowed water to be taken from aquifers for water bottling for nothing and asset handovers on the 30%+ of environmentally sensitive land.

    But now apparently they want to go after the private owners who protected the land and have sensitive land left (while the government either gave sensitive conservation land away or allowed it to convert to dairy or pine forestry or have new mining on it) which like the rentals is the wrong way around. The government is again not leading by example! They are looking out of touch and hypocritical.

    The healthy homes for example in a rental crisis….it’s one thing to have insulation but another to go woke crazy and allow new legislation to worry about fans in kitchens or not being able to get rid of Meth/non paying tenants easily in an age of woke ‘individual victimness” when a huge chunk of people seem to think that all their problems are someone else’s fault…
    Northland shooting: Mother and daughter die as repair visit turns to tragedy

    Man sentenced to life in prison for Taranaki landlord’s murder

    Russell John Tully in court over shooting rampage at jobs office in Ashburton, NZ

    • The fake Meth levels were set by a committee of 30 advisory groups during the National years. The committee were made up of a hodge dodge of self interested individuals and organisations, such as social housing groups and charities (who were being touted to take over the state house system), property investment groups, health department, meth testing groups and many others, and together they came to a nonsense standard use to evict people and force homeowners to spend hundreds of thousands on remedial work, based on a government non sensical standard.

      Eventually they noticed they were wrong by getting a real scientist in to do the research, but not before many people’s lives and decisions were effected by the fake science led by committees which are increasingly filled by idiots and fraudsters. You only need to look at how much influence, how easily she flowed between different government departments, the nepotism and lack of knowledge convicted fraudster Joanne Harrison had on government groups, all while being paid $200,000+ to see there is huge issues in NZ!

  12. National Party intelligents – ‘pure intellectually bankrupt sophistry’
    Pure – We don’t demand saints, preachiness and perfection, that’s the woke Green Party xchant.
    Intellectually – We have all been to good schools, passed our examinations, we know what we are about.
    Bankrupt – That’s a lie, well most of us have never been bankrupt, and sometimes business or other interests can go down in a financial ly stressed time as in 2008.
    Sophistry – I don’t know what soap has to do with it. From a tree? You’re nuts.

  13. soimon wants to make houses colder at the same time not give low income earners a pay rise to pay for their power bills with winter approaching. He soimon is hitting the poor and low paid NZers with 2 sticks not 1. Can people see the irony in this approach he is one sick man that definitely does not deserve to be our PM.

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