Ummmm – I don’t want to interrupt your MAFS/Batchelor NZ viewing or virus criticism is xenophobic virtue signalling , but the Markets just shat themselves…


Ummmm – I don’t want to interrupt your MAFS/Batchelor NZ viewing or virus criticism is xenophobic virtue signalling, but the world Stock Markets and Oil Market just shat themselves…

…this is bad.

Real bad.

As TDB pointed out from the beginning, this pandemic has the potential of being a black swan moment and those black swans are all coming home to roost.

Urgent action is required now.

The Asian Markets are getting destroyed right now alongside the Oil market.

The S&P futures are predicted to open DOWN 4.58% – market could be suspended if it falls 7%, which it was in weekend trading as did the The Kuwait Premier Market index for the second time in six days after hitting a daily decline limit of 10 per cent in company share values.

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We are getting suspended markets now – that’s a flashing warning sign – I think shit is rapidly unwinding at a speed Governments are barely responding to.

The pandemic hasn’t even erupted yet. We should probably be planning for a unique once in a generation natural disaster event now – this is a black hole imploding.

Can we acknowledge this is an incredibly dangerous moment yet or are we still screaming that criticism of the virus is xenophobia?

The house is on fire and woke activists are yelling about a pot boiling over on the stove.


  1. Sod the markets–except of course one obvious thing is Kiwisaver accounts, and most other super funds, are fused to international trading and those adventurous souls that choose a “growth” option will be worried if they pay attention…

    And the “just in time model” of world production is going to make people pine for all those small traders and local industries from footwear to various consumables that were discarded in the first flush of “Roger’n’Ruth’s rampage across the NZ economy.

    But hey, it is time for a wake up call on international finance capital and Capitalism itself. There will be huge suffering around the world but we are largely spectators so far, in NZ and if the Nats can be kept out of Govt. this year we will survive. It may take a whole lot of measures–shortages, rationing, onerous regulations, compulsory water rain water collection, composting toilets, eating local produce, etc. that will likely horrify todays generations.

    • for years the likes steve keen have been sounding the alarm bells get your house in order pay off all debt i think the renters are in better position than over leveraged house holds the virus is just the trigger we trashed our environment with short term ism and ponzi economics

  2. We should probably be planning for a unique once in a generation natural disaster event now

    This empowers the gov to enact emergency measures. They should not hesitate to do so.
    (If the Nats were in power, they wouldn’t hesitate, and they’d be using it in all the least helpful ways for the poor..)

  3. Labour want to make it easier to get on the benefit whereas ACT suggest delay paying the new minium wage until the crisis has past. I think the COL will be shown to be wanting when it comes to controlling the problems we are about to face we do not have time to organise a committee and wait 18 months for the results .

    • Oh fuck off Trev!
      One Governments committees is another right wing Governments billion dollar consultants!
      Stop playing petty, negative, whinging pomme politics. You are a disgrace during this time of crisis. And by the way, if things go belly up blame National, after all Jacinda welcomed cross party solutions and Bridges and National went woof, woof, woof!

    • pay them what there worth there value just like gold has shot up there not a charity there working with deadly stuff pay them

      • Well said. “lifesaver” occupations like these lab workers, and Firefighters and Ambulance Officers deserve the best.

        • Firefighters don’t go on strike when bushfires are breaking out.

          Ambulance drivers don’t go on strike when they’re facing a multi-vehicle pile-up.

          They sort things out after the crisis, not as it’s developing.

  4. You are witnessing…


    This will be the biggest geo-political upheaval since the end of WWII.

    Better buckle up for this one.

  5. Falling oil prices, cheap flights and accomodation. stock bargains galore for rhe rich folks. Im back to watching TV 🙂

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